The best iPhone 6 deals in June 2015

Your contract is up and you're ready to upgrade, so you're looking for the best iPhone 6 deal that you can afford. Look no further because we've done all the research and found all of the UK's best contracts for Apple's best-ever iPhone. They're all 24 month deals - no way around that unfortunately - but with prices from £32 a month, there's never been a better time to pick up this … Click to Continue

Is There a New Unexplored Direction for Apps?

Due to the rapid increase in the popularity of smart phones and tablets, apps are becoming more and more relevant in everyday life. Think about it - you may use an alarm app to wake up in the morning. Maybe you keep track of your daily chores through an app. You more than likely use an app for music. The list is never-ending, and apps are constantly continuing to grow and develop. When you … Click to Continue


Will You Subscribe To This iPad App?

The Daily, which is the long-time rumored iPad-specific news publication has finally been announced and it's going to be quite the big event.  This is a joint-venture between News Corporation and Apple.  Here's what this all means and why you will want to see what is going on with The Daily. … Click to Continue

Free iPad Games

10 Free iPad Games

We write a lot about being productive and how to use the iPad but once in awhile its fun to show off some great iPad games and the best ones to explore are the free iPad games because, well...they are FREE. … Click to Continue

How To Use iPhone

How To Use iPhone | The big picture

What's an iPhone? How To Use iPhone : An iPhone is a smartphone - in other words, a mobile phone that doubles as a handheld computer, complete with web browsing, email, music playback and the ability to run applications, or "apps". The device is produced by Apple, manufacturers of the iPod, iPad and Mac computers. After years of speculation, and to great media fanfare, the iPhone was launched in … Click to Continue

Transfer iPhone Photos To Your iPad Via Bluetooth Or WiFi

Transferring iPhone photos to your iPad in an easy way is a question a lot of people ask about.  There are a lot of people getting iPads that realize the lack of a camera means you can’t take pictures with it, but you sure can with your iPhone!  So the next logical question is, “how do I transfer my iPhone photos over to my iPad?”  Here I will show you a newly released app that answers … Click to Continue

JBL iPad Speaker Dock

JBL iPad Speaker Dock Unique With Amazing Features

We have covered some iPad speaker docks in the past and they are all really great at what they do but JBL has just introduced a new one that is definitely unique in it's shape and form but also produces amazing sound. … Click to Continue

iPad apps for college and graduate school

iPad Apps To Prepare For College Or Graduate School

Here are some great iPad apps to prepare for college (or graduate school).  These will help you prepare for your SAT tests (and more) which have a heavy weight depending on the school you want to go to. These are all a great way to spend a lot less and gain a ton more. … Click to Continue


Come Spend March 2nd With Us At 10am PST

As you know, the iPad 2 (or the new iPad) will be announced on March 2nd, 2011 at 10 am PST.  While we know a lot of what will be in the new iPad (thanks to all of the iPad 2 news and rumors), there are still some things we may not know so it's going to be really exciting to find out what the next generation iPad will bring us. … Click to Continue

iPad financial app

How To Make Better Financial Decisions With Your iPad

If there are two things that help make the iPad useful it would be helping you balance your checkbook and then setting up a plan for paying off your debt.  Ideally, these go hand in hand since getting your checkbook balanced means that you can then focus on a pay off plan for any loans you might have.  Here are two ways to do that. … Click to Continue


An Evaluation and comparison of different types of laptop computers

The portability of laptops has made them a very popular choice among users. There are a range of laptops sold under different brand names at competitive prices. Buyers generally prefer laptops which meet all their basic requirements and are also within their budget. The technology driving the growth of these mobile computers is ever increasing. Laptop companies keep adding new features and selling … Click to Continue

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