battery life pro

Best Battery Monitor Applications for iOS

Your IPhone battery capacity is 100 % before leaving office declined to 20 % even before lunch is over . It’s iPhone but the battery still can not last up to one day . Why iPhone battery can run out quickly when we only done light activities ? Before asking more, you must first diagnose the cause of your iPhone battery drains quickly. The trick is using a special application which is able to … Click to Continue


Audiobooks (iPad Edition)

Get Access To Most Of The Classic Novels Of The Past Few Hundred Years For A Low Price Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, especially with the advent of apps like this one. 1.2 million downloads will tell you that. What you get for your money is access to 2800 classic books and novels that are out of copyright and freely available. Everything from Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick to … Click to Continue

Blackberry PlayBook Reviews

Blackberry PlayBook Review Roundup

The Blackberry PlayBook reviews have just started to come in and so far it is getting a massive thumbs up except for a few minor areas.  I recently wrote an article on why I feel the PlayBook will be a serious competitor to the iPad 2 and now I am even more convinced of that.  Here are some highlights of the reviews. … Click to Continue

The latest trend in online dating

There are infinite number of opportunities for an individual to post adds over the internet in order to find a perfect match for themselves. You will feel amazing to see in the internet where you will find millions of people posting many ads about themselves to get the attraction. There are many free online datingsites which allow you to find your perfect match for free of cost and also with no … Click to Continue

AmpliTube for iPad | Essential iPad App

AmpliTube | Essential iPad Apps

In category that is as broad as it is littered with apps, we were unsure how we should focus our criteria to find the best music application? So avoiding the excellent apps that link to your iPod music library, and those that identify music or give you access to a variety of sounds, new and old. We set our sights on those applications that actually allow you to create and interact with your own … Click to Continue

CutTheRope Images

Cut The Rope For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

On the surface this is a seemingly simple game that is easy to dismiss. All you do is slice dangling ropes by tracing your fingertip across the screen. On the end of said rope is a sweet that you must guide into the mouth of a frog-like creature that's been abandoned on your virtual doorstep in a cardboard box. After playing the first ten trial levels we were hooked. You see, it's not as simple … Click to Continue


How To Use The The iPad VGA Connector | iPad VGA Out Apps

You have probably heard or read many times about the iPad VGA Connector.  But you also might be wondering what it is used for and what works with it.  This valuable little accessory for your iPad is pretty darn handy and can prove to be very useful.  It also has limitations.  So let's take a look at it and see what it can do for you. The iPad VGA Connector First of all, what is the iPad VGA … Click to Continue

Graphic Design Is All Around Us And Know How It Helps Us

Graphic design is the art of communicating visually that combines ideas, images and words to convey a certain impression to the viewers. Graphic design is all around us in posters, calendars, banners, hoardings, logos or a website. The very first thing we see in the morning that is the newspaper has graphics design on it. All your favorite book covers and magazines have graphic design. The very … Click to Continue

iPad iOS 4

iPad iOS 4.2 Gold Master | The Good And The Unfortunate

iPad iOS 4.2 Gold Master is out.  But that's not really a huge story. So the real story is what I found out about it so far and the one thing I really wanted to try out but couldn't. … Click to Continue

Shanghai Mahjong Images

Shanghai Mahjong For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

There are quite a few variations of the classic tile matching games on the iPhone or iPad, but this is easily our favourite. While the lack of any sort of multiplayer annoys, there's a huge range of board layouts to work through, the controls work very well and you can choose from a variety of different tile faces (including classic movie posters). The price feels a little high, but this is … Click to Continue


How to Get the Best Business Mobile Phone Plans

Selecting the right business mobile phone plan is not as easy as we may think. If you have a large number of mobile phones in your company or organisation, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. Do you have different people using their mobile phones for different purposes? Do you have some people travelling and others in your region? Trying to analyse right business mobile phones … Click to Continue

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