The best iPhone 6 deals in June 2015

Your contract is up and you're ready to upgrade, so you're looking for the best iPhone 6 deal that you can afford. Look no further because we've done all the research and found all of the UK's best contracts for Apple's best-ever iPhone. They're all 24 month deals - no way around that unfortunately - but with prices from £32 a month, there's never been a better time to pick up this … Click to Continue

Starting Out A Project Of Creating An Iphone Application

In recent years, the world of apps has grown significantly with time. Apple first brought into market iTunes back in 2008, prompting many developers to go an extra mile and create something unique, entertaining and easy to use. While this is a widely acclaimed fact, it begs the question, “how can a person with less expertise on matters with regard to app development create his or her own iPhone … Click to Continue


A comparison between CD Duplication and CD replication

With the varying needs and functions of our present society, media have a large influence in the life of people. In earlier periods, while taking a photograph, we need a camera, have to load it with film roll, take the picture, and wait for a long period to get it washed and processed. It takes time to get the end product in our hands. But now, there is a drastic change in the situation. With the … Click to Continue

ringo ipad web browser

Get Add-Ons With This New iPad Web Browser App

As we have said before here on TCGeeks, the Safari iPad browser could use a good update and perhaps that will happen when iOS 4 for the iPad arrives (still, in the Fall).  Until then, there are some really good alternative web browsers for the iPad, but, here is one that gives you some features that rival even the best non-mobile browsers. … Click to Continue

truk replaced

Steve Jobs Prediction : The “Truck” will be Replaced

In 2008, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, had ever made a comment about  the trend of the computer world in the future. At that time, he called the traditional computer or PC as a “truck” and modern mobile gadgets as a "car". "When we lived in an agrarian nation, all types of vehicles consisting of a truck because that's needed on the farm," said Jobs. but, Jobs also said that along with … Click to Continue

InkPad Productivity App

The Best New Apple iPad Productivity Apps

Have you been searching for some of the best new iPad productivity apps?  The ones that keep you productive and happily working away using your iPad for business or school?  Or perhaps you don't use it for either of those things but you just want to stay productive.  Here are some of those best new iPad productivity apps to check out. … Click to Continue


Review of iPad 4

Apple has recently lunched iPad 4, the third model within a year. The iPad 4 has no such differences from the original duos from the tablet of Apple. Every year Apple hits the market by launching a new iPhone. This year Apple lunch iPhone 4 with a new design, a good quality rear and front facing cameras and lot more improved screen.  Design  It seems that Apple do not want to move away … Click to Continue

Computer Coding Skills and Medical Coding Training in Different Industries

Although the employment functions of computer coders/programmers have evolved during the last few years, new opportunities continue to emerge in different industries as cutting edge technologies are introduced. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of this profession is expected to grow by 12 percent from 2010 till 2020, and this has helped the profession to rank well in the … Click to Continue

ipad 5 released

Amazing Features of Latest IPad

Living in a modern, new era provides us with a lot of benefits. The 21st century has its ups and downs but honestly, the ups outweigh the downs. We all should feel blessed that we get the chance to experience all of the things that we take for granted these days, things we don't even think much about. Some of those things make us life easier and more enjoyable and a lot of us would not imagine … Click to Continue

ipad word learning app

The #1 Way To Learn New Words With Your iPad

Do you like to learn new words?  New words are one of the best ways to exercise your mind and increase your vocabulary.  Perhaps you are a person that likes crosswords? Well, if you do like to learn new words you are in luck with this new iPad app. … Click to Continue

zombieinfectionicon images

Zombie Infection For iPad | Adventure Games

Gameloft has a reputation for translating full-blown console games to the iPhone, and although it lacks the licence, Zombie Infection is as close as you're go­ing to get to Resident Evil 5 in your hands. The opening stage, in a favela where the natives are less than friendly, could easily be mistaken for the Capcom game's first stage. Lack of origi­nality aside, though, Gameloft has managed to … Click to Continue

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