Is Employee Monitoring Software Right For Your Business

If you have these very same concerns, you could have considered one of the lots of employee Internet monitoring software items available from numerous software suppliers. So much of this software is created to track your employees' Internet usage - which websites they're visiting, just how much time they're spending on each website, and so on. Recognizing the Real Issue: Absence of Employee … Click to Continue

Sync iPad Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks Using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or MobileMe

Sync your iPad contacts, bookmarks (safari), or calendar with programs such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo.   Want to keep your Gdocs in sync?  Here is your complete guide with some great troubleshooting tips. … Click to Continue

manage ipad data usage

Manage Your iPad Data Plan Usage With Data Genie HD

If you have an iPad 3G data plan that was provisioned *after* the AT&T update that no longer allowed unlimited data plans then you probably want a way to keep track of you data usage and also know how much you have left.  Fortunately, there is a great utility that lets you keep track of your data usage do you don't go over your plan. … Click to Continue


iPad Summer Travel Guide

Summer is right around the corner, you have your new iPad, and you are probably wondering how this shiny new gadget can help out with your travel plans. You are in luck because that purchase you made will become even more valuable when you see how helpful (and fun) it can be for your big summer vacation. Ready to explore? Luckily, we have cooked up a great brew of ideas for you to take … Click to Continue

Tetris iCon

TETRIS for iPad

Do You Really Need Another Version Of Tetris? Of Course You Do! When Alexey Pajitnov came up with the idea of game that involved interlocking geometric shapes falling down a screen and disappearing when a complete line was formed he can't possibly have realised that he'd just devised what would become the single most universal, omnipresent video game in the history of, well, video games. The name … Click to Continue

bb10 apps

New Applications for Blackberry 10

A number of new applications are now available for BlackBerry 10 users .From thats many applications , there is an application called BlackBerry Work Drives . The Blackberry Work Drives application which now available for BlackBerry 10 users  is an application that intended for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 customers . This application can help increase their productivity , allowing to … Click to Continue


GrooveMaker Cool & Dre

Could You Really Create A Hit Dance Track Mix Just Using Your iPhone? Should David Guetta Be Worried? Creating your own music is an attractive concept but one that is all too often falls at the first beat due to the complex nature of music making software packages or the limits of your own creativity. Whilst IK Multimedia's music creation app is initially worryingly complex in nature and depth … Click to Continue

Persona For iPhone

Persona For iPhone

Too many social media apps? Persona simplifies your life, getting all your notifications in one place. Persona is an app designed to integrate all your social media information into one, simple interface. Facebook, Twitter and RSS can all be added for free, but you have to pay 69p each for Google Reader, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. Setup is easy and there's a step-by-step guide, to ease the … Click to Continue

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs American Innovator | Thanks For the Future

How a college dropout trusted his gut, defied corporate America and carried us into tomorrow. New York City, March 20, 1983. Steve Jobs is gazing at ancient Greek sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as he spends the day with John Sculley, the head of Pepsi and the man he has been trying for months to lure from the East Coast to become his partner in running Apple. They leave the … Click to Continue

12 Days of iPad Christmas

The 12 Days Of (iPad) Christmas

In true form we wanted to show you how we can turn a Christmas classic right into an iPad classic.  It's time for the 12 Days of (iPad) Christmas but instead of Turtle Doves (which I'm still not sure what these really are) we bring you real things you can get for your iPad. … Click to Continue

Restore iPad to Original Setting

iPad Troubleshooting: Restore To Original Settings

If your iPad keeps shutting off without apparent reason, or if it is functioning is strange ways, your device settings may have become corrupted. You will need to restore them to original settings. This is not erase your contacts or calendar data, or delete any music or videos that you have downloaded to your iPad. … Click to Continue

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