The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay

The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay The college essay must be short essay about who are you and what you expect to study at an educational organization of your selecting. The essay you are going to write should be strong, specific, focused and personal. You should mention about who are you and who you desire to become. You should also write essays in combination with what … Click to Continue


Arrow Smartwatch 360 Degree Rotating Camera Plus HR Monitor

            Smartwatch sophistication right now is not only supported by health features, but also it has rotating camera until 360 degree so it is possible for you to take picture from every angle. Arrow is supported by nircable batery filling and its make the user more comfortable. In addition it completed by Heart Rate Monitor. Arrow’s size is round with black bezel covered … Click to Continue

iPad In Business: Using The iPad On A Commercial Set [video]

Using the iPad in business has been pondered since the the day it was announced by Apple. Even though the announcement did not specifically mention the device as a business tool, we all knew the question was coming.  Are people using it to help them with their jobs? Are they using it as business tool?  Our new iPad In Business series will explore real people that are using the device each … Click to Continue

ipad fitness apps

Get Fit Using Your iPad with iFitness HD | An Amazing App

There are many times I told myself I would get in better shape if I just knew what I was doing when I got to the gym.  I'm sure you have been in the same situation a few times where you wanted to go, needed to go, and just didn't really know what do do when you got there other than get on the dreaded treadmill.  As you might guess, the iPad has you covered. So grab a celery stick and read on to … Click to Continue

OSX Mountain Lion Workflow

Another Big Changes On OSX Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion boasts a number of improvements designed to help you work  faster and more efficiently. Foremost among these is Documents in the Cloud, which makes it easy to keep documents synced across your Mac and iOS devices. Apple apps like TextEdit, Pages, Numbers and Keynote have support built-in, and third-party developers can write the feature in. Launch TextEdit, for example, and go to … Click to Continue

InkPad Productivity App

The Best New Apple iPad Productivity Apps

Have you been searching for some of the best new iPad productivity apps?  The ones that keep you productive and happily working away using your iPad for business or school?  Or perhaps you don't use it for either of those things but you just want to stay productive.  Here are some of those best new iPad productivity apps to check out. … Click to Continue


Top 50 iPad Apps That Work With Dropbox

Here are the top 50 iPad apps that work directly with Dropbox.  These are apps you can use with built-in Dropbox support which means you will have full access to all of your Dropbox features and files.  If you have been using Dropbox and enjoying it, then you might want to know what works with it.  Here's the top 50. … Click to Continue

ipad tips and hints

iOS 4.2 Tip: How To Restart A Misbehaving App

Here's how to restart an app that is not working right in iOS 4.2.  Hats off to the hard work App developers do to make our lives easier and more fun, but sometimes apps get weird.  In fact, they can crash, freeze or otherwise not do what they are supposed to do.  But here is how you can solve that problem quick and easy with multitasking now in the new iOS. … Click to Continue

best ipad speakers

The Best Speakers For The iPad | Reviewed and Compared

Up at the top of your iPad is a little port for a headphone jack.  It allows you to plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy music, videos, etc.  But did you know that it can do a lot more?  It sure can.  You can use that 3.5mm headphone jack to send sound right out to some nice speakers.  This means that you can enjoy music in full, robust stereo sound.  But what are the best speakers to … Click to Continue


iPad Multi-User Account Apps

Do you have a situation where multiple people need to use your iPad? I get a lot of comments from people that ask about creating multiple "iPad Accounts" but as you are aware, this is not possible.  So the next best thing you can do is have some apps that allow for multiple user accounts.  Here are 5 of those apps which are designed for more than one person to use. … Click to Continue

iPad apps for college and graduate school

iPad Apps To Prepare For College Or Graduate School

Here are some great iPad apps to prepare for college (or graduate school).  These will help you prepare for your SAT tests (and more) which have a heavy weight depending on the school you want to go to. These are all a great way to spend a lot less and gain a ton more. … Click to Continue

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