Ultimate Smartphone apps for your Car

In the years to come, the cars that are yet to be developed will need no driver to be in control. It is a future vision that can be foretold due to the technology right now. Though if such cars come to the real world they will only be utilized in closed environments and preserved yards. For the apps, they should be sensible and modified to the extent of being able to send a warning signal that … Click to Continue

Social Marketing: Not a problem anymore; done easily via Facebook

Facebook has become the biggest giant network in US. People who can work on a computer and have access to Internet can be seen on Facebook. Facebook has a provision to create personal profiles, web pages, personal pages and business advertisements. The most common link between the kids, youngsters, mid age people and even old ones are on Facebook. For the business organizations, it has become easy … Click to Continue

Do you know what your software really does?

Have you ever really stopped to consider just what goes into the software you use every day at work? The chances are once you read and agreed to the license terms and conditions, you never really gave it a second thought again, unless you needed to know how to fix it or recover something you didn't mean to delete. However, the license you agreed to is part of the Software as a Service agreement … Click to Continue

How to Engaging Face book Fans?

Engaging your Facebook Fans can sometimes much harder than it looks. A simple search on Google will show that there are tons of articles on this subject, all with different advice. Since your visibility on the Facebook news feed is dependent on your fans the commitment to get your posts to make sure, like shares and comments, is incredibly important. Even if you do not have problems with … Click to Continue

kepler 10b

Exoplanet For iPad

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Planet Beyond Our Solar System Available. Exoplanets for iPad, also known as Extrasolar planets, are existing planets that have been identified outside our solar system. Everyone knows about Mars, Mercury, Saturn and our other immediate neighbours but there are more than 500 known exoplanets out there. If you're interested in the science of space then the chances … Click to Continue

Bird Strike Icon

Bird Strike For iPhone

Try not to get yourself in a flap, there's a pretty boy Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most instantly appealing, and Bird Strike certainly ranks as pretty straightforward; you merely have to launch a bird up the screen and ensure he gets as high as possible. However, this bird isn't really a natural flier, and the initial fling will only get him so far into the air, which means you will … Click to Continue

AmpliTube for iPad | Essential iPad App

AmpliTube | Essential iPad Apps

In category that is as broad as it is littered with apps, we were unsure how we should focus our criteria to find the best music application? So avoiding the excellent apps that link to your iPod music library, and those that identify music or give you access to a variety of sounds, new and old. We set our sights on those applications that actually allow you to create and interact with your own … Click to Continue


New York Times Brings Full Content To The iPad

Great News! If you are an owner of the New York Times iPad app then you have an update that's worth doing.  If you don't yet own this app then now is the perfect time because the latest update brings full content to the iPad.  Here are all the details of this incredible update: … Click to Continue

Charadium for iPad – App Review

Charadium: An Addicting Draw-and-Guess Multiplayer Game Charadium for iPad is an addicting draw-and-guess multiplayer game for your whole family.  You play a game with other people who are also playing on an iPad, iPhone, and even an iPod Touch. Building A Community Everyone playing will need the app which is part of the Plus+ community that is also integrated with other games, like God … Click to Continue

blackberry playbook

Blackberry Playbook Information | Pricing, Specs, Features

I have a confession to make.  I have been looking more and more at the Blackberry Playbook and I am nearly thinking that it might be the one shipping tablet that could compete directly with the iPad.  Here is everything you need to know about it including pricing, where to get one, and the specs. … Click to Continue


Transform Photos With This iPad Photography App

If you have a lot of photos on your iPad and you want to do something completely different, here is your chance to take a bland photo and turn it into something amazing.  This iPad photography app uses classic works of art combined with your own photos to create something completely new. … Click to Continue

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