5 Steps to Starting an Online Business

Starting any business is a difficult process, especially with so many administrative duties to fulfill before you can even sit down at 9am on your first official day of business and start building the client list. It goes without saying that it’s going to be tough, especially in the early days, but in the current economic climate just finding the money to get the company off the ground is a … Click to Continue

Using The iPad

Using The iPad And Make Your Daily Task Much Easier

With its 9.7-inch Multi-Touch display and groundbreaking interface, using the iPad makes being productive far easier than using a desktop computer. Take checking your email. By tapping the Mail icon, your inbox will instantly spring to life. When used in landscape mode, your messages can be found on the left side of the screen, with selected messages viewed in full on the right. On-screen controls … Click to Continue


Do You Have An App Fetish And Feel The Need To “Tap That App”?

I love iPad apps.  I also love the comments on TCGeeks.  They really help broaden the horizon of the blog and one in particular really stood out this week.  In an article discussing the other tablets that are soon to be released, a reader noted that "95% of my apps are only used once".  This made me think about a few things and I wonder if apps are like a shoe's why. … Click to Continue

windows migration to mac

How to Switch From Windows To Mac

When you've decided to switch from Windows to a Mac, it's important to make sure all your settings and precious data move from one to the other as smoothly as possible. OS X Mountain Lion includes an updated Migration Assistant designed to handle the various knotty problems that such a transfer can entail. It's not just a matter of picking up all your documents and other files from one computer … Click to Continue

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Good administration with the computer system

Everyone who has a website on the internet, definitely expect good grades and visit the many on its website. This is to show the quality of the website. Various software was chosen various parties to get a good position in Google's eyes because then the business prospects to the website can also be said to be good. Computer monitoring powered by Work Examiner will give you more value for the … Click to Continue

iStomp For iPhone

iStomp For iPhone

Jam away with iStomp - and not a dustbin lid in sight iStomp For iPhone : While the iStomp looks ‘ like a standard guitar effects pedal, it has the ability to change the effect it produces entirely, by hooking it up to your iOS device and downloading a new pedal. So instead of buying a whole raft of dedicated effects pedals, you only need to buy one, which can perform a multitude of functions. … Click to Continue


Sky Combat For iPad | Arcade Games

The vertical shoot-'em-up is one of many classic genres that have become something of a lost art, before finding its feet again on iOS. The frenetic arcade action has the dual benefit of being a good option for a quick blast, and, as the quite brilliant arcade ports from genre master Cave have proven, perfectly suited to touch-screen controls. With Sky Combat, Chillingo has mercifully gone a … Click to Continue

What to look for in a Blu-Ray Device

Entertainment forms a big part of our lives. Whether it’s a day off from office to hang out with friends or simply watch a movie in the comfort of your home. New technology has brought forth a range of devices for your entertainment – wireless or otherwise. Having a Blu-ray at home is a perfect means of entertainment for you and friends or family. Not only owning a Blu-ray is a … Click to Continue

TCGeeks Live

TCGeeks Live! Returns This Sunday At 2PM

For those that like the thrill of watching a live broadcast then you definitely want to tune into TCGeeks Live! on Sundays at 2PM (PST). TCGeeks Live! is a weekly live show where I go over the past week's news, rumors, humor, and give you the app of the week.  Also, it's for you to ask any question you want to and I'll answer it.  If you want the best and most exciting tablet/iPad news and … Click to Continue


Searching With Spotlight On Your Mac | Mac Basics

When you need to find something on your Mac, there are several starting points. Which one is appropriate depends on how broadly you need to search. Apps that organise large amounts of related information, such as Calendar and iTunes, have a search bar built in. But sometimes you won't have a clue where something may be stored, and that's where OS X's Spotlight features comes in handy. In fact, … Click to Continue

Varieties of video games enhances the mind power

In general, many people think after television serials, the video games are not in fashion and they are out of fashion. In case, a person has this feeling in his mind still now, he has to change his mind. The reason is there many games still played by players. A player likes a game means, he keeps the game in mind, and he wants to win the game only after that he wants to quit the game from his … Click to Continue

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