The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay

The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay The college essay must be short essay about who are you and what you expect to study at an educational organization of your selecting. The essay you are going to write should be strong, specific, focused and personal. You should mention about who are you and who you desire to become. You should also write essays in combination with what … Click to Continue

Manage EMail | iPad Email

Best Way To Manage Your Email | iPad EMail

The best way to manage email is to read it and respond to it when it arrives, and then delete it. This keeps you up to date and keeps your Inbox from getting cluttered. Responding to an email can be as simple as reading and deleting it, sending a reply or forwarding the email to someone else, or it may be a bit more complex and involve saving the data in the email in the appropriate app (saving … Click to Continue


Mac Pro The Expandable Pro Machine | Mac Machine

After nearly two years  of waiting, Apple's Pro customers finally got an upgrade in June 2012. But it wash't the Xeon E5 processor based machine that everyone was expecting. Instead, the current models got a minor speed bump and additional RAM for prices similar to those of the previous models. The base system is now a 3.2HGz quad-core rather than the 2.8GHz 12-core version, and is available … Click to Continue

Cydia Search

iPad Jailbreakers: Browse For Cydia Apps Easier Right From Your Desktop

If you are an iPad jailbreaker (sounds like a club) and you often find yourself struggling to find iPad apps in the Cydia store then you are now in luck because here is a great new way to search for them right from your browser. … Click to Continue

ridiculous hacker

Clever is not Always Clever | Best Five Ridiculous Hacker that ever caught by the camera

Hacking or something that was do by hacker often happened since internet has been grown . Many hackers and the victims appear each day as a result of this action .Hackers themselves have many ways to diserve or at least break into the security system of the victim. In fact , this security system  is continue to be  improved by anyone . Hackers itself has a variety of clever ways to outsmart … Click to Continue


Rayman 2 The Great Escape For iPhone

A platforming classic arrives on the iPhone, better than ever On its original release in 1999, Rayman 2:The Great Escape was hailed as a huge leap forward. Its graphics were unparalleled, and its Gallic sense of humour was a breath of fresh air in an increasingly dull 3D platforming space. And now we have a brilliant and accurate port of it on our phones. If we didn't have so many other games to … Click to Continue

Trivial Pursuit Images

Trivial Pursuit For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

After being rather disappointed with EA's take on Monopoly, we're delighted to report that its take on Trivial Pursuit is far more suited to the iOS. Wi-Fi play is included for up to four players and there's a wealth of questions to work through, but what really impresses us is the entertaining single-player mode EA has included. Presentation is lacklustre, but this is a far better translation … Click to Continue


Organize and Sort Your iPad Photos With Photo-Sort

Organizing and sorting photos on the iPad, even with iOS 4.2, is still in need of improvement.  The default photo app on the iPad is great for viewing photos but when it comes to organizing or sorting them, you will start to see the limitations quickly.  Here is a much better solution. … Click to Continue

Windows 8 Released: The Re-Creation of Windows for Tablets

While the full operating system is not fully released, we have seen that Windows 8 is already available in the market. It was released as ‘the re-creation of Windows’ and not as Windows 8.The operating system was launched as an operating system for tablets that can also work on desktops and laptops. This is certainly not would most of us would have expected. The operating system was officially … Click to Continue

WordPress For iPad | 2 Tips To Better Blogging

Wordpress for iPad is an essential tool if you are a blogger on the go.  The Wordpress app has it's shortcomings though so here are two very useful tips for using Wordpress on your iPad... … Click to Continue

GarageBand For iPad

Banging The Drum | GarageBand For iPad

Don’t rely on the Smart Drums, go manual and create sets of patterns and effects for your GarageBand tunes. Here’s how to create at 16-beat track drum section There are two sets of drums that can be used in GarageBand for iPad. The Smart Drums and the Regular Drums. The Smart set just consist of placing drum symbols on a grid to create the overall pattern. The standard Drums come with three … Click to Continue

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