5 Steps to Starting an Online Business

Starting any business is a difficult process, especially with so many administrative duties to fulfill before you can even sit down at 9am on your first official day of business and start building the client list. It goes without saying that it’s going to be tough, especially in the early days, but in the current economic climate just finding the money to get the company off the ground is a … Click to Continue

5 Ecommerce Blogs You Need to Follow

In the modern era of smartphones and tablet computers, newspapers and magazines in the physical paper-form are becoming a thing of the past as people opt to read on the go on devices that fit neatly in their hands despite the cramped trains and trams they ride during their daily commutes and between bites of their sandwiches during lunch breaks. More and more people are consuming news and … Click to Continue

iPad Game Flight Control HD

Best iPad 2 Games — Flight Control HD | iPad Game Review

You won't find a better suited, must have game for iPad than Flight Control HD. This fantastic game is the best we've tested yet. It has new maps and 3D level and if fits the iPad touch screen perfectly. Of course, it's not as good as the original but then what app is? However, it is one of the most must have games for iPad that has been expected to level the playing field. It that a … Click to Continue


Review, Spesification Goophone i6, an Artificial iPhone 6 Chinesee Smartphone Android 159,99 USD

            A Chinesee phone company, Goophone often sell smartphone taking from iPhone design. In addition, they launch their products first before the arrival of the latest version of the iPhone to market. They be ready to launch artificial iPhone, i6 in 1 August 2014. Smartphone i6 created by observing pictures and videos about iPhone 6 in the internet. The i6 is priced at $159.99 … Click to Continue

iPad 2 For School

Now iPad 2 For School Too!

The iPad 2 was never designed as a standalone notebook device, which was meant to be a lesser capable version of a laptop device. The iPad 2 has been designed to perform the basic functions of a laptop, like reading emails without having to be converted into text forms first, editing and creation of documents, web browsing and gaming. While these uses of an iPad 2 deem it useful for business … Click to Continue

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LG new Optimus Mach LU 3000 previously called LG hearsay

LG released its new Smartphone i.e. LG optimus Mach LU 3000, which is considered to be the most fastest phone which was earlier known as the Hearsay. LG optimus Mach incorporates Android 2.2. The phone is available at the price of US dollars 700 and is released worldwide in the month of December, 2012. LG optimus Mach is a candy bar Smartphone boasting a touch screen of 3.8 with a screen … Click to Continue

Angry Bird HD for iPad

Angry Bird HD for iPad | Must Have iPad Game

Angry Birds HD is the new version of the Angry Birds game for the iPad. Chillingo has created this game with all the benefits of the first game along with graphics of higher quality and a bigger canvas. If you have never seen this game in action, here is a review of what it is. This game is a mix of Physics and a puzzle. The background to the game is that some green pigs have taken bird eggs. … Click to Continue

iPhone iMessage

How To Use iPhone | About Texting, SMS & iMessage

How To Use iPhone : "Texting", also known as text messaging or SMS, is familiar to anyone who has ever used a mobile phone. However, on the iPhone, it works a little differently. For a start, you get a full QWERTY keyboard (no more multi-tapping number keys) and your texts are shown as threaded conversations. The second difference is that you're not limited to old-fashioned SMS text or picture … Click to Continue

IMDb for iPad

IMDb For iPad | Movie, TV Show And Celebrity in Your iPad

If you have searched for details on a movie, TV show or celebrity information online, hen we are positive you have used the IMDb in its web based from in the past but if you want to personalize the experience on your iPad than you will be delighted to hear that the latest update to the already recommended IMDb for iPad application offers everything you would expect from the stunning web … Click to Continue

instapaper logo

Instapaper The Perfect Apps For Offline Reading | iPad Apps

We're used to having an always on internet connection these days, even wirelessly, but there are still often times you'll be without the Internet, particularly if you own a Wi-Fi only iPad model. It won't give you full interaction, but if it's just text you want to read then instapaper is the perfect solution. Instapaper is available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for … Click to Continue

Video Stream

Stream HD Videos To Your iPad From A Mac or PC

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to watch those great looking HD videos stored on your Mac or PC right on your iPad?  But then you struggled with the question of how to get the videos onto your iPad.  Sure, you could sync it via iTunes but that's a pain. So why not keep all that great media right on your computer and stream it to your iPad?  Here's how you can now do that … Click to Continue

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