The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay

The Generally Used Format For Writing The Application Essay The college essay must be short essay about who are you and what you expect to study at an educational organization of your selecting. The essay you are going to write should be strong, specific, focused and personal. You should mention about who are you and who you desire to become. You should also write essays in combination with what … Click to Continue

blackbox ipad 2 case

The Blackbox Handmade Bamboo iPad 2 Case [Giveaway]

A few weeks ago I exchanged a few emails that turned into receiving what I would consider to be one of the most unique and nicest iPad 2 cases I've seen in a very long time.  And I'm giving it away to the readers.  Here's a case you don't want to miss exploring. … Click to Continue

DODOcase for iPad 2 | Best iPad Case

Don’t Leave Home Without Your New DODOcase for iPad 2

The new DODOcase is out for iPad 2 and it's one you should try. It will appeal to lovers of a good design for the iPad case. That's what the DODOcase does… It covers your iPad 2 so it won't get folded, spindled, or mutilated. Plus, a DODOcase for iPad 2 won't let it be scratched, either. DODOcase for iPad 2 as Good as The Original The new DODOcase is re-designed for the new iPad tablets. It's … Click to Continue

flappy bird

Flappy Bird Withdrawal : Say Goodbye to The Disturbtor

There is some rumours circulate about Flappy Bird game that will be pulled from the App Store by the developer ,and this time the news is true. Starting today you can no longer download Flappy Bird on the  App Store . But still, for you who already have this game , you can still play in your device.Flappy Bird which get the most wanted game in January on app store and also google play for android … Click to Continue

Mac Spreadsheet

Making Numbers Add Up!

Numbers is the only spreadsheet app you'll ever need for your iPad. It comes with a suite of powerful functions and enormous flexibility that make it the must-have app for anyone who works regularly with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be the cornerstone of businesses, organisations and home affairs. The ability to update and edit on the move is a great bonus and Numbers for iPad is hugely … Click to Continue


You can take action to stop the scourge of nuisance phone calls

Many people tend to suffer unsolicited telephone calls rather than trying to stop them. But there are a lot of simple methods people can use to shut out nuisance calls. One of the easiest is simply not to give your consent to being contacted. If you have been dealing with a company on the internet it is important to look out for an unassuming little tick box which will allow the company and other … Click to Continue

nexus 5

Motorola Nexus 5, will be released in Q4 2013?

Through a Google + social networking accounts, Taylor Wimberly, a former editor for AndroidandMe believed to know all the information from Motorola says Motorola released the next generation of smartphones Nexus, the Motorola Nexus 5. "Motorola will release the Nexus smartphone in Q4 (which is not the Moto X)," the statement Taylor Wimberly on Google + account From the statement predicted … Click to Continue

online marketing

Strategies to Boost Online Marketing in the Long Term

When an SME (small or medium enterprise) uses websites and other online marketing strategies to increase sales, it needs to work on both short term and long term steps. Short term steps such as AdWords and digital banners will ensure that the website receives and attracts visitors. This is essential to begin converting them into sales prospects and long term customers. Creating Loyal … Click to Continue


The Absolute Best iPad Headphones [plus a giveway]

If  you are using a pair of headphones with your iPad that you don't like or you are just looking for a new pair then you gotta see what I got in the mail about a week ago.  I get a lot of stuff to review and I only show the best stuff that I would personally use, so when these "iPad headphones" arrived, I was a little skeptical.  But here's what I found out. … Click to Continue

iPad iOS 4.3.3

iPad And iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 Update Available

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2 then you might want to get it updated as iOS 4.3.3 was just released and it while it does not include any major changes you will notice such as big new features, it does contain some code that deals with the tracking cache.  If you are concerned about tracking you can learn more about it here. … Click to Continue

iPad Google Apps

Did You Know About All These iPad Google Apps?

Have you tried any of the Google apps for the iPad? You might not even know which ones are available but there are certainly quite a few.  I hear from readers all of the time that want to know more about the Google apps and how they work.  Here are a few of the best ones so you can choose which ones to try out. … Click to Continue

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