10 iPad Apps You Don’t Want To Go To School Without

It’s almost that time again to get ready for school.  You have your iPad and your upcoming class schedule.  You have everything ready to go and it’s time to start thinking about studying.  No one really likes to study and take tests, but, with your iPad it can actually be enjoyable. In the app store of over 250,000 apps we pulled out 10 that you don’t want to be without for school.  These are useful whether you are in grade school, high school or college.  Looking at this list I can only wish I had an iPad when I was in school!


The Top 10 iPad Apps For School

In further articles we will be covering apps for specific areas of study, but for this article we bring you the top 12 apps for using your iPad to study, take notes, research, and keep a class schedule.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro | iPad for School

This is a really incredible app for keeping your class schedule organized.  No paper schedule can even come close to this!  This app is not only one of the best ways to keep track of your class schedules, it is reusable over and over again for each new term (or semester).  What a great deal huh?  So, what makes this one so great?  Well, it’s the features you get for an app that is only $2.99.  Best of all, it’s not just a great way to organize your school schedule, it is the perfect way to keep track of assignments as well.




Outliner | ipad school apps

This is the perfect iPad school app for outlining your thoughts, tasks, notes and assignments.  You can very easily create lists in outline form for better viewing and organization.  Then, you can edit them or share them with other Outliner users.


Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha | iPad apps for school

Currently on sale, this app is your best friend when you need answers.  Want to know how much Vitamin C is in a bowl of ice cream? How about which European country has the fourth largest population of children?  Or how about seeing complex chemical equations?

This is your ultimate statistics answer machine.  You can find answers to just about any question that has a data component.  It is helpful for research, homework, and getting answers to complex questions.


Audiotorium Notes

Audiotorium | iPad for School

This iPad Apps for school is simply a must have.  It has full TextExpanderand Dropboxintegration.  This app gives you a great way to record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes.  It has an amazingly easy to use interface and unique approach to organizing notes (by category and subject).


Convert Pad

Convert Pad | iPad apps for school

Inevitably you will take a math class or some other course where you might need a handy conversion calculator.  Well this iPad app for school has you covered.  It has over 120 conversion calculations for U.S. Standard and Metric measurement for length, area, volume, fluid, weight, time, computer and temperature.


Grammar HD

Grammar HD | iPad apps for school

Here is an extremely useful iPad school app that you will end up using over and over for all your writing projects (and there will probably be a lot of them).  It uses a new approach to learn grammar which includes an interactive book and simple step by step guides.  For those that just want to test their grammar, there are even mini-tests to help you learn.

All in all there are over 100 tutorials and over 600 Questions.  It will definitely help you improve you writing, word selection, and vocabulary.



Calcbot | iPad for School

This top-rated iPad school app is simple but powerful.  It is the best calculator for the iPad.  Check out the great features.  It has live as-you-type expression views, swiping of the keypad to reveal advanced functions, a calculation history and it even has the ability to send calculations via email.

You will need a calculator for many of your classes. This is the perfect one to get.



Cramberry | iPad apps for School

The title does not give away what this really great iPad Apps for school does but it happens to be the perfect app for creating flash cards.  No more writing them out and carrying them around to quiz yourself or friends.  Do it all right on your iPad!  You can even take a break from making your flash cards and play a little game of Angry Birds.

Cramberry doesn’t just let you create flash cards, it actually helps you study with them.  It will track your progress on each card and present cards that you need to study!  You can use this to study for test and quizzes, learn foreign languages or even improve your vocabulary.



Things | iPad for School

If you are just looking for a task manager and don’t need an app for your classes or homework then this is the perfect iPad school app that does one thing extremely well:  manages your tasks.  One of the best task managers, Things is definitely a focused app.  You can manage all your to-do’s, notes, due dates, and projects.

There is also a desktop version of Things that you can sync your iPad app with.  Things allows you to search, use TextExpander, and quickly and easily enter tasks.

Things is perfect for the more general managing of tasks.  It is different from iStudiez in that it is not focused solely on homework, classes, instructors and courses.


Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD | iPad apps for school

Anyone going to school needs to have an alarm clock and this iPad school app is one of the best.  We reviewed it here, but this classic alarm clock is one of the best you can get for $2.99.  It is both simple and functional.  You can choose your favorite music or playlist to wake to, select some amazing themes, and even turn it into a flashlight.

Both the clock and the alarm have all of the features you would expect in much more expensive alarm clock.  It even has snooze and and the ability to fade music in so you aren’t blasted out of  bed!



  1. Robert L. says:

    I will have to check out Audiotorium Notes. I like all the features and app integration. I like the idea of having the recordings together with any notes.

  2. Robert L. says:

    I will have to check out Audiotorium Notes. I like all the features and app integration. I like the idea of having the recordings together with any notes.

  3. Shane says:

    And a really nice thing with audiotorium is that the recordings can go so long. Some of the other apps cut off the audio. I also like the handwritten look.

  4. Nicola says:

    Great list….another one which will be loved by students is the Frog Dissection iPad app!

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks Nicola!! I did see that and I was highly impressed…plus it saves a frog ;)

      1. Nicola says:

        Glad you liked it!!

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  6. katelyn says:

    well there are some interesting apps on here i cant wait to use them in school:)

  7. Zac says:

    I believe that iStudiez Pro is the most useful app I have ever purchased. I have it on my iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro and I absolutely love it. It works really well and keeps me completely organised.

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