10 Must Have iPad Apps For School

The iPad is a great tool for many things.  There are some awesome apps for iPad, iPad for business use and of course using the iPad in school.  But with over 64,000 iPad-specific apps in the app store it’s pretty hard to pick out the ones you really need for specific purposes such as school.  Well, here are 10 must have iPad apps for school that will get you started.


10 Must Have iPad Apps For School

No matter whether you are in high school or in college or an adult going back to school after a long break, these iPad apps for school will be a huge help.  It stands to reason that if you get the app, you gotta use the app.  I hear often that people get these and then they go unused.  While these apps are all incredible ones they have to be used to help you out.  This list of 10 should definitely be on your iPad and if you really want to stay organized create a folder to place them in.  Here’s how:

  1. Get at least two of these apps for school
  2. Hold down on one of them until it starts shaking
  3. Now drag it on top of the other “school” app
  4. A folder will now be created with your two school apps
  5. When you get the rest of them, just drag them into that folder the same way

Now that you have a folder just for school apps, here are the apps.

iStudiez Pro ($2.99)

istudiez pro | iPad Apps For School

For less than $3 you get one of the best ways to organize all your homework.  This is the ultimate must have iPad app for school.  It’s pretty much your entire go-to app for everything class-related.  iStudiez Pro will let you keep track of your schedule, your homework, your grades and GPA, and alerts you for upcoming tasks.  If you spend some time configuring this app just right, it will not let you down and will definitely keep you on track with even the busiest of schedules.

iStudiez Pro - Andriy Kachalo & Michael Balashoff

Things For iPad ($19.99)

Things for iPad | iPad Apps for School

Things is definitely one of the nicest task lists you will use.  It is beautifully focused and an amazingly intuitive task manager that fits right in-between too simple and too complicated.  With things you can manage to-dos, due dates, school projects and all your lists.  The best part? If you have a Mac, you can get the desktop version and sync wirelessly with your iPad version of Things.

“What’s most striking about the iPad version of Things is that, like the Mac version, it presents a stunning interface that could entice even the most disorganized user to, well, get things in order.” Macworld.com

Click here to view the great video demo of Things in action.  It’s a must have iPad app for school but it also works for so many other things as well.

Things for iPad - Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Dictionary.com (Free)

You can go to the Internet to learn to spell a word but it’s nothing like having such a great app at your fingertips like Dictionary.com.  The great part of this free app is that it comes with a Thesaurus as well.  This is a must have iPad app for school.  It includes nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms.  The good news is that you don’t need an Internet connection to use it either.  You won’t find a more complete or better dictionary than this one.  You can get it here.

Instapaper ($4.99)

Instapaper | iPad Apps for School

This is definitely a must have iPad app for school.  If you have not yet used Instapaper, it works like this.  When you go to a website that you want to save for later, Instapaper will allow you to save for offline viewing.  It’s perfect for articles you stumble on and want to read later if you have no time or it’s nearly perfect for the student that is doing a paper and wants to save all their articles they have found online in one specific location for viewing later.

And there are over 135 iPhone and iPad apps that support Instapaper so you can save stuff to your free Instapaper account from within apps.  You can get an Instatpaper account here.

Instapaper - Marco Arment

Dropbox (Free)


What isn’t Dropbox good for?  This is a must have iPad app for school and a whole lot more.  Dropbox is definitely one app you want to have on your iPad.  In case you have not ever heard of Dropbox it is free storage on the Internet (the first 2GB are free).  And you can store anything you want to there and access it from apps, the web, and Mac or PC applications as well.  It’s not just handy, it’s an essential for securely and safely storing your information as well as sharing it out for others to use.

You can sign up for an account and get the app here.

Penultimate ($o.99)

Penultimate | iPad Apps for School

Ever have any ideas you want to sketch out?  Perhaps a brainstorm idea, chemistry notes or a quick flow chart?  Maybe even an anatomy diagram for studying?  Well, Penultimate is a must have iPad app for school because it is simple, and highly flexible for drawing out sketches and then saving them or emailing them.    This is the perfect app for studying because while you are sketching out your information, you are retaining it as well.

This is just like picking up a pad of paper and drawing on but it’s all digital and thus you can save it and use it over and over for yourself or a study group.  And best of all, the digital “ink” looks great and readable with various line widths and colors.  This is seriously a great app to have on your iPad; for school or for business.

Penultimate - Cocoa Box Design LLC

Papers ($14.99)

Papers | iPad App for School

Papers, your personal library of Science, and winner of the Apple Design Award for best Mac OS X scientific computing solution on the Mac, is now available for the iPad. Papers puts your entire research literature database in your pocket, available at your fingertips wherever you go; whether you’re at a conference, in class, visiting your peers, on the couch or on the road.  This is a must have iPad app for school that is great to have for anyone doing a research paper.

Browse through the hundreds of articles in your library with the flick of a finger, lookup the papers written by a certain author or published in that well-known journal, organize your library in collections and add your rating or flag great works.

Papers comes with a stunning PDF viewer built-in, especially on the iPad you never want to deal with normal print-outs anymore! And of course allows you to add your thoughts and notes to the articles you read, all at the spot, wherever you happen to be.

Papers - mekentosj.com

Notability ($2.99)

Notability | iPad App for School

One of the things you will do a lot of in school is take notes.  Notability is perfect for that task.  In fact it is a must have iPad app for school due to the fact that it is so versatile for more than just notes.  With Notability you get a very intuitive interface, the speed of typing, synced audio recordings, and a ton more features.

Notability also lets you choose fonts, create outlines, and choose from over 15 colors.  There is a great feature that automatically wraps your notes around photos or web pages.  You can draw figures, stay organized, and even use your own handwriting if you choose.  Best of all, Notability also comes with built-in Dropbox support!

Notability - Ginger Labs

My APA ($1.99)

My APA | iPad Apps for School

If you are in college then this is a must have iPad app.  Why pay over $20 for a book on the APA format of writing when you can get this for less than $2?  My APA is the ultimate guide and companion for students, researchers and scholars who need to utilize the style (6th Ed.). American Psychological Association (APA) Style is a set of rules developed to assist reading comprehension in the social and behavioral sciences. Designed to ensure clarity of communication, the rules are designed to “move the idea forward with a minimum of distraction and a maximum of precision.”

It’s an essential guide for formatting papers in the APA style of writing that so many schools require. Looking for the guide to MLA?  You can get that too. Click here for the My MLA app.

MY APA - Ololac Interactive

Cramberry – Flash Cards ($3.99)

Cramberry | iPad apps for School

Who doesn’t need a good set of flash cards for studying?  This is a must have iPad app for school simply because it’s one of the best ways to study for a test.  Cramberry helps you study with flash cards on your iPad. Make flash cards with Cramberry, or choose from over a million free public flash cards. When you study, Cramberry tracks your progress on each card and presents cards you need to study.

Oh and here’s another bonus.  You can get the app on your iPhone as well and it will sync between your iPhone and iPad so you can study even without your iPad!

Cramberry ~ flash cards for iPad - Lateral Communications



There are 10 must have iPad apps for school.  Which ones did we miss?  If you have a personal favorite you would like to recommend, share it in the comments below.


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