How To Save Your iPhone 4S Battery

We know that the iPhone 4S’s battery life leaves much to be desired. But there are several settings you can tinker with to help it last as long as possible. Sure, I’ve heard the protests: “If you turn off d the features, all you have left is a regular phone — what’s the point of having an iPhone if you don’t get all the bells and whistles along with it?” To that I say, just be judicious about it. When you’re relaxing at home, there’s no need for GPS to be on, and if you’re at yoga class for an hour, you won’t be needing your Wi-Fi anyway. Why not do what you can to keep your phone alive when it only takes two seconds to switch set­tings? If you really do need all these settings on all the time, I suggest picking up a hardy battery case such as the Mophie Juice Pack Plus ($99.95,

Save Your iPhone 4S Battery

Airplane Mode

If you don’t need to to make or receive calls for a while, go to Settings and toggle Airplane Mode to the On position. Alarms will still work in Airplane Mode; Reminders will not.

Location Services/Time Zone

If you’re not using any location-based apps, go to Settings, tap Location Services, and toggle to the Off position. But since GPS is integral to so many of the iPhone’s features, a less drastic way to combat battery drain is by turning off a known iOS 5 bug: the Time Zone setting, which constantly tracks your location. From Location Services, scroll to the bottom and hit System Services. Then toggle Setting Time Zone to the Off position.

Vibrate Off

Don’t want your phone to vibrate when it rings? Go to your Settings, then Sounds, and under Ringer and Alerts, toggle Vibrate to the Off position. If you want it to vibrate in Silent mode, keep the Vibrate on under Silent; if not, toggle it to the Off position.

Push Notifications

Having notifications sent to your phone from every app you download will quickly wear out your battery. Go to Settings, tap Notifications, and then look at the apps listed In Notifica­tion Center. Don’t need updates from, say, the Stock Widget? Tap its bar and toggle Notification Center to the Off position. Do this for each app you’d prefer not to get real-time notifications from.


If you are in a 3G area and don’t need Wi­Fi enabled, go to Settings, tap Wi-Fi, and toggle it to the Off position.


Not using your Bluetooth headset or any oth­er Bluetooth-enabled devices? Turn it off and your battery will thank you. Under Settings, tap General, then Bluetooth, and toggle to the Off position.

Spotlight Search

Do you ever use the search feature to the left of your Home screen? If so, what apps do you actually end up searching in    (e.q., Contacts, Music, Notes)? To choose which apps are searchable, go to Settings, tap General, Spotlight Search, and uncheck all the apps for which you i to deactivate the search function.


Dimming the screen helps your battery last, as does activating Auto-Brightness, which adjusts your screen’s brightness according to lighting conditions. Go to Settings, tap Brightness, and drag the slider to the left to reduce brightness. Then toggle Auto-Brightness to the On position.

Fetch Emails

Set your emails to be fetched at certain inter­vals, rather than pushed immediately from the servers. Go to Settings; select Mail, Contacts, Calendars; and tap Fetch New Data. Toggle Push – to the Off position and, under the Fetch section, choose how often you want your email to be refreshed (the longer the duration, the less battery used). If you just want to check your email manually and not have it automatically refresh, tap Manually.


Yes, we love Siri. But we don’t need it to serve us at every waking moment. When you know you won’t need Sin’s assistance for a while, go to Settings, tap General, se­lect Sid, and toggle to the Off position. If you want Sin on but prefer to long-press the Home button to activate it, toggle the Raise to Speak option to the Off position.

Reduce Auto-Lock Time

Leaving your screen display on longer than necessary is a great way to waste your bat­tery. Train yourself to manually lock the phone every time you set it down, and reduce the Auto-Lock time by going into Settings, tap‑ping General, scrolling down to Auto-Lock, and selecting 1 Minute as the default.

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