175+ Free Games For Your iPad

We all know that the iPad is a great tool to use for email, photos, web browsing, and of course games.  There are over 20,000 apps in the app store and a large majority of those are games.  While there are a lot of great iPad games that cost money there are also a ton of free games we wanted to let you know about.  So, we bring you 175 free iPad games. We will add to this list frequently and keep it updated so feel free to check back – most of all, enjoy the games!

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175+ Free iPad Games, Don’t Miss It !!

pacman lite | Free Games for iPad PAC-MAN Lite for iPad
Relive the arcade classic and eat up all the dots while watching out for the ghosts. Control your PAC-MAN in accelerometer mode, with the onscreen joystick, or a finger swipe. Download.

city story | Free iPad Games City Story
Build and decorate your own city. Watch your population grow as you build houses, businesses, factories, schools, and landmarks. Over 50 varieties of buildings, parks, and businesses to choose from, with new items added every week.  Download.

real solitaire | Free iPad Games Real Solitaire Free for iPad
A full-featured version of the classic card game. Comes with selection of wallpapers, three scoring modes, a timed mode, and doesn’t interfere with your iPod audio.  Download.

super match elements | Free iPad Games Super Match Elements
A puzzle game where you remove pieces by lining up three or more in a row. Variety of levels includes puzzle levels, endless levels, and survival levels.  Download.

we rule | Free iPad Games We Rule for iPad
Rule your own kingdom with your iPad. Build houses, farm the land, extract the resources, and collect taxes from your citizens. Interact with your friends’ kingdoms as well.  Download.

10 pin shuffle | Free iPad Games 10 Pin Shuffle HD (Bowling) Lite
This game combines 10 pin bowling, shuffleboard, and five card draw poker all in one. Comes with 3D graphics and a powerful physics engine to deliver realistic bowling pin action.  Download.

we farm | Free iPad Games We Farm for iPad
A social farm game made just for the iPad. Raise farm animals, grow crops, and customize your farm with a variety of buildings and decorations.  Download.

brothers in arms 2 | Free iPad Games Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD
A war game that puts you into a World War II battle. Experience multiple fronts of the war with battles in 5 locations and 13 levels. Includes a variety of historically accurate weapons.  Download.

word search for ipad | Free iPad Games Word Search for iPad
Choose from many word lists and find all the words. Choose your own theme and enjoy an unlimited number of unique puzzles.  Download.

flick fishing hd | Free iPad Games Flick fishing HD
Fish in a fully animated environment. Cast the line with a flick of your wrist and use your skills to choose your location, bait, and technique. Comes with 3 fishing locations and an assortment of fish to catch.  Download.

Labyrinth 2 | Free iPad Games Labyrinth 2 HD Lite
Tilt your iPad to guide the ball through the wooden labyrinth, but watch out for obstacles! Build your own levels and browse levels created by the community. Allows up to 4 players over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Download.

dodge dot Dodge Dot
A simple game to play that quickly gets challenging. Drag the moving dots to the matching goals without hitting dots of a different color. When you clear all the dots you advance to the next level.  Download.

Finger Dash Finger Dash!
Keep your yellow block from smashing into the blue ones in this fast-paced game. See how long you can last as the blocks speed up. Comes with plain to psychedelic backgrounds.  Download.

touch hockey extreme Touch Hockey Extreme: FS5
Air hockey for the iPad. Comes with 3D mallets and local support for multiple players over Wi-Fi. Choose from multiple difficulty settings and 4 game length settings.  Download.

tap tap radiation Tap Tap Radiation
Tap to the beats of over 30 free tracks or choose from a selection of premium tracks. Includes 4 difficulty levels and new themes, graphics, and effects designed just for the iPad.  Download.

Chess Free HD Chess Free HD
This chess game lets you play against a friend or the computer. Includes HD graphics and configurable names and score tracking.  Download.

Lasers Free | Free Games for iPad Lasers Free
A challenging puzzle game where you redirect the lasers to pass through all of the diamonds on the screen. You won’t clear the level until you find the perfect alignment. Comes with 50 levels for free.  Download.

Harbor Master HD Harbor Master HD
Be the master of a busy harbor. Direct the boats into the docks, watch them unload their cargo, and direct them off the screen without letting them crash.  Download.

Poker Free Hd Poker Free HD
Play no-limit Texas Hold’em with the robot or a friend. Graphical elements and realistic animation take advantage of the iPad screen.  Download.

Super Minesweeper Super MineSweeper HD

The classic logic puzzle game is now on the iPad. Flag all the mines without blowing one up. Select from two board sizes and types.  Download.

battleship Battleship for iPad
Based on the classic guessing game where you try to sink your opponent’s ships. You can either play with a friend or play against the iPad.  Download.

mahjong epic hd lite Mahjong Epic HD Lite

This version is one of the popular free games for iPad comes with four unique boards to play. If you want more, you can create your own customized boards. Comes with unlimited undo and shuffle feature, and you can listen to your iPod while you play.  Download.

checkers free hd Checkers Free HD
This checkers game allows you to play against a friend or against a challenging computer opponent.  Download.

modern combat Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD FREE
This modern war game puts you into operation Sandstorm. Your duty is to find and annihilate a new terrorist cell. A first-person shooter game that arms you with powerful modern weapons.  Download.

Stand o' food | Free Games for iPad Stand O’Food HD Free
A fast-paced restaurant challenge that has you feeding a host of hungry patrons. Use careful planning to put sandwiches together in the correct sequence while leaving yourself set up to make the next one. Comes with more than 100 levels and 80 sandwiches to create.  Download.

Solitaire Solitaire
A solitaire game with many features. Customize your cards and background, choose left or right handed play, and play in either portrait or landscape mode.  Download.

Tic Tac Toe Free HD Tic Tac Toe Free HD
The classic game of Xs and Os on the iPad. One-player mode includes three difficulty levels, or you can play with a friend.  Download.

Free iPad Games 700 Solitaire Games Free for iPad
Choose from 12 different solitaire games. Comes with a large selection of card backs and detailed statistics for each game and across all games.  Download.

iron man 2 Iron Man 2 for iPad LITE
Battle across nine locations constructed in 3D. Play as Iron Man or War Machine and devastate your foes in combat.  Download.

iPad Games New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush HD Free
Take an exciting 3D roller coaster ride through New York City, but be careful not to crash your cart. Features career mode, challenge races, and realistic coaster physics.  Download.

free ipad games GodFinger for iPad
Feeling power-hungry? Control your world and watch it evolve. You can be a kind and caring god or you can wreak havoc on your planet controlling the economy, sun, rain, fire, and lightning.  Download.

draw free ipad game Draw for iPad
This drawing app comes with cooperative drawing games. You can play sketching games over bluetooth and upload your favorites to Twitter.  Download.

hd brick breaker HD Brick Breaker Free
This breakout game comes with 16 free levels, with the retro atmosphere of the 80s arcade games. Also supports iPod background music.  Download.

vacation mogul Vacation Mogul HD Lite
A simulation game where you inherit your uncle’s real estate empire. Your job is to turn it into a money-making vacation spot. Features 38 levels, 16 buildings, and mini-games.  Download.

sudoku free ipad game Enjoy Sudoku Daily Free
Daily games of the popular logic puzzle. Fourteen difficulty levels allows something for everyone. Comes with automatic or manual pencil marks.  Download.

blackjack free hd Blackjack Free HD
The popular casino table game for the iPad. Tap for a “hit me,” and wave your hand for a “stand,” just like in a real casino.  Download.

hangman free ipad game Hangman Classic HD Free
The classic word puzzle game. This version comes with a blackboard or a notepad theme, and a variety of word categories to choose from.  Download.

free ipad game What’s the Difference?
Use your power of observation to find five differences between a pair of photos. Comes with 200 high quality photos.  Download.

free ipad games Guns’n’Glory FREE
Become a real, low-down bad guy in the Wild West. Form a gang of cowboys, bandits, and Indians to help you ambush settlers, stagecoaches, and gold trains. Once you bag enough gold you can upgrade your weapons and really wreak havoc on your victims.  Download.

crowd patrol hd Crowd Patrol HD
A searching game where you find the terrorists in the crowds. Tests your accuracy and speed.  Download.

mystery of the crystal portal The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD Free
An adventure where you seek hidden objects. Search the globe on a quest for the Crystal Portal.  Download.

air hockey gold | Free Games for iPad Air Hockey Gold
Play against a computer opponent ranging from Kiddie to Insane, or play against a friend. This air hockey game also allows you to play with two pucks at once.  Download.

gt lure fishing GT LureFishing HD Free
Reel in some of the giant fish hiding in the reefs. Three levels to to choose from.  Download.

bubble popper Bubble Popper (FREE)
Kill some spare time popping bubbles (like the ones that come in packaging). You get to select the size and color of your bubbles.  Download.

demolition master Demolition Master HD
Classic demolition iPad game with impressive explosions, music, and realistic graphics. The free version contains only two locations (30 levels).  Download.

sparkle hd lite Sparkle HD Lite
Top quality action puzzling game that resembles Zuma and Luxor.  Tap where you want the orb to land and match three orbs to make them disappear. One of the best free games for iPadDownload.

Mazes HD Lite Mazes HD Lite
Fast and easy to play maze iPad game for all ages.  No two mazes are ever the same and all you do is tilt your ipad to guide the marble through the mazes.  Download.

battle zone hd Battle Zone HD – Desert Eagle
In this iPad game you try to keep your base alive as long as you can by building mazes using defensive units.  Download.

Dominoes! Dominoes!
You can play 5 different domino games and compete against two to four computer opponents.  Download.

Nimp Dash Nimp Dash
Guide a little diver as he jumps over rocks, charges through coral, and dashes into sharks in hopes to the the highest score possible. Download.

Freecell for ipadFreeCell
Classic free version of this popular solitaire-like game.  Free cell works like solitaire but has a few twists that make it more challenging.  Download.

PapiJump PapiJump
Mr. Papi ( a little red ball) is jumping continuously. You move him from left to right so he can continue to go higher and higher.  Download.

Tap Fish for iPad Tap Fish for iPad
Very popular iPad game where you tap and build aquariums and then grow your own fish.  Download.

Checkers 360 | Free Games for iPad Checkers 360
Classic checkers game with a 3D board made for the iPad. You can play with an opponent or against the computer.  Download.

Isaac Newton's Gravity Isaac Newton’s Gravity
Challenge yourself with this iPad game of amazing physics puzzles.  Help is there if you need it from Isaac himself.  Download.

reMovem 2 reMovem 2
Great Bejewled-like iPad game where you remove clusters of colored balls from the screen.  Includes all of the original reMoved version 1 puzzles.  Download.

Underground 3D Rollercoaster Underground 3D Rollercoaster Rush
Take a journey through treacherous man-made tunnels where you can test your extreme rollercoaster skills. Two iPad games in one.  Download.

Blocks free ipad game Blocks Free
Great addictive puzzler. You slide the orange block off the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way.  Download.

Chicktionary Chicktionary
In this iPad game you unscramble a roost full of letters and create as many words as possible. Each hen bears a letter as you fill egg crates with the words you create.  Download.

The Karate Kid The Karate Kid
Play five martial arts training exercises in the land of kung fu as you train and learn more skills from Mr. Han.  Download.

Ultraviolet Dawn Lite Ultraviolet Dawn Lite
Play this hybrid space-shooting/trading iPad game with a completely open universe comprising over 1,000 stars to explore.  Lite version limited to 5 levels.  Download.

Arcs Arcs
A spin on the classic sliding game puzzle. You solve 10 circular puzzles by rotating circles and sliding arcs.  Download.

Fantastic 4 in a row Fantastic 4 In A Row
Classic checkers theme with a twist. This game is vertical!  you drop your checkers into slots and try to beat your opponent.  Download.

free ipad games Heads Up: Hold’em HD
Play 1-on-1 Texas Hold’em anywhere with this iPad game.  You can play against the computer or wirelessly against a friend.  Download.

Free spider solitaire Free Spider Solitaire
Play this top 10 iPad game for free.  Spider solitaire is a two deck solitaire game and is one of the most popular variations of the original game.  Download.

Alpine Crawler HD Alpine Crawler HD
A cross country vehicle simulator where you move through various terrains and control your vehicle but must keep the damages low and the health of the driver high.  Download.

Farm Story Farm Story
Grow fruits, raise farm animals and even decorate your farms.  There are over 50 varieties of fruits, veggies and flowers. You can also visit neighbors and see their crops grow as well.  Download.

Jumbline 2 Free Jumbline 2 Free
This iPad game is a successor to the first Jumbline which is a word puzzle game where you try to find all of the possible words within a set of letters.  It sounds easy but can be very challenging. Download.

Kids Can Drive Kids Can Drive
Very simple free game for the iPad in which kids use a virtual steering wheel to simulate driving down the road while tilting the iPad back and forth.  Download.

Dizzypad HD Dizzypad HD
A classic lillypad leaping game with 30 unlockable frogs.  3 variations on the game including sliders, memory, and battle.  Download.

Shanghai Mahjong Lite Shanghai Mahjong Lite
A iPad game of the classic mahjong solitaire.  You pair tiles to dismantle intricate structures.  Great graphics and basic gameplay.  Download.

Success Story HD Success Story HD
In this iPad game you slap together burgers for customers, serve french fries and desserts, and keep the line moving in an arcade style time management game.  Download.

Supermarket Management HD Supermarket Management HD
One of the best free games for iPad. You help a “Kate” rise to the top of management in this iPad simulation game.  It’s a basic supermarket management game with over 49 levels.  Download.

Rush Hour Free Rush Hour Free
The original sliding block traffic jam puzzle comes with 35 challenges from beginner to expert.  The full version gets you up to 2500 challenges.  Download.

Racecar Racecar
This is a racing game of F1 cars on ice.  It is a fun top-down racer for up to 4 players and four tracks available.  Download.

Hearts HD Hearts HD
This is a iPad game version of the classic card game Hearts.  There is a great built-in computer player and it has score tracking with sound and a full history.  Download.

break hd Break HD
Great iPad game just like the classic breakout games of the 80’s.  You release the ball as it breaks bricks and bounces around the screen faster and faster.  Download.

Manic Marble 2 Free Manic Marble 2 Free
A great iPad game in 3D with motion-based controls.  You have full control over your marble as it jumps and dodges obstacles.  Download.

Sudoku Tablet Sudoku Tablet
Specially designed iPad game which offers multiple sudoku puzzles.  Includes variations or you can play classic Sudoku.  Download.

Crossword Light Crossword Light
Play crossword puzzles right on the iPad from many popular newspapers and other online resources downloaded automatically.  Download.

Hit Tennis 2 Hit Tennis 2
Unique free tennis game that lets you hit the ball by swiping your finger across the screen just like you would swing a real racket.  Download.

Arena 9 HDArena 9 HD
A free card collection iPad game you collect the best trading cards as an arena warrior and become the ultimate Arena Master.  Download.

I hear Ewe for iPad I Hear Ewe – Animal Sounds for Toddlers
Entertain your toddler with 24 different authentic animal sounds and 12 different vehicle sounds.  Tap the pictures and hear the sounds.  Download.

iMahjong 2 iMahjong 2 Free
Another classic mahjong iPad game.  You remove two identical tiles that have at least one side that is not adjacent to another tile an on which there is no other tiles.  Download.

paper football hd Paper Football HD
Ever played paper football with your friends?  This is the same thing but better. You flick a paper “football” through an opponents “goal” and gain points.  Great old-school feel.  Download.

shell shock lt Shell Shock LT
Includes the first 4 levels of the full version of Shell Shock which is a classic angle & shoot game. You use angle and power to fire shells over obstacles at their targets.  Download.

crazy snowboard Crazy Snowboard HD Lite
A great free sports game where you navigate a snowboarder through jumps and obstacles with great 3D graphics and several variations of characters.  Download.

construction zone hd lite Construction Zone HD Lite
A classic physics based puzzle iPad game.  You build contraptions, test, and complete a  variety of challenges.  Download.

par 72 golf III Par 72 Golf III Lite for iPad
This is a great iPad game.  Fast paced golf featuring three courses set in mountain, desert, and seaside environments.  Download.

jigsaw puzzle hd Jigsaw Puzzle HD
This is a tiling puzzle game that requires the assembly of numerous small, and often oddly shaped interlocking pieces. Perfect rainy day iPad game and it’s free!  Download.

my kingdom for the princess My Kingdom for the Princess (Lite)
In this iPad game, you are Arthur a brave knight and it is your job to restore the land and escort Princess Helen back to her father.  This is a click management strategy game.  Download.

doodle hangman free Doodle Hangman Free
Here is a fun animated game that is the classic hangman you are used to playing but this one has doodle animations to make it feel real and offers hours of fun.  Download.

Paradise Quest HD Lite Paradise Quest HD Lite
This iPad game is a match-3 puzzle adventure that moves you smoothly across the board each time you make a match of 3. It sounds easy but it gets increasingly challenging.  Download.

Enjoy Sudoku Sudoku Joy
Another free Sudoku game that offers sixteen difficulty levels, a tutorial, and practice games.  Download.

Dungeon Hunter Dungeon Hunter HD Free
An epic 3D quest in this great free role-playing game.  In it, you fight the evil Queen as you uncover your memory about events of the past.  Download.

mushroom age hd free Mushroom Age HD Free
A great hidden object game for the iPad.  You help Vera track down her lost love through thrilling epochs of earth’s past and future.  This game has it all, puzzles, adventure and great graphics.  Download.

iQuarter iQuarters Lite HD
This is an incredibly popular trick-shot game that happens to be free for the iPad.  It is based on the classic drinking game called Quarters.  All you need to do in this game is flick a quarter into a glass to advance.  Download.

Pocket Legends Pocket Legends (3D MMO)
Here is a free MMORPG iPad game.  This is a massively-mulitplayer online role-playing game where you can join thousands of other players from around the world.  Play endless dungeon campaigns. Download.

10 Pin Shuffle 10-Pin Shuffle Bowling (Lite)
This is an addictive “pick up and play” iPad game that combines a shuffle board type play with classic bowling.  Download.

flower garden free ipad game Flower Garden Free
In this game you plan seeds, care for the plants, watch the flowers bloom, and then you create bouquets to share with friends and family.  Download.

htr hd HTR HD High Tech Racing (Lite)
Here is a great slot car racing simulator that resembles the classic toys of the 80’s and 90’s.  This one has 3 levels and 18 tracks.  Download.

graveyard shift Graveyard Shift (Lite)
This iPad game is a physics puzzler with humor and plenty of twists.  All of the skeletons have escaped and it is your job to bring them all back and put them in their coffins.  Download.

iroller coaster iRollerCoaster
This is the ultimate roller coaster simulation game where you can compete on tracks from all over the world.  Download.

tanzen lite TanZen HD Lite
Play this updated version of the classic tangram puzzle game for free on your iPad.  Choose your puzzle and then try to fit all seven pieces within the shaded puzzle area without overlapping.  Download.

predators lite Predators Lite
This Lite version of Predators features a single mission where you are predator and you have to hone your killing techniques to lethal precision by tracking down and killing packs of human killers.  Download.

invader free game for ipad Invader Free
A new genre of iPad game that combines shooting and defense.  Your goal in this game is to destroy the earth by using the machines of Invader.  Download.

monkey island Monkey Island 2 Lite
This a special edition of Monkey Island that is free for the iPad. This is a pirate game where you are the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood and you go through a puzzle adventure.  Download.

sls amg hd SLS AMG HD
Experience some exceptional drives through tunnels, up walls or even on the tunnel roof.  The aim here is to qualify for the next tunnel.  Download.

Azkend HD Lite
This is a free puzzle game that combines a journey of adventure with challenging puzzlers.  Draw with your finger and string together similar tiles to make matches.  Download.

Rhythm Racer 2 HD
A fast paced iPad game that focuses on two things: speed and music. This game has a huge music soundtrack and plenty of racing fun.  Download.

Vegas Pool Sharks Lite
This lite version of Vegas Pool Sharks lets you play up to three points. It is a great pool game where the stakes are higher than normal the the computer players are definitely better than average.  Download.

Choice of the Dragon
This is a iPad game that is text based and full of multiple choices as you proceed on your adventures.  Download.

Brain Games 3 In 1
This game includes three brain challenging puzzle games (hyper lines, crazy star, the last one) all in one free download.  Download.

Word Warp Xtreme
This is an anagram type of word game where you try and form as many words as you can out of the letters given to you before time runs out. Has a huge dictionary of words and many other puzzles to play.  Download.

GL Golf Lite
This is a 3D iPad game for the casual gamer.  It’s a great golf game with a realistic physics system and great simple graphics.  Download.

Nicks Ultimate Word Search
Classic word search game with puzzles built from over 20,000 words and you can have customizable board sizes as well.  Download.

iBubble Shooter HD Lite
Prove your shooting skills by exploding colorful bubbles.  Download.

Chopper Lite
This is an action-packed side-scrolling helicopter game where you try to complete various missions and return safely back to base while avoiding enemy fire.  Download.

Parachute Panic HD Lite
Here is a unique and free casual iPad game that requires you to successfully land a host of parachutists into passing boats. But beware of imminent dangers.  Download.

Solitaire City Lite
The classic game of solitaire with a few different versions, cardsets, and backgrounds.  Download.

Glide Hockey HD
If you like the classic game of air hockey then you will love this game.  It simply lets you play air hockey with realistic sounds and graphics.  Download.

U Connect Lite
A simple iPad game where the goal is to connect all the points by dragging your finger from point to point without retracing your steps.  Download.

Meteor Blitz HD Free
One of the best shooters for the iPad this free game features great sounds and graphics while you shoot meteors astroids-style.  Download.

Xtra Slot HD
The first slot machine game for the iPad this game lets you play slots just as if you were sitting in a casino.  Download.

Bright Puzzles HD
Another jigsaw puzzle game with beautiful pictures and 4 levels of difficulty with up to 324 pieces.  Download.

Paratroopers: Air Assault Free HD
A shooter iPad game where your base is being invaded and you must defend it.  Has 3 maps and plenty of action.  Download.

Modern Conflict HD Lite
A one-touch strategy game where you tap to select units and then you tap to send them into battle.  It’s a strategic iPad game full of challenges along the way.  Download.

Newton’s Cradle: Physics++
Put’s physics right in  your hand with a real physics engine built on kinematics and momentum equations.  Download.

Eden’s Quest Free
You are Eden Hunt a young adventurer going on a quest to save a statue and in order to do so you must solve over 100 riddles and puzzles. Download.

Mad Billiards
Not just any billiard game this iPad game forces you to think laterally as your gems crack then smash unless you’re fast enough.  Download.

Drums Challenge HD Lite
In this game you play drum against some of the world’s best drummers.  There is also a freestyle mode where you can play your own tunes.  Download.

Conquist Lite
This game transforms the iPad into the ultimate war strategy game board.  Up to two simultaneous players can play for world domination on one iPad.  Download.

Chess Borda
This is realistic virtual chess.  It gives you the most real-life chess experience in a iPad game.  Download.

A fun scrolling shooter game with an original twist. Eat as much as you can while avoiding enemies.  Download.

Asplosion! HD Free
In this iPad game you utilize skill and strategy in this chain reaction game of over 80 levels.  It also have a great soothing soundtrack.  Download.

PBA Bowling Spare Challenge
A 3D bowling game where each game has different spare scenarios so no two games are ever the same.  Download.

Zombie Attack! Bridge Defense XL
In this free version of the iPad game you get 2 challenge missions and 3 weapons to protect your shack from the treacherous zombies.  Download.

Clickomania HD Lite
An iconic logic iPad game where you main goal is to clear the field of balls, by clicking on all the balls of the same color.  Download.

Zoo Paradise
Maintain your own Zoo with this iPad game.  Feed your animals, upgrade your habitats and keep your customers happy.  Download.

BlackJack 21 Professional Simulator
A real life blackjack simulator with a game engine that has been used in live internet casinos.  Also has an interactive learning mode.  Download.

Lux Touch
A game of strategy, risk and world conquest. It’s pretty simple. You control the blue armies and conquer the map while fighting a virtual war.  Download.

Super Match Elements
An addictive puzzle game that breaks the mold by allowing you freedom of movement. This makes it even harder to match the elements together.  Download.

War Chess
As you might have guessed this is a chess game.  This iPad game is a 3D version of chess that uses animation and special fx to visualize the battle of various chess pieces.  Download.

Sproutster HD
In this game you are a little sprout running around catching raindrop letters. Spell words and get points.  Download.

LUDO Board Game
Based on the ancient board game of Ludo. This classic iPad game is based on the board game with updated game play and intuitive graphics.  Download.

Shark or Die
In this game you are a deadly predator who snacks on unsuspecting passersby.  It is a shark simulator game with comic strip visuals.  Download.

Beer Pong HD Free
A classic drinking game brought to the iPad. Players throw a ping-pong ball across a table trying to sink it into the opponent’s cup.  Download.

Busy Harbor Free
The objective of this addictive puzzle game is to get the red yacht out of the busy harbor. It sounds simple but it is very challenging.  Download.

Animals iSpy
This is a bilingual jigsaw puzzle game for preschool kids. It is the perfect way to learn the animal names in French, English, German and Spanish.  Download.

Touch Tanks Online
In this iPad game you command your tang to victory against players worldwide in multiple 3D battlefields.  Download.

Minesweeper Classic 2
This is the classic version of minesweeper where you try to clear the board without hitting all of the mines.  Download.

Farm Flip – Memory Match for Kids
This iPad game is for the kids and it’s a classic flip and match game where you tap to flip over cards and try to match animals.  Download.

Another massively-multiplayer game where you build cities, form alliances, and train different types of military.  Play against friends online.  Download.

Big Brain Quiz
Enlarge your brain in a race against time with more than 3,000 questions from over 18 categories. You can also compete against others.  Download.

free ipad games WarShip HD Lite
Defend your ships in this high-seas adventure game full of surprises and great graphics.   You get stronger as you defend enemies.  Download.

Doodle Find
This is a social hidden object game.  Compete against friends or the world. Each game takes only 90 seconds so you have to be fast.  Download.

Manic Marble 3
Another great iPad game that is a classic marble game where you tilt iPad to guide your marble through 3D mazes.  Download.

Air Cannon HD
Stop the smugglers using your 50 cannon balls. The only trick is that they have 120 air balloons to your 50 cannon balls.  Download.

Fantasy Ocean
Explore and interact with the deep ocean creatures and plants.  Download.

Warpgate HD Free
Explore space and defend yourself in a vast cosmos of over 35 star-systems and 172 different starships with over 100 quests.  Download.

Topple! Lite
The letters of a joke have fallen down and been randomly scrambled.  In this iPad game you must drag them back to figure out what the joke is.  Download.

Arctopia: A Puzzle Intro
A turn-based puzzle solving game in the style of the classic puzzle games of the 80’s.  You strategically use blocks of ice to extinguish all of the sinister eyebrowed flames that menace the level.  Download.

Fowlplay HD
Take to the skies as a pigeon drops “droppings” on you as you try to dodge them and win by not getting hit by a single drop.  Download.

ipad games Hand of Greed
Intense and unique iPad adventure game that puts your reflexes and speed to test.  You try to make it through the maze without getting sliced by the blades.  Download.

Vampire Saga
An iPad game not for the faint of heart. This game is full of vampire adventures, puzzlers, and exploration of creepy locations to find over 300 objects.  Download.

Trundle HD
How about a leisurely stroll through a mystical world filled with puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty?  This game is an adventure-puzzler that offers ambient gameplay experiences and multiple lands to explore as you solve mysteries.  Download.

Jirbo Says
If you ever played the classic game of Simon Says then this iPad game will be very familiar to you.  It is a game that flashes lights in random patterns that you have to repeat back.  Download.

Friendsheep HD
An addictive action board game for 4 players.  You start herding sheep and make them stay put. Sounds easy but there are surprises and twists of course.  Download.

free ipad games 10-in-1 Casino Games for iPad
This game includes over 10 classic casino games with simple, easy graphics.  Download.

Parking Mania HD Lite
Here is a game about precision, style and skill as you maneuver and park in various challenging situations that get increasingly harder.  Download.

Cosmobomber Free HD
Shoot your way through waves of meteorites and prevent the armageddon. 15 levels and 4 different weapons.  Download.

Pick a game from the library and start playing.  This game has tons of classic board strategy games and adds more all of the time. Play games such as checker, chess, Mancala, and Reversi.  Download.

Vacation Mogul
This is a casual building sim where you build a vacation oasis buying and selling land and building to build hotels and entertain guests.  Download.

Medieval HD Lite

A pure castle defense game with great graphics, realistic sounds and a full immersion into a medieval world as you defend your castle.  Download.


A simple but addicting block breaking game.  Comes with a classic mode and an endless mode for hours of game play.  Download.

So there are all 175 Free Games for iPad!  We will be adding to this list frequently and keeping it updated – so come back and check from time to time.  What are your favorite free games?

If you like Football or Hockey, please read this articles.

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Originally posted 2010-08-24 09:54:21.


  1. Darryl says:

    That’s quite a massive list that is only going to get bigger for sure, thanks Shane!

    1. jeanluc says:

      where can i download fifa 12 for ipad. i realy what to play it. can anyone tell me please

  2. Shane says:

    Yep! It’s a growing list for sure!!!

  3. Smartfamilytips says:

    Holy smokes, what a list! Thanks for all the hard work! I can’t wait to take a look at some of these!

  4. Shane says:

    You are MORE than welcome! it will be here for a long time so feel free to come back and take your time through the list…the good thing is…they are all FREE!

    1. fazeel says:

      no idont like it because non of them downloaded

  5. [...] from: 175+ Free Games For Your iPad | TCGeeks Mmorglive and-conquer, blue-, blue-armies, conquer-the-map, from-around, has-been, players, [...]

  6. Devin says:

    I love it

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks Devin!

  7. Tt says:

    Your shitt rocks and I will tell my parents thanks

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks I appreciate that.

  8. Deridre says:

    Thank you for the free information. I have a new iPad I got from my family for my birthday and thanks to you I can now have some apps. I will keep an eye if you have more advice for us new ones to this world

    Thank you very much

    1. You are more than welcome Deridre – I will be putting up more ‘free’ app posts in the near future :)

  9. Mark Albeza says:

    some pepole who what’s to dowload games it so cool

  10. Odilia says:

    Well, not every apps is free. I seen some of them need to pay. Wish everything apps is free. Also add some UNO cards and everything people loves to play in the iPad.

  11. Page Smelser says:

    I wanted to just say ” Thank You” for giving us a site of free games for iPad. There was several games I bought already and I wish I knew about your site before I sent a lot of money. Can’t wait to see the games your going to add. We will be waiting for them. Thank you again

  12. There are several site on the web that state they provide no cost entire edition sport downloads however upon more detailed review you will discover that the good part of them offer you …

  13. Monique says:

    Not all of them r free I wanted Nima dash and that costs 99 cents ….

  14. Rothman says:

    Hey Shane. The Zenonia Series have been free to download for quite sometime now. Solid RPG game, full version.

  15. Sheila says:

    I downloaded alot of these apps thinking they were free, but they were only free for one section or episode. After I finished one puzzle I had to pay to upgrade or play the full version. Just because the icon says free, does not mean it is. Is there any hidden object adventure games that are completly free (full version), I have not found one yet?

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  24. dan says:

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