Five 2 Player iPad Games

Using the iPad for school or for business is a great way to get the most out of it, but as you know there are some amazing games that you can get.  And what is a better way to enjoy them that with someone else.  So here are some great 2 player iPad games that you can enjoy with friends or family.

2 Player iPad Games

There are a lot of games that I actually enjoy playing and not all of them are single-player games.  Sometimes I like to enjoy a good multiplayer game and having 2 or more players is actually fun since you can recreate the “board game” night that you might have had as a kid.

Face2Face Hold’em ($3.99)

texas holdem for ipad

Here is a great poker-style game that you can not only play with 2 players but with multiple people.  And you don’t need to have just iPad’s, you can actually play this with phones as well.  This great little game can actually replace your poker table, supports up to 6 players and it has some amazing sound effects like the shuffling of cards, and all of the rules you are used to with Texas Hold’em.

Face2Face Hold'em (The Ultimate Multiplayer Poker) -

Five Fruits: Multiplayer Battle ($1.99)

five fruits ipad game

Here is a great 2 player iPad game that you can play with up to 4 others.  It’s a game that you can place right on the table so everyone can enjoy.  It’s a fast and pretty addicting game.  Everyone is dealt a stack of cards and as each card is drawn from each stack it’s a race to press the button when the first person sees five fruits of the same type.  This is one of those games where you have to pay very close attention to everything is going on.

Five Fruits: Multiplayer Battle - Pixelspark

Hangman HD ($0.99)

hangman 2 player ipad game

If you guessed that this one resembled the classic game of hangman then you would be 100% right.  But with this one, instead of a piece of paper, you are using your iPad.  2 players will enjoy this version of hangman as it offers animation effects, sounds and sound effects, and over 5,000 words in the dictionary.  This means, you can play for hours on end and never get a repeating word.

Hangman HD + Multiplayer Bluetooth - Renato Pessanha

Hearts Multiplayer HD (Free)

hearts ipad game

Who does not love this classic card game?  Putting it on the iPad, however, makes it even better.  The original version of this game was not multiplayer but now it is and it’s free.  Hearts is a game that people have enjoyed for years and in fact, it’s probably the second best known game to solitaire.

With Hearts you get a great matchmaking system, a quick queuing system and you can not just play it with 2 players but you can also join online games via Game Center.

Hearts+ ​Free - A-Star Software

Infinight ($1.99)


Here is a great new 2 player iPad game with a user rating of 4.5 out of 5.  It’s a light-based game that requires a lot of thought and skill but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting.  The premise is to find your way to the exit which moves you on to one of the next of 50 levels and finally to the bottom of the entire mystery.

It features a very innovative light-based play, 50 levels, matchups with 2 players or online, very simple controls, and a chance to really improve your memory.

Infinight: A Thrilling Light-Based Adventure with Multiplayer! - LambdaMu Games

We will try to cover even more 2 player iPad games since there are so many, but these one have some great ratings you can check out and are a blast to play for the prices.

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  1. Fedil says:

    Another 2 player card game for iOS devices is RatScrew. It’s based on the card game Egyptian Ratscrew. It’s so fun!

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