5 Post-Jailbreak Essential Cydia Apps

Here are 5 essential Cydia apps once you have jailbroken your iPad.  You have finally thrown off the shackles of Apple’s closed iOS, your iPad is officially jailbroken.  Now what?  Here are five essential (and FREE) items that you’ll want to grab from the Cydia store.

5 Post-Jailbreak Essential Cydia Apps

1. BigBoss & SBSsettings

The first package you should install is a productivity enhancer called SBSsettings from the BigBoss repository in Cydia.  Throughout your first few weeks experimenting with different jailbreak features you’ll find yourself “respringing” and turning on and off a lot of settings.  SBSsettings is a quick way to access these settings on-the-fly.  To install SBSsettings you’ll first need to install the BigBoss repository.  Installing a repository is no different than installing a regular package, just search for “BigBoss” and hit install.  Once both BigBoss and SBSsettings are installed, when you swipe your finger across the status bar at the top of the screen a small dialog box will appear that has toggle buttons for everything from adjusting brightness to turning 3G on/off.  By tapping “More” you can access another set of system preferences.


  • A dock for quick access to your most used apps.
  • Toggle controls for all major settings.
  • Easily restart, respring, refresh, lock, or boot your iPad into safe mode.
  • You can choose to hide icons from your springboard that belong to unnecessary apps.
  • Different actions can be used to trigger the dialog box, like double-tapping your home button.
  • There are several themes to choose from, so it’ll match your system-wide theme.

2. Winterboard

Once you’re equipped to quickly manage all of your system settings you’ll want to personalize your tablet with our second post-jailbreak essential, a Cydia package dubbed Winterboard.  We can all agree that Apple’s default theme is a tad bland.  Installing Winterboard will allow you to make several User Interface (UI) enhancements, including little stuff like dimming your wallpaper and bigger changes like full-system themes.  Keep in mind Winterboard is merely a way to install and manage themes; it’s not a library full of them.  To find additional Winterboard themes you’ll need to head back to Cydia and search for themes and enhancements that match your tastes.  Every theme that you install will then appear in Winterboard for you to activate and deactivate.


  • The ability to manage an endless amount of UI enhancements, lock screen changes, and iOS themes.
  • Can be accessed from the default iPhone OS Settings app.
  • Toggles for hiding the icon from your springboard, and for an optional debugging log for advanced users.

3. iFile

Having the ability to navigate your iPad’s raw file system is a paramount reason for jailbreaking.  Installing the “iFile” package from the BigBoss repository in Cydia will allow you to glide around all of your folders in style.  iFile looks and feels like Apple’s Finder for OSX with familiar icons and a similar sidebar.  Also included in this essential app is an improved media player, so you’ll be able to play unsupported video formats and view photos at their original size.


  • Quick and easy navigation of your iPad’s entire file system.
  • A diverse set of viewers so that you can view and edit a vast range of file-types.
  • Shortcuts and bookmarks that’ll help you find your most used folders.
  • The ability to cut, copy, paste, zip, and rename files.
  • WebDAV support of Web Server to use iFile as a network drive.
  • File transfer via Bluetooth.
  • Installation of Debian (.deb) packages.

4. CyDelete

Sometimes Cydia packages that promise great features don’t quite deliver, or they cause bugs on your iPad.  Removing these packages is a long process that involves locating them within Cydia and tapping remove.  “CyDelete” is simply a tweak that allows you to remove a Cydia package just like you’d delete an app that was purchased from the app store (hold the icon down for a few seconds until it begins wiggling, then press the ‘X’ symbol).

5. LockInfo

With the Cydia tweak “LockInfo” you can view notifications from your calendar, mail, and third-party apps directly on your lockscreen.  This allows you to take a look at all the events scheduled for the day, or quickly peruse unread mail without ever having to unlock you tablet.  There are many options available for customizing the infoshade’s appearance and for how the shade is activated. Note: Upon installation you’ll start a 15-day trial of LockInfo, to continue using it after the trial period you’ll have to purchase a license.


  • See all upcoming events, unread mails, and push notifications in one place, the InfoShade.
  • InfoShade can be set as a default lockscreen, homescreen, and/or activated with certain gestures from any app.
  • Customizable appearance including opacity, content, location, and more.
  • Your lockscreen clock and/or slide-to-unlock bar can be set to hidden.

There are 5 essential Cydia apps you can install once you have jailbroken your iPad…there will be more to come but these ones are considered essential to start off with.  Any we missed from your list?

Originally posted 2011-01-31 13:45:38.


  1. Turt99 says:

    You can put 6 Icon’s on the normal Dock on an iPad. It starts with 4 but you can put up to 6 if you want.

    1. Doug says:

      I just learned something new. I had no idea you could do six. Thanks.

      1. mike says:

        Thanks for the heads up, guys! I’ve revised the post with a much more essential tweak.

  2. Doug says:

    The iPad, by default, allows five icons in the dock. For whatever reason, iPad ships will only four in the dock but no jailbreak is required to add a fifth icon to the dock.

    1. Mansu says:

      I have 6, Doug. You can too, just try…

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  4. sfk says:

    can seem to get winterboard working, transparent label, no icon label doesnt work. :(

    1. mike says:

      Are you having trouble specifically with these two themes? Have you resprung after activating these themes? Do other, default themes that you’ve activated work? For example, if you activate “Dim Icons” do your icons dim after respringing?

      1. sfk says:

        yeah i did respring after activating the themes.

        the only themes that worked is the white icon labels.

        1. mike says:

          Hmm, that’s strange! What iOS version are you running?

          1. sfk says:

            4.2.1 and just jailbreaked with greenpoison. ive tried downloading other themes and it worked well, i just want to remove icon labels and a transparent dock :(

            1. mike says:

              Have you download the 4.2.1 specific version of transparent dock? It’s listed in Cydia as “Transparent Dock (4.2.1)”.

              1. sfk says:

                thanks so much :)

                do i have to do the same for “no icon labels” too?

                1. mike says:

                  You can try downloading “No Docked Icon Labels 4.0″, that may help. No guarantees though, winterboard on 4.2.1 is buggy.

                  1. sfk says:

                    thanks, that worked for docked icons. found out a way for undocked icons by editing the .plist using ifile ;)

                    1. mike says:

                      Nice! Editing system files, ftw.

  5. In the first picture how do the setting button and safari and bunch of other stuff look cool and different?

    1. mike says:

      That’s using Winterboard (cydia essential #2) to run a theme called “Suave” which you can download from Cydia! I run it on all of my iOS devices. I’d also recommend the suave extras pack, it’ll make some additional UI enhancements to match the springboard design.

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