ABC Adds Traffic Metric To Apps

Independent Traffic certification is now available for Apps! Rejoice!  No, really, do. ABC, the UK’s audit division for tracking the performance of things like magazines and websites, has just released new metrics for tracking the performance of Apps.

ABC Adds Traffic Metric To Apps

Now this is a big deal, and could signify the final nail in the coffin for printed media, in the UK at least.

ABC is a massive tool in the UK. Magazines, publishers and websites use it to bash up against each other when directly competing for that Holy Grail – advertisement revenue. If you have a bigger circulation or more traffic – you get the best deals.

However, Apps, previously, have been a little difficult to track and quantify, with no independent body exerting control and saying which site App is cool and which is rubbish. Until now.

ABC claim that these new results and audits will allow greater transparency in the market, making it easier for publisher and advertisers to access vital information. So, see who’s better, basically.

The certificate will allow people (like the Daily Mail) show the data that ‘best suits them. They can have a Web Traffic Certificate which allows companies to report App traffic alongside other online website traffic or have a different certificate that’s just for the App. Which is cool.

So how does it work? Well the media outlet, or magazine will have to track downloads and users and all that. Then, they have to record it in a studious manner and hand all the data over to someone who works for the ABC who likes stats and not going out much. They then give you a lovely certificate and you can be happy that you’ve achieved something worthwhile.

That an organization such as ABC is taking App traffic so seriously is another step in the move to a completely paperless world. Now that we’ve got Apps for all the major media outlets, it seems to us that the future is going to be green.

And reading your paper or magazine with paper is, soon, going to make you look like the person who reads their New York Times on their iPad – with slack jawed stares.

Originally posted 2011-05-09 14:06:33.


  1. Darryl says:

    Hey Shane, I’m a stats junkie and don’t get out much, maybe they could hire me lol

    Jokes aside, good article though. Sounds like yet another possible game changer.

    1. hey there Darryl…I think what they are doing is good actually….in my mind it keeps quality up and that’s something needed

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