Access your Hosted Work PC from your Mobile Device

The world is simply an increasingly mobile place. Today’s business environment means that you are more likely to be on the move. As a result, you are unlikely to be tied to the same office space or the same PC as much as you once were. At the same time, you most likely have at least one mobile device from which you can access all kinds of information. Matching your mobile working life with mobile technology though has previously been something of a headache. Far too often, individual items are left on your work PC by mistake or you forget to transfer a crucial file to a storage device.

Of course, there are a number of limited solutions to this problem. For example, there are several apps which can help you connect specific programs or functions from PC to mobile. However, it is not an all-encompassing answer. Similarly, it has been possible for some time to connect to a PC from a remote desktop within a closed network. Although this enables you to access your entire desktop, it is of no real value beyond the confines of a single network.

The most effective solution to this frustrating disconnect is a remote (RDP) or virtual desktop tool. It can make a real difference to how you access information. It allows you to fully access any program from your desktop anywhere on any device, including any mobile phone or tablet. Instead of downloading a bunch of clumsy apps or downloading as many files as possible onto a memory stick, an RDP solution is a one-stop shop to accessing your desktop from mobile. Using a virtual desktop means that you never need worry about whether you left a crucial document on your home computer or if you may have mistakenly copied an old version of your presentation.

There are some great remote access solutions available too. Ericom’s RDP client for example brushes aside any concerns you may have about the speed of remote access and at the same time it is extremely compatible with graphics-rich content such as PPTs and PDFs.  Whichever remote access solution you choose though, make sure that it is simple to use. There are some products which although they are suitable for remote mobile connectivity, require a pretty high degree of technical knowledge to install. Admittedly, once you’ve decided on the solution of your choice, it may take some time to get used to controlling a mouse-based computer from a touch screen device. However, the sheer convenience of accessing your work PC from a mobile device is well worth the effort.

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