Adobe Ideas

The Perfect Tool For The Creative On The Move

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or simply someone who enjoys drawing and playing about with pictures, Adobe Ideas could be right up your alley.

In essence it’s a simple art package that enables the user to sketch out ideas on the move or whenever inspiration strikes. It also enables you to play about with photos and even draw over the top of them using the original image as a guide before removing it completely.

Images can contain up to ten layers with vector drawing tools making it very easy to translate what’s in your head to the screen and 50 levels of undo ensure any mistakes you make can easily be rectified. There are variable brush sizes, a large canvas to play with and a host of other features besides.

Ideas is feature packed but very simple to use and works both as a professional tool and a fun toy for anyone who likes messing about with photos and sketches, but did you expect any less from Adobe?

Apple Store | Adobe Ideas For iPad

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