How to Run Templates For Androids


You will find a large number of applications for the Android platform which makes it exceedingly simple to use a pre-formatted template to speed up interaction and communication. You are perhaps being drained of typing the same text messages over and over again, or you may prefer saying a standardized email response that you regularly come up with. In this regard, you can try out the template apps that are for Android and enable you to … [Read more...]

Learn To Use Smart Phones Safely


Smart phones are the in thing today. More than half the population of the world has lost its wits with amazing apps and features and who can blame them. Smart phones are easy to use, have the best features and look great. However, it is important that people understand how to use them safely. There is so much that you can do with a smart phone, it becomes difficult for people to understand how others can use it against them. A smart phone does … [Read more...]

How To Use Android Market | The Starting Place For App Downloads

How To Use Android Market

Developed by Google, how to use Android Market is the starting point for anyone keen to get their hands on any of the 10,000 or so applications that are available for download. Android is an open source system, which means that anyone with the know-how can develop and then sell their own apps. There is, therefore, a huge range of options that vary wildly in quality and prices go from free to all the way up to £100 (the maximum amount allowed … [Read more...]

The Rise of the App

We are now living in a technological age, our lives have been transformed around the pieces of technology we use. What we consume and how we consume it has changed, this is especially evident in mobile technology (smartphones, tablets etc). The use of the mobile phone has been a particular growth area in the last decade with now over 6 billion mobile phone users – that is a nearly ridiculous 87% of the globe who have a mobile phone. With phones … [Read more...]

Upgrade with the latest Android mobiles


Android is a linux based operating system for mobile devices developed by the Open Handset Alliance in cooperation with Google. This operating system is used in millions of mobile devices and around 190 countries all over the world. It provides you a world- class platform for designing apps and games for users and an open market to distribute. Every day the android user base is increasing rapidly because of vast array of features and if you are … [Read more...]

Another Video Editing For iPad

Qik Video For iPhone | Video Editing For iPad

With the release of the iPhone 4S, shooting 1080p video has never been easier. Simply open the Camera app, flip the switch—and voila—you're ready to start shooting some pretty impressive video. But the video camera app (if you can call it that) is very light on features. You can turn the flash on or off, but it's more or less press record and see what happens. You can import that video into Apple's notorious iMovie app, add all sorts of … [Read more...]

Top Android and iOS Poker Apps for 2014

The tablet and Smartphone mobile world is always changing and mobile poker apps are continually being generated. People love playing poker on their phones and accessing the right app with the right support is very important.  A number of apps are however at the top of the mobile poker chain. William Hill As one of the pioneers in casino and betting apps, their applications are much advanced with one app providing access to bingo, casino, … [Read more...]

Mobile recycling- a sensible way of disposal


There are lots of ways that one can use to get cash for your old mobile phones. And this is precisely because the business of recycling old mobile phones has picked up pace all over the world. It has reached such heights that now one can get in touch with different recycling companies who can trade you for money for the different models of the phones that you have. And the best thing is that you can compare the different prices for your phone and … [Read more...]

HuHudl Has Finally Arrived

Tesco is one of the most reputable and largest conglomerates in the arena of supermarkets. Its chain of supermarkets has expanded all over the world. This supermarket giant has changed the rule of the game and challenged the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple by launching a very cool android tablet. The foray from being a supermarket major to tech giant has made Tesco a diversified organisation. Tesco is trying to undo its soiled reputation by … [Read more...]

SpeedTest App in Android Phone

Did you ever get 3G or even 4G at its best speeds which were promised by your service provider? They usually don’t show to their clients that how much work faster their own services on at their stores. Mobile phone shops are usually positioned within areas exactly where the transmission power and network rates of speed are remarkably, nearly suspiciously, powerful and speedy. application in Android is able to solve this kind … [Read more...]

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