The Lucrative App World

Lucrative App World

The market for applications or more poetically called apps has grown in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. In less than nine months, Apple has reported over a billion downloads from its stored and then four and a half months later, it reported double the amount of downloads. The app growth has not been limited to Apple with Android, Blackberry and every other platform getting equal attention. It’s not for nothing that such apps … [Read more...]

Mobile applications to make your travel wonderful journey

When you are planning for a trip with friends or family, it may last from few hours to weeks. Unlike past, there is no need to worry about you being new to the destination. The apps that you carry in your mobile will make you know about everything in the new location. The advancement of technology has brought everything at your fingertip. One fingers enough to make your journey smooth and happy however long it is. The current article talks about … [Read more...]

Are Web Apps The Future For Mobile Devices?


I believe they are.  If you own a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer then it's probably easy to agree that the apps are a very large part of the device.  And while the app stores continue to get more crowded and the mobile device wars heat up, there is something else going on that may just change all this.  Web apps.  Here's why they may be a smarter approach for those using them and the companies making them. … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Great For Your Kids

Android tablets are growing in popularity and have surpassed Apple in tablet market share this year. With hundreds of tablet models working on the Android operating system, it gives the consumer many choices to pick from. For young kids, an inexpensive tablet is best. One that is smaller and easy to handle will work best for little hands. Since kids will most likely be using it for things like drawing, tracing, coloring, watching videos and … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Tablet Finance Apps

For Android tablets, some regular purpose behind purchasing them might be for diversion and relaxation. Through this, people are able to save lots of time and even cash is also safe as it is not necessary to carry all the time. Android tablets and their accessibility and usability in the world of finance Did you realize Android tablets are likewise demonstrated suitable in the world of finance? The android application has offered such a variety … [Read more...]

Some Cool Software Applications You Can Download From Download.Com

A brand new windows computer should have some good software installed if you want to enjoy the best of this machine. Though Window comes with different outstanding tools but they are not enough. This article is focused on top 10 free tools/ software that one should install on his new Windows PC. 1-      EASEUS Partition Manager The EASEUS partition manager is a best tool to create and manage the disk partitions at any Windows System. Even … [Read more...]

Choose The Children’s learning applications Wisely then Be a teacher of Your Own Child


Rapid developments in the technology world these days, is very helpful for everyone in carrying out daily activities . In fact , in educating the children, parents are able to use some of the latest communication technology products , through a various children's learning applications . Many applications are provided by the service provider , which can be used as a learning tool creatively, interesting and not boring for the kids . They can … [Read more...]

Instagram : When Loyality Comercialized


Increasing the number of users in a photo sharing service Instagram seems to be a good sign for them . With the number of users is now 150 million , reportedly the Instagram ready to commercialize its services . In the year ahead Instagram ready to welcome the advertisers to get into the service . It is also confirmed that Facebook bought Instagram is the reason to make profits . In addition to advertising , it is still questionable as to … [Read more...]

BBM for Android is Fail to be Launched This September

bbm for androids

The applicants of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS seem to be patient a little longer to try and use this popular chat application. A BlackBerry executives who declined to be named said, This popular application is yet to be released in the month of September 2013. According to executives from Canada's, Tuesday (03/09/2013), a new application is likely to be present at the end of next month or in … [Read more...]

Repix for Android Finally Launched

repix for android

In less than five months since it was launched for iOS, users Repix has now reached 4 million people. Now, Repix ready to 'colonize' Google Play.what is Repix ? Photo editing applications that can transform ordinary into the extraordinary with a variety of brushes offered. "Since the initial launch of iOS five months ago, Repix enough attention among users," said Ilkka Teppo, CEO Sumoing. "It's incredible to see how applications and various … [Read more...]

BackStab HD For Android

BackStab HD For Android

BackStab HD - Handsome, if unoriginal game If the following intro for BackStab HD doesn’t get you salivating over this game, then nothing will. ‘My name is Henry Blake, once a proud officer in England’s Royal Navy. Now I stand a shattered man. Betrayed, imprisoned, my fiancée taken away, I have now found my freedom and soon I shall find my revenge’. Unfortunately, as much as the premise entices, BackStab HD just isn’t as good as … [Read more...]

Nova 2 HD For Android

Nova 2 HD For Android

Nova 2 HD - Simply a blast Six years after the original, this new package is stacked full of new features. These include new improved bad guys, more and nastier weapons; new graphics; more diverse gameplay; and more players and environments. Twelve levels of play, ten maps, and a heap of armoury should stave off boredom for some time and you can play alongside up to a dozen players locally or online, which is when it’s at it most … [Read more...]

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