LG new Optimus Mach LU 3000 previously called LG hearsay

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LG released its new Smartphone i.e. LG optimus Mach LU 3000, which is considered to be the most fastest phone which was earlier known as the Hearsay. LG optimus Mach incorporates Android 2.2. The phone is available at the price of US dollars 700 and is released worldwide in the month of December, 2012. LG optimus Mach is a candy bar Smartphone boasting a touch screen of 3.8 with a screen resolution of 3.8 inches. It’s a Korea bound device with … [Read more...]

A First Look At Android Honeycomb [Video]


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas and there over rumored to be over 30 tablets set to hit the market.  Wow.   Some say they won't deliver  and some say they are really great devices that will overtake the iPad. … [Read more...]

Top Tablet Computers And iPad 2 Ratings

Top Tablet Computers

Consumer reports released a rundown of the top tablet computers and also issued top ratings for the iPad 2 at the same time.  Hands down the iPad 2 wins in both quality and price. Here are all the details and more information. … [Read more...]

The First Real iPad Competitor And How They Compare | Galaxy Tab


So it appears that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab may be the first "real" tablet of any significance to hit the market.  It's an interesting device that runs on the Android Operating System.  Here we show you a little bit more about the Galaxy Tab and then we compare it to the iPad. … [Read more...]

First Gadget for Android 4.4 OS

lg nexus 5

Google has just launched their latest OS  Android 4.4 KitKat, but who is the first gadget that will be reinforced in the market later this OS? Google itself has actually been giving a little glimpse of the first handsets that will carry this Android 4.4 OS KitKat. It is seen from an Android 4.4 KitKat Video pedestal in front of Google's office also claimed that there is the presence of leaked Nexus handset 5 which will be produced by … [Read more...]

Coming soon : Android OS 4.4 (a.k.a) KitKat


Major update for the Android OS is now coming back , the name of Key Lime Pie as Android 5.0 will likely have to retreat after the first confirmed presence of the major Android 4.4 update KitKat . Android KitKat 's arrival has been officially confirmed by Google and Android.Google parties confirm that the code name of the next Android version is Android KitKat , Tuesday ( 09/03/2013 ) . Yes , you did not misread . The latest version of Android … [Read more...]

Will Your Next Tablet Be Made By Amazon?

Amazon Tablet Computer

Your next tablet might just be made by Amazon.  According to a report over at Digitimes, we may be seeing Amazon deliver their own version of the tablet computer very soon.  Here's what it might actually be. … [Read more...]

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Use QR Codes?


Most marketers have given in to the notion of utilizing QR codes. They think it's a simple way to create traffic for their website. Marketers can do anything to enhance the opportunity of converting customers into clients and have therefore gone to the extent of using QR codes for their marketing. However, marketers should not use QR codes for various reasons as highlighted below: 1. Many people don't understand QR codes Many individuals … [Read more...]

Android Device Manager, Gets your android back

android device manager

If Apple had the 'Find My iPhone' and BlackBerry have 'BlackBerry Protect', Google also plans to launch services with the same function, it's allowing users to find lost Android device and can protect their personal data. Service called Android Device Manager has the ability to know the existence of Android devices. so that users can also locate where a smartphone / tablet Android via the map in real time. Android Device Service … [Read more...]

Android Honeycomb 3.1 Features For Motorola Xoom

Android 3.1 Honeycomb Features

Within the next few weeks, the Motorola Xoom will be seeing some major updates and most notably to the newest version of the Android Operating system (Honeycomb 3.1).  Here's what you can expect to see with this update. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-Inch | The Real iPad Competitor?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch

The Apple iPad may have a true (real) competitor on its hands as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch was revealed today at the Google IO conference in San Fransisco.  Here's what you can look forward to if you are waiting to get your first Android tablet. … [Read more...]

Review : Best Tablet 2013

ipad air

nowadays,It is thousands kinds of tablets circulate around the world , ranging from expensive to affordable prices . Some of these are also competing to be the best and most advanced tablet . Well , the following is a list of the best tablets in 2013 according to us . Check out his review : 1.iPad air iPad air is not just amazing tablet , it is a masterpiece of best tablet with a thin design , durable , strong and beautiful . Apple has changed … [Read more...]

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