Recognize 6 causes that make your smartphone heat so quickly

smartphone heat

Many smartphone users , especially when first purchased , confused knowing their device suddenly heating up at its back cover. They also worry that this heat showed damage in the smartphone . Actually , the heat that coming out of the smartphone can show two conflicting signs. In one hand indicates that the smartphone is running normally , but on the other hand it could also indicate a problem with the smartphone . This time , we try to present … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Great For Your Kids

Android tablets are growing in popularity and have surpassed Apple in tablet market share this year. With hundreds of tablet models working on the Android operating system, it gives the consumer many choices to pick from. For young kids, an inexpensive tablet is best. One that is smaller and easy to handle will work best for little hands. Since kids will most likely be using it for things like drawing, tracing, coloring, watching videos and … [Read more...]

How to Setup a Wifi Hotspot on Android


One of the best things about some Android phones is the ability to use the device as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that device around you, including other smartphones or even your laptop, are able to share the Android phone's internet connection. Although the connection Probably won't be the fastest you ever experience, it can be useful if you are desperate to use the internet on the move and don't have access to a wireless network at your … [Read more...]

75 Fixes And Answers, All your Android problems solved


1 How do I stop my Android phone using data when abroad? One option is a third-party app called APNdroid, from the Android Market, which lets you turn off all data connections via a widget on the home screen. It makes changing these settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen and is more likely to act as a reminder for when you next travel abroad. 2 My Android phone has frozen. How can I get it working? A soft reset … [Read more...]

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