iPad iOS 4.2 Gold Master | The Good And The Unfortunate

iPad iOS 4

iPad iOS 4.2 Gold Master is out.  But that's not really a huge story. So the real story is what I found out about it so far and the one thing I really wanted to try out but couldn't. … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Features | Tips and Tricks

Photo Grid | iOS 5 Features

So you got the iPhone 4S or just update your older iPhone to iOS 5, now its time to really learn how to really use it. Much like OS X Lion this past summer, iOS 5 has far more new features than Apple's Marketing team would lead you to believe. You've probably discovered key features like Notification Center. iMessage, Newsstand, and Reminders on your own, but have you taken the time dig deeper in Search of other Seemingly hidden gems? 1. … [Read more...]

iPad iOS 4.3 Features

ios 4 for ipad

Apple seeded iPad iOS 4.3 to developers and there are some new features we can look forward to.  There are some really cool new gestures in iOS 4.3 specifically for the iPad as well as a few other features. … [Read more...]

9 New Features to The iOS 4.3 You Don’t Want To Miss


Here's the release of the next generation of iPad enhancements to the operating system and the apps you don't want to miss. The new iPad ships with the new operating system iOS 4.3 that will help organize and enhance your applications on your iPad. Check out theses New Features to the iOS 4.3: To improve performance, Safari now has Nitro JavaScript…no Flash yet – maybe next time. The new Home Sharing lets you share your music, … [Read more...]

Facebook, Microsoft Attack Apple and Threaten Business VOIP Providers at the Same Time


Facebook and Skype backed by Microsoft and the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft in the very near future is about to turn the world of VOIP upside down as they take on iTunes and Apple’s iOS. Business phone systems based on VOIP will be under serious threat. This means we can all expect a lot of competition and much better services and features with VOIP in the very near future. Business phone systems built on VOIP (Voice Over Internet … [Read more...]

How To Use AirPrint, AirPlay, Multitasking, Folders | iOS 4.2


By now you have probably already heard that iOS 4.2 for the iPad will be released very soon.  In fact, the current rumors suggest it will be released on Friday (November 12th).  That seems to be inline with the original announcement of "mid-November".  Well, we have been using iOS 4.2 since the first beta and wanted to show you how to actually use the top 4 features that most people have been asking for. We are going to show you how to use … [Read more...]

The All-Time Top iPad Apps


Apple is nearing thier 10 billionth app download.  And they released  the all-time top iPad apps.  We have those apps right here for you to see.  Also, Apple just released its earnings for Q1 2011. It was a hugely impressive turn-over of $26.7 billion dollars - a belly-busting $6 billion more than Q4 2010, their previous best quarter. What really amazes though is that profit for the quarter was 6$ billion, helped in no small part by the … [Read more...]

5 Things About iOS 4.2 We Are Finding Irresistible

ios 4 for ipad

Over here in the TCGeeks lab, we have been testing out iOS 4.2 pretty extensively.  And while all of the new iOS 4.2 features are not included in the latest Beta version, it's still pretty robust.  We are having a great time with it and have found some of the features irresistible. Here's a peak into our crazy world. … [Read more...]

Siri and Business Phone Users – Replacing Your Assistant?

Apple’s iPhone 4s is making waves even before it is actually on the market. The iPhone 4s is a surprise release as many of us were expecting the release of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4s is packed full of new features, some of which are truly Apple, and extremely exciting. As usual, Apple released information via press release, unveiling, keynote speech and their own Internet advertising. Siri is certainly one of the most exciting developments in … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why iOS May Replace Mac OS X


Apple's iOS will become the new Mac OS X.  Bold statement?  Sure, but I have some reasons to make it and some data too.  A few articles I found today also confirm what I have believed to be true for awhile now: Apple's iOS is evolving in such a way that it will eventually replace what we now know as Mac OS X. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2 Features

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2

Along with the other great iPad 2 features and information there is iOS 4.3 that will be arriving on March 11, 2011.  This update to iOS will bring some really nice new features and enhancements to the current iOS 4.2.  Here's what you can expect in iOS 4.3 for your new iPad 2. … [Read more...]

iPad iOS 4.2 Features You Might Have Missed

iPad iOS 4

With all of the hype around Airprint and Airplay and Multitasking you might have missed some of the other great features that iOS 4.2 brought with it.  But there were a whole bunch of other great features that came with the upgrade so we would like to show you a few of those.  Go ahead and have a look... … [Read more...]

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