Did Apple Already Reveal Some Mac App Prices?

I am pretty excited about the Mac App Store.  This means that I can get the same apps I use on my iPad and install them right on my Macbook Air.  This is a great thing and I have wanted to see this for a very long time.  But one question I still have is the cost of the apps.  Will be they the same as on the iPad? Or significantly more? Well, Apple may have given us a hint already and here is what I found.

In the graphic below, you can see a Macbook Air.  And on that Air is a picture of the new Mac App store.  This is directly from Apple’s website.  Now I do not know if this real or if it’s just a completely fake view of the new store but here is what I found most interesting.  Do you see the apps?  Right below them you can actually see prices.  Are these real prices or just placed there for holders?

If they were not real prices you could almost say that they would all be the same.  So you might see every app priced at a fake price of $14.99 or something of that nature.  But they aren’t.  They have various prices.  Now this could also be completely fabricated.

Mac App Store Prices

But let’s just say they *are* the real prices.  Here, then, is what you can expect to see:

iPhoto = $14.99

GarageBand = $14.99

iMovie = $14.99

Pages = $19.99

Keynote = $19.99

Numbers = $19.99

Color Studio = $29.99

Fast Lane = $4.99

So this does seem fairly consistent.  The iLife apps all cost $14.99 while the iWork apps cost $19.99.  When you add that up, you get the price that you would pay for the desktop version.  Will people be expecting lower prices since apps tend to be less cost or will we see the same prices as the non-app counterparts?

If this is a real picture of what some of the Mac apps might cost then it will be interesting to see what we get when the store officially opens.  I can see the apps costing more if they are going to do more, but if they have the same functionality as the iPad version then I would expect to see the iPad app price.

One thing I hope is that if the apps are more expensive in the Mac App store then it does not create a situation where all app prices rise in general.

So what do you think about these prices? Do they seem real? And if so would you buy the app or stick to the software?

Originally posted 2010-11-05 05:00:51.

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