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Add More Apps To Your iPad Dock

Adding more or different apps to the app dock on your iPad is a good way to keep your most often used apps at your fingertips. The default apps in the dock are Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod, but you can easily change these or add more.


Choose any of the apps on your home screens that you want to move to the dock and select it by touching and holding the icon until it starts to shake and a small H appears on the corner,


With your finger still held on the app icon, drag it down the screen to the dock and position it where you want it to go.


Your chosen app is now attached to the dock. You can add up to six apps to the iPad dock at one time. To remove an app from the dock, even one of the default ones, just hold your finger on it until it shakes and then drag it up onto the main home screen. Keeping your favourite apps in the dock means that they are always close to hand when you need them.

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Originally posted 2012-11-26 02:08:12.

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