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Having Art Authority for iPad is like having the history of Western art in pictures and words on your iPad. The app includes works by hundreds of artists, organized alphabetically by artist and also by periods (called Rooms within the app) that include Early (up to the 1400s), Baroque, Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern, Contemporary, and American.

Tap one of these eight Rooms on the main screen and you’ll see its subcategories; tap a subcategory and you can select a specific artist or an overview of that artist’s work. The figure on the left below, for example, shows some of the subcategories in the Modern room, as well as the overlay for the Symbolism category.

Art Authority for iPad

If you prefer to see the bigger picture (hat), tap a Room’s name (Modern in the figure on the left below) instead of tapping a subcategory, and you can view the major works and timelines for the period.

Regardless of how you choose to explore the art – alphabetically or by period – you can find a dozen or more works by each artist arranged in show.

Art Authority for iPad offers myriad options for viewing Show. You can choose your favorite transition or allow the app to select an appropriate one. You can turn on the Ken Burns effect to provide the illusion of motion. You can view thumbnails of all the artwork in a show, and tap individual thumbnails to see the pictures. You can speed up, slow down, stop, or reserve the show at any time, and you can enlarge, shrink, or rotate any picture. You can turn captions on or off, or display them briefly when a picture first appears. You can add music from your iTunes music library to any show, or you can delete any image and never see it again.

Art Authority for iPad That’s not all, thought. You can also save any image from the app to your iPad’s Photos app -  or set any image as your wallpaper back-ground. Another option lets you link from any image to the Web site from which it originated; there you can read additional facts and see other images. Of course, Art Authority for iPad also includes detailed information about each artist, as show in the figure on the right. For what it’s worth, the text you see in the figure is merely the first of 31 pages of information about Rembrandt.

Art Authority for iPad – Best Features

Art Authority for iPad is beautiful, flexible, scholarly, and fun. If you like to look at art or learn about it, you’ll find an emple supply of quality artwork and information in Art Authority.

Art Authority for iPad – Worst Features

Because all the images are pulled from Web sites, the app is more or less useless if you don’t have Internet access. Some pictures load slowly or don’t load at all, depending upon Web traffic and the originating site’s status, although this shortcoming isn’t the fault of Art Authority for iPad.

To be fair, when you first view a picture, it’s cached on your iPad, which makes it available at a later date even if you don’t have Internet access.

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