How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad


Have you been wondering how you can get the iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures feature on your iPad or iPad 2?  This much-hyped and must have feature was left out of iOS 4.3 but here is a way you can put it on your iPad and benefit from using multitouch Gestures. How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad Mutitouch Gestures So what are these multitouch gestures and why should you care?  The multitouch gestures are a feature that work like … [Read more...]

Monitor Your iPad Battery Life With All-In-1 Battery HD


The iPad has a great, long-lasting lithium-polymer battery that allows you to go quite awhile without a single charge.  But there are times when you might not have the ability to charge it up and this is the perfect time to be able to monitor your iPad battery life so you don't run too low and lose your work/connectivity. iPad Battery Information There is no doubt that the battery in the iPad is impressive. It can last quite a long time … [Read more...]

This New VW Bus Has An iPad Interface

vw bus uses iPad

Are you looking for ways to use your iPad or iPad 2 that might be completely different than web browsing or email?  How about using it in your car?  That's exactly what this new VP concept car is doing.  They have crafted a way to use the iPad right inside their concept vehicle and it looks really cool.  Here's the story. … [Read more...]

The Top 4 iPad Weather Apps For Winter


Fall is almost officially over and that means a whole new scene in the weather department.  Perhaps you have travel coming up or you have relatives visiting.  Or maybe you want to plan a weekend away but you aren't sure what the weather will be doing.  In this case, your iPad can be a great help. Here are the top 4 weather apps for the Winder season. … [Read more...]

To Have And To Hold | Why The 7″ iPad Is Imminent


Today, I was on the train commuting.  That's nothing new.  I was also eating dinner in a restaurant.  Nothing new there either.  But in each of these scenarios I reached into my bag and pulled out my iPhone.  I have a Brenthaven Metrolite bag and it has a pocket on the back for my iPad.  In fact, the iPad is right there. I don't even need to do much to get to it.  But I didn't use my iPad. And the reason why is the topic of this Op-Ed.  … [Read more...]

Does Your WiFi iPad’s Time Get Out Of Sync?


Does your WiFi iPad's clock get out of sync?  Other people have had this issue and here's what happens if you have been thinking that maybe your iPad is not working correctly. The Wi-Fi iPad actually uses an internal oscillator to maintain its time so if you are not using 3G or do not have a 3G iPad then there is nothing external such as an Internet Time Server for your iPad to sync with and so the clock will often appear faster or slower … [Read more...]

Congratulations To Our Contest Winners!

ipad blog

Our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Email Subscribers regularly get a gift from TCGeeks in the form of Accessory giveaways or weekly free app giveaways!  We want to congratulate and thank those this week that gave us some great post ideas and helped us out by being on our subscriber list! As always, a huge thanks to those that regularly stop by and comment on our posts, tell others about our blog, and subscribe.  We have some really … [Read more...]

Top 4 iPad eBooks Apps Compared | iBooks. Kindle. Borders eBooks. Barnes & Noble.

The top 4 iPad eBooks apps are Apples' iBooks, Amazon's Kindle, Border's eBooks, and Barnes & Noble.  Even though the apps are free, the books are not free so it might help to have a comparison of each one. Here are the pros and cons of the three iPad eBooks apps. … [Read more...]

How Much Of Your iPad Do You Really Own?


I have been following the story of George Hotz, aka Geohot for about a month now.  He's the guy from New Jersey that was the first to jailbreak the iPhone and has since been sued by Sony when he issued a jailbreak for his own PS3.  Apple could not sue him since it was deemed by the U.S. Government that jailbreaking is not illegal. But if that were not the case would they too have tried to sue Geohot? … [Read more...]

How To Restore, Restart Or Reset Your iPad


Do you know how to restore, restart or reset your iPad? Do you know the difference between the three?  This is one of the most valuable things you can know how to do with your iPad because it is also one of those skills that you can take with you and use when your iPad stops responding or for some reason completely freezes.  … [Read more...]

Essential iPad Apps For Network And System Admins | Your Network Toolkit

iPad Apps For Network Admins

Are you an Network or System Admin and wondering just how the iPad can benefit you or be of value?  Perhaps you already have an iPad and you want to know what you can do with it to make your IT job easier.  Here are some essential iPad apps you can use to do just that. … [Read more...]

What Do You Think Of These 5 New Must Have iPad Apps?


Have you seen these 5 new must-have iPad apps?  Here they are.  It seems like iPad apps roll off the presses in droves each day and it's hard to keep up on all the new and changed stuff so we are bringing you this article so you can see some of the latest and greatest apps.  We think these are pretty darn valuable and represent some of the best in what Developers are working on. … [Read more...]

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