Wireless Music Sharing Between iOS Devices


Have you ever been listening to a song on your iPad or iPhone and wanted someone to listen to it but did not want to share your headphones?  Ever been listening to a song on your iPhone but wanted someone using their iPad to hear it?  Great news.  You can now share music between iOS devices wirelessly. Here's how. … [Read more...]

Two Essential iPad Accessories Reviewed [plus a giveaway]


There are many choices you have when it comes to iPad accessories.  But now that Fall is around the corner and school is going to be in full swing it's a great time to find the accessories that will give you the most value for your investment and most importantly, the ones that will protect your iPad.  Here are two that offer great value and protection. … [Read more...]

A New Digital Magazine For the iPad Generation | Shelf Magazine


Are you ready for the next generation of digital magazine? Shelf media group is launching Shelf magazine on September 1st, available through the Zinio reader app.  If you have not yet seen the way that magazines are changing using the iPad then you will want to check out the Zinio app and some of the current issues available - and then get ready for Shelf. … [Read more...]

Google Docs Desktop Version Now For iPad


Google has just made an announcement that their ever popular Google Docs cloud-based applications are now available directly on the iPad as the desktop version (along with the mobile version).  Here are the features you can expect to see. … [Read more...]

What Is iPad Jailbreaking?

iPad Jailbreak

I bet you have heard the term "Jailbreaking" from time to time or even in the media and wondered what it is.  Jailbreaking has a really bad sounding connotation to it but it really isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it is one of those thing that can actually be useful and helpful.  Here is everything you need to know about jailbreaking the iPad. … [Read more...]

File Taxes Directly From Your iPad


It's tax season.  For those that like to do their taxes by themselves, this year you can get an app that will help you complete your tax return and file them electronically.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

iPad RSS Reader Review (Part 2) | Reeder. MobileRSS HD. NetNewsWire.

RSS readers for the iPad are an essential business tool and I did a comparison of several last week.  Well, that post generated quite a few comments (and I thank you), as well as some requests to compare some others that I did not mention.  So, in the spirit of listening and answering back, I wanted to present part two of the iPad RSS Reader comparison. In the first RSS Reader post I covered what RSS readers were and how to use them.  Here I … [Read more...]

3 Signs That Mass Media Is Headed For The iPad


You might not notice a certain sea change taking place but it's much deeper than the iPad itself.  It goes to the heart of mass media and the shift in our use of tablet computers.  Mass media includes everything from books to television to magazines.  It's experiencing a bit of a shift at the moment and here are 3 signs that shift is beginning with the iPad. … [Read more...]

iPad Tips And Tricks You Can’t Afford To Miss

iPad Tips and Tricks

There are over 30 articles on the TCGeeks site that have the category of "Tips and Tricks".  And if you haven't seen them, they really do help you get to know the iPad and solve some common issues.  Since I get asked a lot about iPad tips and tricks, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of those articles right here in a brand new post!  Enjoy these very useful iPad tips and tricks. … [Read more...]

Powerful iPad Project Management Made Easy

iPad project management app

Have you been looking for a really good iPad project management app but haven't yet found the right one? I got an email today letting me know about some iPad project planning software and I want to share with you what I found out... … [Read more...]

The Best Free Android Tablet Apps

USA Today For Android

Perhaps you have an Android Tablet and you are wondering what some of the best free Android tablet apps are?  There are actually some really good ones and we will highlight some of the best ones here in case you are looking for a few for your Xoom or Tab. … [Read more...]

iPad iOS 4.2 Features You Might Have Missed

iPad iOS 4

With all of the hype around Airprint and Airplay and Multitasking you might have missed some of the other great features that iOS 4.2 brought with it.  But there were a whole bunch of other great features that came with the upgrade so we would like to show you a few of those.  Go ahead and have a look... … [Read more...]

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