iPad Printing On The Go With PrinterOn

Mobile Printing For iPad

If you are like me, you love your iPad as much as a person is comfortable admitting that they love an inanimate object. If there was one thing that would only make you love Apple’s crowing jewel just a little bit more it would be the ability to print a little easier. Of course the release of iOS 4.2 solved some people’s problems because they are now able to use AirPrint to send your documents or photos to any printer that is AirPrint … [Read more...]

A Must Have iPad Notes And Todo App


Here is a must have iPad app.  Have you ever used a really nice leather bound notepad?  The kind that does everything for you?  It has a calendar, notes, to do lists, and is basically the only way you can stay organized?  There are many iPad apps that accomplish this separately but here is one that pretty much does it all. … [Read more...]

How To Remote Control Your iPad

Remote Control iPad

With all of the new features in iOS 4.3 such as airplay and home sharing and even using your iPad as a replacement for your cable TV, you might wonder if there is any way to control your iPad remotely for the ultimate in home entertainment.  As it turns out, there are some way to do just that.  Here's how to remote control your iPad. … [Read more...]

Do You Have An App Fetish And Feel The Need To “Tap That App”?


I love iPad apps.  I also love the comments on TCGeeks.  They really help broaden the horizon of the blog and one in particular really stood out this week.  In an article discussing the other tablets that are soon to be released, a reader noted that "95% of my apps are only used once".  This made me think about a few things and I wonder if apps are like a shoe fetish...here's why. … [Read more...]

TCGeeks Live! Returns This Sunday At 2PM

TCGeeks Live

For those that like the thrill of watching a live broadcast then you definitely want to tune into TCGeeks Live! on Sundays at 2PM (PST). TCGeeks Live! is a weekly live show where I go over the past week's news, rumors, humor, and give you the app of the week.  Also, it's for you to ask any question you want to and I'll answer it.  If you want the best and most exciting tablet/iPad news and information then please tune into TCGeeks Live! - oh … [Read more...]

iPad Accessory Review: Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve [video]

This iPad accessory review is a leather iPad sleeve by Saddleback Leather Company.  It is incredibly durable and will probably outlast several iPads.  Here's why you will want to check this out... Saddleback Leather Company, based out of Texas is a company that stands for high-quality leathers.  They have been in business since 1999 and all of their products have a 100 year warranty.  They use only the best thread, rivets and leathers that … [Read more...]

Cool Free iPad Apps

Crackle cool free iPad app

Here are some cool free iPad apps that are not just new to the app store but they also really useful and allow you to get a little more from your iDevice without spending a lot of money (actually you don't have to spend any). … [Read more...]

Keep Your iPad In Perfect Health With System Manager

System Preferences icon

Have you ever wanted a diagnostic tool for the iPad?  A tool that would let you monitor system information much like you can on your laptop or desktop?  We found one in the app store recently and found it extremely useful.  This is an app that is helpful and useful if you want to keep tabs on all your system resources. … [Read more...]

The Best iPad Screen Covers | Protect And Reduce Glare

Splash Masque iPad Screen Cover

I have done many articles on iPad screen protectors, also called screen covers. But I really wanted to do a more comprehensive article and try to gather together a few so you can make the best choice as it's important when you are about to spend your money one one. … [Read more...]

Organizing Photos On The Apple iPad | Mac and PC

Organizing Photos On The iPad

Over the past few weeks I have received a lot of questions regarding the iPad and organizing Photos.  It seems that the documentation online tells you what you "can" do but not "how" you can do it.  And I also get a lot of requests from people saying that they don't know how to organize their photos on the iPad like they do in the official Apple videos.  So for everyone that is new to the iPad and wanting to know how to organize their photos, … [Read more...]

TCGeeks Weekly Feast | Week Of November 14th, 2010


Well here it is the week before Thanksgiving and I have to make sure I am prepared for that one day I can eat however much I want and then do it again a few hours later after claiming I couldn't eat "one more bite".  Funny how that happens.  Well here is a feast of a different kind.  Here is a feast of our posts for the week.  Now, take them in slowly and don't get too full - we want you to come back for more. … [Read more...]

6 Best iPad Cloud Apps | Work From Anywhere At Anytime

Best Free iPad Cloud Apps

If you're looking for some of the best iPad cloud apps then be sure to keep on reading. For those of you who are wondering what cloud computing is then here's a brief description. What Is Cloud Computing? Similar to the electricity grid that powers your home, cloud computing is a type of shared resource except in a somewhat different form. Cloud computing is a fairly new type of data delivery model that allows you to do things with your tablet … [Read more...]

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