WordPress For iPad | 2 Tips To Better Blogging

Wordpress for iPad is an essential tool if you are a blogger on the go.  The Wordpress app has it's shortcomings though so here are two very useful tips for using Wordpress on your iPad... … [Read more...]

iPad 2 News | New Look, Materials, and Technology


Rumor has it on the streets that suppliers, materials, and specific models have already been chosen for the iPad 2.  A new patent has also surfaced that introduces some very interesting possibilities about the future iPad known as iPad 2.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

Learn How To Play Piano Using Your iPad

piano learning apps for the ipad

Your iPad is more than just a device for reading email, surfing the web and viewing photos.  It can also be your own private piano tutor.  Perhaps you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, but you did not have the time to get lessons.  As luck would have it, there are some smart developers out there making it possible anyone to learn to play piano - and today that can be you! … [Read more...]

A First Look At Android Honeycomb [Video]


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas and there over rumored to be over 30 tablets set to hit the market.  Wow.   Some say they won't deliver  and some say they are really great devices that will overtake the iPad. … [Read more...]

3 Celebrities Who Love The iPad (And 3 Who Don't)

The iPad.  A little package of pure joy.  I love it. You love it. And guess what? There are some celebrities that love it too!  And some that don't... … [Read more...]

iPad Case and Sleeve Review | Haul [video]

This iPad case and sleeve review shows you one of the most unique and environmentally sound products you will probably ever find... … [Read more...]

The Tassimo Brewbot iPad Companion [Plus A Major Giveaway]

Tassimo Brewbot

Here is an iPad accessory of a completely different kind.  How often do you read the news, surf the web, or read your email using your iPad and drink a cup of coffee?  If you do then you know exactly why the iPad has been so great and a welcome addition to any morning - and here is something else to compliment your iPad and coffee drinking experience. … [Read more...]

New York Times Brings Full Content To The iPad


Great News! If you are an owner of the New York Times iPad app then you have an update that's worth doing.  If you don't yet own this app then now is the perfect time because the latest update brings full content to the iPad.  Here are all the details of this incredible update: … [Read more...]

iPad AirPlay Speaker Options And Workarounds


There are a lot of people looking for iPad speakers and AirPlay speakers these days because media is so central to the iPad.  AirPlay speakers are still fairly new and there really are not that many out on the market.  If you want the convenience of AirPlay then here are three ways you can enjoy it  using your iPad today. … [Read more...]

iOS 4 For iPad | And The Top 10 User Feature Requests

The iOS 4 for iPad update is on a lot of people's minds since the most recent iPhone update.  One of the questions I get asked a lot lately is ,"Do you know when the iOS 4 upgrade will be coming for the iPad?"  No one knows the exact date and there has been no official word from Apple on this other than it will be coming this fall.  Read on for updates. … [Read more...]

Get Notified When Something You Want Is Posted To Craigslist


Have you ever browsed through Craigslist searching for something only to find that what you wanted was just sold?  Have you ever wasted a few hours of time on Craigslist trying to find something and sifting through ads? If you are a user of Craigslist then you have probably experienced one of these situations at least once.  What would happen if you didn't have to do that, and instead, the things you were looking for on Craigslist were brought … [Read more...]

The Best iPad Airplay Apps

AirTuner for iPad

Have you used Airplay yet on your iPad? It's a great technology and it first arrived with iOS 4.2 but it is also a large part of iOS 4.3 and if you have not yet tried it out, here are some of the best iPad Airplay apps to get so you can see just how great it is. … [Read more...]

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