5 Productivity Apps I Would Be Willing To Pay For [Again]


One of the great things about the iPad is the flexibility it has due to the variety of apps. One category in particular that I find useful is the productivity apps.  Here are 5 of those apps that I use and would happily pay for again... … [Read more...]

5 Things About iOS 4.2 We Are Finding Irresistible

ios 4 for ipad

Over here in the TCGeeks lab, we have been testing out iOS 4.2 pretty extensively.  And while all of the new iOS 4.2 features are not included in the latest Beta version, it's still pretty robust.  We are having a great time with it and have found some of the features irresistible. Here's a peak into our crazy world. … [Read more...]

5 iPad Business Apps That Explode With Productivity


The apps just keep rolling in and the business apps for the iPad are no exception.  Some of the iPad business apps have been great but don't offer much in the way of productivity while others (such as Evernote) are an incredible way to get things done and put your iPad to good use.  Here, however, are five brand new iPad business apps that are definitely worth checking out and investing some time in. … [Read more...]

Sync iPad Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks Using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or MobileMe

Sync your iPad contacts, bookmarks (safari), or calendar with programs such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo.   Want to keep your Gdocs in sync?  Here is your complete guide with some great troubleshooting tips. … [Read more...]

Manage Your iPad Data Plan Usage With Data Genie HD

manage ipad data usage

If you have an iPad 3G data plan that was provisioned *after* the AT&T update that no longer allowed unlimited data plans then you probably want a way to keep track of you data usage and also know how much you have left.  Fortunately, there is a great utility that lets you keep track of your data usage do you don't go over your plan. … [Read more...]

iPad Summer Travel Guide


Summer is right around the corner, you have your new iPad, and you are probably wondering how this shiny new gadget can help out with your travel plans. You are in luck because that purchase you made will become even more valuable when you see how helpful (and fun) it can be for your big summer vacation. Ready to explore? Luckily, we have cooked up a great brew of ideas for you to take advantage of when thinking about your summer travel.  … [Read more...]

The 12 Days Of (iPad) Christmas

12 Days of iPad Christmas

In true form we wanted to show you how we can turn a Christmas classic right into an iPad classic.  It's time for the 12 Days of (iPad) Christmas but instead of Turtle Doves (which I'm still not sure what these really are) we bring you real things you can get for your iPad. … [Read more...]

Organize and Sort Your iPad Photos With Photo-Sort


Organizing and sorting photos on the iPad, even with iOS 4.2, is still in need of improvement.  The default photo app on the iPad is great for viewing photos but when it comes to organizing or sorting them, you will start to see the limitations quickly.  Here is a much better solution. … [Read more...]

The Top iPad Productivity Apps Of All Time [Plus A Giveway]

Top iPad Productivity Apps

Are you feeling a little unproductive?  Tired of being stressed out with all you have to do.  Perhaps you have been staring at your iPad and begging it to be useful other than draining your time surfing the web for funny cat photos (it's ok, we all have done it).  Well today is your lucky day.  We are going to share with you the top iPad productivity apps of all time.  Then you can choose one or a few and never feel unproductive again.  Oh, … [Read more...]

New iPad App Delivers Information From Deployed Service Members

must have iPad app for military

Here is a new and essential iPad app that delivers up to date information from deployed service members.  This is perfect if you have a loved one or friend in the military and you want to keep up on the latest news, stories, and photo galleries.  Here's more. … [Read more...]

The Best iPad Cleaning Cloth [Plus A Giveaway]


Do you have the best iPad cleaning cloth you could buy?  I thought I did.  I had a really nice cloth that was this great blue material which seemed to to a good enough job getting smudges off my iPad. And you know how often this happens: just about every time you pick it up to use it.  Well, if you think you have a great cleaning cloth, take a look at this one. … [Read more...]

Google Docs Desktop Version Now For iPad


Google has just made an announcement that their ever popular Google Docs cloud-based applications are now available directly on the iPad as the desktop version (along with the mobile version).  Here are the features you can expect to see. … [Read more...]

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