Use The iPad To Get Through Boring Meetings | Best Drawing Apps

Sketchbook Pro

You know what I like to do with my iPad? I like to doodle. I like to sit there in my long, boring and (even though I work in an air conditioned office) hot meetings and mess about whilst drawing dinosaurs eating the USS Enterprise or Valentino Rossi on his new Ducati.  So here are my favorite iPad drawing apps.   The Best iPad Drawing Apps For people who have proper jobs, that require some creative input, the iPad, and come to think of it, … [Read more...]

8 Of The Worst iPad Apps Ever?

Worst iPad App Sneezies

iPad Apps are cool, aren’t they? I mean, now I can’t really remember a time when they were not an intrinsic part of our lives.  Surf the web? Nah – use an App. Check your Facebook? Check your Twitter? Check your Maps? Listen to music? App. I could go on. So there are some cool apps but what about the ones that aren"t so cool? Here are 8 of the worst iPad apps ever. … [Read more...]

Best iPad Magazine Apps

best iPad magazine apps

Magazines are truly coming of age when it comes to the iPad and tablet distribution in general.  There are certainly some challenges but for those that want to see a few of the best iPad magazine apps, here are few to have some fun with. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 vs Blackberry Playbook | The Fruit Wars

iPad 2 and iPad Questions, Help and Advice

The fruit wars are on.В  Soon it"s going to be the Blackberry (Playbook) vs the Apple (iPad 2).В  Remember those ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ adverts that Apple ran a few years back? Remember how smug they were, how advanced they thought they were and how down right awesome they perceived themselves to be? … [Read more...]

Apathy For An iPad App: LinkedIn Does Not Deliver

LinkedIn iPad App

I’m a bit disappointed. I’m not going to lie. When you look at apps for your  iPad, iPhone or iPod to really connect with business individuals, you’re most likely going to hit up the iTunes App Store and go for Linkedin.  See, I have a love/hate relationship with Linkedin. Firstly, when I type the name of this company I always worry that I’ve spellled it correctly. For years I had an account and did nothing with it as I preferred to … [Read more...]

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