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Google Earth For iPad

Google Earth was one of the key applications in driving consumer interest in geo-mapping/location software following its desktop launch in 2005. Essentially a three-dimensional virtual globe, Google Earth for iPad enables users to instantly search or spin their way around the planet, zooming in on points of interest illustrated via up-to-date satellite imagery. When the application launched there was a tremendous novelty factor in finding your … [Read more...]

Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips

Guinness World Record For iPad

Spread across a handful of extreme categories  (including Tallest, Craziest and Most Expensive), Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips offers users an interesting insight into what it takes to become a legend among generation of drunks. This may occasionally require doing a little more than withstanding the pain of a needle or forgetting that falling causes death, but oh well. If You Want To Be a Record Breaker, This is What You … [Read more...]

Hero Academy for iPad

Hero Academy icon for ipad

Hero Academy for iPad : Here's a game that takes asynchronous, turn-based, multiplayer games seriously. A cross between chess and a collectible card game, Hero Academy plays like a real-time strategy game, only players send their moves one at a time like Words With Friends. Games are straightforward. There's a grid to place different units, and each unit has special moves, powers, range, and abilities. The point of the game is to either stay … [Read more...]

How to Use Home Sharing on iPad

Home Sharing on iPad

Introduced in iTunes 9, Home Sharing was initially designed to allow you to share music and copy files between iTunes on different computers over a local network. But with iTunes 10.2, you can now use Home Sharing on iPad to stream content to iOS devices as well. Here’s how it works. Using Home Sharing on iPad - iTunes Setup To start with, you need to activate Home Sharing in iTunes on each of the Macs (and Windows PCs) whose libraries … [Read more...]

Notification Centre

Notification Centre 1

i0S5's new notification system makes keeping track of new notifications and acting on them a piece of cake. Every notification is stored in one place and can be accessed at any time with a single swipe of the finger. STEP 1 You can access the new Notification Center at any time no matter which app you're in simply by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen. STEP 2 When you swipe down. Notification Center will be pulled into … [Read more...]

iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like?

iOS 8 for iWatch?

iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like? We’ve heard about the people working on the iWatch, but what will the watch be like? For much of this we must rely on analyst predictions and speculation. Sizes ranging between 1.3-inches and 1.5-inches have been put forward as possible iWatch stats, as has a much larger 2-inch screen. LG is making the screens: According to a Korean news source, LG was awarded the contract to produce the … [Read more...]

Exoplanet For iPad

kepler 10b

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Planet Beyond Our Solar System Available. Exoplanets for iPad, also known as Extrasolar planets, are existing planets that have been identified outside our solar system. Everyone knows about Mars, Mercury, Saturn and our other immediate neighbours but there are more than 500 known exoplanets out there. If you're interested in the science of space then the chances are you'll already know that, and you'll almost … [Read more...]

Bird Strike For iPhone

Bird Strike Icon

Try not to get yourself in a flap, there's a pretty boy Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most instantly appealing, and Bird Strike certainly ranks as pretty straightforward; you merely have to launch a bird up the screen and ensure he gets as high as possible. However, this bird isn't really a natural flier, and the initial fling will only get him so far into the air, which means you will have to utilise the various rockets dotted around … [Read more...]

Art Authority For iPad

Art Authority for iPad

Having Art Authority for iPad is like having the history of Western art in pictures and words on your iPad. The app includes works by hundreds of artists, organized alphabetically by artist and also by periods (called Rooms within the app) that include Early (up to the 1400s), Baroque, Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern, Contemporary, and American. Tap one of these eight Rooms on the main screen and you’ll see its subcategories; … [Read more...]

Audiobooks (iPad Edition)


Get Access To Most Of The Classic Novels Of The Past Few Hundred Years For A Low Price Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, especially with the advent of apps like this one. 1.2 million downloads will tell you that. What you get for your money is access to 2800 classic books and novels that are out of copyright and freely available. Everything from Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick to The Art of War, The Secret Garden and liver … [Read more...]

Using FTP on iPad And Get Access From Anywhere | FTP On The Go

FTPOnTheGo for iPad | FTP on iPad

Need a way to upload to your website or view documents on an external FTP server while on the move. This is definitely the app you need. It not only enables you to look at what’s on the FTP server and open files but also download existing files or upload new ones direct to and from your device. Its own browser means you can see all changes you make from within the app. Files can be shared wirelessly to enable access from different device and … [Read more...]

Mensa Brain Test


Just How Intelligent Are You Brain training apps have been all the rage for years now. In fact we seem to have been training our brains so hard for so long that we should all be super geniuses by now. Has it worked. Who better to give you the answer than Mensa? Try to answer a wide variety of Mensa questions and really put your grey matter through its paces. To be a member of Mensa you must have an ID in the top 2 per cent of the population so … [Read more...]

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