Fastlane Street Racing for iPad | Racing

FastLane Images

Weave through the traffic on winding city routes Fastlane Street Racing for iPad : There are so many racing games available for the iPhone that it's difficult to choose between most of  them. What Fastlane has in its locker is a very cool look and feel and some great gameplay. From the outset this looks slick and polished. Once you've nego­tiated through the menus and selected the game mode (from five options) and car of your choice (from … [Read more...]

Rally Master Pro 3D

Rally Master Images

Enjoy a nice drive in the countryside, by ploughing your car through it The countryside. A green and pleasant oasis in a hectic world some might say, but probably not those who like speeding metal around muddy hairpins and along bone-shattering dirt tracks. We refer, of course, to the most back-to-nature driving experience of all — the rally. The first question you'll want answering is this: time trial or head-to-head race? Rally diehards … [Read more...]

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf, the sequel to Stickman Golf, is the most unique take on the physics puzzler I've seen, placing vir­tual golfers in the role of stick figures with a love for golfing. All 261 courses are bizarre affairs, requiring the laws of normal physics to change according to the environment. Special golf balls and specially-powered golf clubs help add up to a delight­ful gaming experience on the iPhone or iPad. Multiplayer supports … [Read more...]

Best Way To Manage Your Email | iPad EMail

Manage EMail | iPad Email

The best way to manage email is to read it and respond to it when it arrives, and then delete it. This keeps you up to date and keeps your Inbox from getting cluttered. Responding to an email can be as simple as reading and deleting it, sending a reply or forwarding the email to someone else, or it may be a bit more complex and involve saving the data in the email in the appropriate app (saving photos to the Photos app, for instance). … [Read more...]

Introducing iTunes | iPad Getting Started

iTunes | iPad Geting Started

iPad Getting Started - Learning more about your very own music and media store. iTunes is an app that houses a whole range of music, films, television programmes, podcasts and audiobooks. If it’s particular artist or author you’re looking for, you can find them via the Search bar – simply type the name in, and you’re good to go. Additionally, the Featured and Top Charts tabs enable you to see the newly released singles, albums, films and … [Read more...]

PrintCentral for iPad | How to Print on iPad

How to Print on iPad | PrintCentral for iPad

It seems strange that Apple hasn’t made printing a core service in iOS that every app can tap into. Instead, we have a series of apps that bring the art of printing to the iPad and iPhone, each in its own different way. PrintCentral for iPad is the best of all those I tested. Apple just announced that printing services will be added to iOS 4.2, which is scheduled for release in November of 2010. Until then, PrintCentral for iPad is the best … [Read more...]

The First Look At The New iPhone 4S Features

iPhone 4S Features

October 4th event of “Lets Talk iPhone” introduced the iPhone 4S and the many features everyone has been expecting. Of course, they really were expecting an iPhone 5 but alas, were disappointed. Although it looks just like the iPhone 4 there are a few changes Apple included in this latest release of the iPhone. It may look like the same old iPhone 4, this new iPhone 4S features some of the best in newest technology for cell phones. Will it … [Read more...]

iStomp For iPhone

iStomp For iPhone

Jam away with iStomp - and not a dustbin lid in sight iStomp For iPhone : While the iStomp looks ‘ like a standard guitar effects pedal, it has the ability to change the effect it produces entirely, by hooking it up to your iOS device and downloading a new pedal. So instead of buying a whole raft of dedicated effects pedals, you only need to buy one, which can perform a multitude of functions. Unlike other iOS guitar add-ons we've looked at … [Read more...]

Sky Combat For iPad | Arcade Games


The vertical shoot-'em-up is one of many classic genres that have become something of a lost art, before finding its feet again on iOS. The frenetic arcade action has the dual benefit of being a good option for a quick blast, and, as the quite brilliant arcade ports from genre master Cave have proven, perfectly suited to touch-screen controls. With Sky Combat, Chillingo has mercifully gone a different route for the sake of accessibility to … [Read more...]

Avid Studio

Avid Studio

Avid's jumping on board the iPad bandwagon with its first foray into video editing. Avid's interface is very clean and simple, but it's obviously designed to be used in landscape. All the media stored on your iPad is displayed top left and sorted by type: videos, photos and music, along with more app-specific sections like transitions, montage (advanced slideshow-like effects for photos) and titles. If you own an iPad 2, you can also use its … [Read more...]

Glee Karaoke for iPad

Glee Image1

Don’t Stop… Believing! My iPad’s Got Some Glee In… Sorry I’m A Terrible Singer… If you are a fan of the hit series "Glee" then there is another reason to be excited, and this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the series shows no sign of loosing any momentum anywhere! All fans can now get even more "Glee' using Smule musical/singing app which they have designed specifically for the iPad. We suspect this is the case for … [Read more...]

Civilization Revolution for iPad


Everybody wants to rule the world How do you fancy taking over the word today? Fine, now you just have to decide how you're going to go about it. Are you an inspirational ruler, encouraging the arts, philosophy and science? Or perhaps you prefer to rule by the sword, conquering your way across the continents of the globe? However you chose to enforce your global rule, Civilization Revolution is an immersive game of strategy, history and … [Read more...]

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