LG Kizon, Smartwatch for Detecting Children Location

LG kizon

  After launched Android Wear G Watch, LG Electronics is also launch the newest smartwatch special designed for children, Kizon. Kizon designed especially for children ( school age ) who need protection from their parents. Even it is not the first smartwatch which is design for children, Kizon have many primacy on the phone number feature, so it can be used as the emergency calling. Smartwatch’s device supported by FPS and … [Read more...]

Close Running Apps On Your iPad


After only a short time using your iPad, it is possible that you will have several apps running at once. Some of these you might be using, whilst others will be running in the background, draining both your battery and processor power needlessly. This guide will show you how to close those unneeded apps. STEP 1 You can quickly and easily bring up a list of currently running apps by double-clicking the Home button at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Features | Tips and Tricks

Photo Grid | iOS 5 Features

So you got the iPhone 4S or just update your older iPhone to iOS 5, now its time to really learn how to really use it. Much like OS X Lion this past summer, iOS 5 has far more new features than Apple's Marketing team would lead you to believe. You've probably discovered key features like Notification Center. iMessage, Newsstand, and Reminders on your own, but have you taken the time dig deeper in Search of other Seemingly hidden gems? 1. … [Read more...]

Inside The iOS | iOS Features


It is faster, sleeker and smoother, which are just three reasons for the huge list of why the iPad has to be regarded as the pinnacle of the tablet market! Not to mention the huge array of re-installed features and applications of iOS 5 that will expand your vision and expectation of interaction you can achieve on a tablet device. Our goal over the following pages is to introduce you to the unbeatable iOS 5 features so you can realize the full … [Read more...]

Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone

Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone

This Stephen Fry-narrated pp takes you into the exciting world f nature's extinct giants Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone is a giant-sized interactive encyclopaedia of over 60 species of dinosaurs. You get to see all the old favourites, like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus as well as lesser known Therapods, Sauropods and Cerapods of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods. While there are different ways to … [Read more...]

Knowing How To Use iPad 2 | iPad For Beginners

How To Use iPad 2

With the advancements in the technology, these days, you can see many modern devices being launched in the market. The improved version of every gadget is being introduced for better usage and more benefits. Most of these gadgets such as the computers and mobiles have become a part of our daily life. With no doubt, we greatly depend on these gadgets in our day-to-day activities. iPad is one such invention which offers lots of benefits to multiple … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z2 D6503, Flagship Sony Capable to Record Video Until 4K

sony xperia z2

            The newest flagship Sony is the third big smartphone camera after Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact. Moreover, camera of Xperia Z2 have supported by its capability to record video is about 4K. This is the newest technology then, and its predicted will be massive. Not only that, it is supported by stronger hardware and also by current features. It seems that sony has prepared to defeat their rival like Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. So how … [Read more...]

GroupShot For iPhone

GroupShot For iPhone

Now it's easy to take group photos without one person ruining it all for the rest of you! The idea of GroupShot is simple: take a bunch of similar photos of a group of people, and combine the best bits from each one to create the perfect group shot, yep, without a little thing called Photoshop! So if you've got an almost-super shot but with one person blinking, you can just replace their head in that shot with a more suitable expression from … [Read more...]

Web Browser For iPad

Opera Mini For iPad | Web Browser For iPad

Sure, Mobile Safari got lots of great upgrades when iOS 5 dropped. Reading List is nice, even if it's really just a quick, temporary bookmark list. Reader is where the real action is, stripping all the extraneous Internet out of the way. Private Browsing? Welcome to 2005's version of Safari on your iMac running Tiger. Tabbed browsing? Not so fast, little guy. Unless you're playing with the big dogs on the iPad, you iPhone users are still rocking … [Read more...]

MMA Underground for iPad

MMA icon

The Biggest And Best UFC And MMA App Around? MMA Underground for iPad : Followers of mixed martial arts, stop whatever you're doing and pay attention because the ultimate MMA app has arrived and you need it in your life. You'll get all the latest news from MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as the ability to follow events and result as they happen. You also get access to a vast database. featuring histories arc detailed … [Read more...]

The Only iTunes App You Need For Your Music Collection And Much More | TuneUp Media

Tuneup Media - iTune

There's no need to have your music a mess on your computer these day. Using an iTunes app to clean up and organize all your music is the way to go. Although, this iTunes add-on has been around for a while -- Now, it's upgraded to make the best of the world of music. TuneUp Media has done it again. Several years ago they created this iTune app to keep your music collect in order, now it does hundreds of other music related tasks, well, maybe it … [Read more...]

Spider-Man : Total Mayhem HD For iPad | Adventure Games


We're pretty sure that there isn't a decent computer format out there that hasn't had a Spider-Man game or two made for it. So, we can understand why consumers can treat the release of yet another game featuring the world's most famous web-clinger with a little indifference. Those of you that fall into this category need to seriously rekindle your faith in that little radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and created one of the best comic book … [Read more...]

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