Review and Spesification XiaoMi Mi4, 5 Inchi Full HD, Snapdragon 801 Processor and Dual Camera 13MP aan 8MP

xiaomi mi4

XiaoMi Mi4, 5 Inchi Full HD, Snapdragon 801 Processor and Dual Camera 13MP aan 8MP             China smatphone factory, XiaoMi has just launch their newest smartphone, Mi4. This phone supported by 5 Inchi Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel. Generally, from spesification quality, it is not too different with high end product in the market. Inside it there is quad core Snapdragon 80 processor by 2,5GHz, RAM 3GB and also OS Android 4.4 KitKat, … [Read more...]

Review, Spesification Goophone i6, an Artificial iPhone 6 Chinesee Smartphone Android 159,99 USD


            A Chinesee phone company, Goophone often sell smartphone taking from iPhone design. In addition, they launch their products first before the arrival of the latest version of the iPhone to market. They be ready to launch artificial iPhone, i6 in 1 August 2014. Smartphone i6 created by observing pictures and videos about iPhone 6 in the internet. The i6 is priced at $159.99 for the 16 GB model. For comparison, the 16 GB … [Read more...]

Review The Best Selling Smartphone

iphone 5s

iphone 5S Vs Galaxy S5, Which One as The Best Selling Smartphone ? iPhone again and again show their succes as the great smartphone in the market place all the world. iPhone 5S is the most popular and sold out in the world. Beside that, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S in the 5th and 6th rank in popular  list of top 10 smartphone.   However their rival, Samsung dominate the list in top 10  smartphone. Galaxy S5 as the competitor of iPhone 5S … [Read more...]

Understanding GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand for iPad is the must have app for anyone who enjoys dabbling in music creation. It's also the perfect tool for people without any musical experience to get a feel for making their own music. Whether you harbor dreams of music stardom, want to express yourself artistically or simply fancy dabbling with a few musical sounds and doing a bit of recording then GarageBand for ipad is for you. You're probably aware of it as it's been around … [Read more...]

Review Lenovo S650, Unique Casing Design and Full Customization

lenovo s650

    Lenovo launch 4.7 inchi smartphone which support platform Android Jelly Bean for domestic market. S650 smartphone powered by quad core 1.3GHz. Design Dimension : 138 x 69.8 x 8.8 mm, weight : 126 gr; Price Black phone : $154.79 White phone : $149.79             Lenovo S 920 one of S series made from plastic and has black color in the front and silver on the back side. On the top of S650 there is port … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | Downloading Apps

My App Updates

How To Use iPhone : Perhaps the single best thing about the iPhone is the sheer number of applications - or apps - available for it. There are tens of thousands of apps out there, the vast majority of which can be downloaded inexpensively or for free. An app might be anything from a driving game to a metro map, from a tool for making calls across the Internet to a version of your favourite website optimized to work perfectly on the 'Phone's small … [Read more...]

How to Use iPhone 4s | Sync and Use Calendars

iphone Calendar

How to Use iPhone 4s : More and more of us are switching from paper to digital diaries — not just for work, but for life, too. The iPhone is helping to accelerate this trend by making it easy not just to schedule and manage appointments on the go — but also to view, edit and, share multiple calendars and to synchronize them with laptops, iPads and other devices. Setting up and syncing calendars Although it's possible to use the iPhone as … [Read more...]

OS Firefox inExpensive Smartphone

OS Firefox Smartphone

            After sold out  in Europe and Latin America, OS Firefox  Smartphone give price about $ 50 and they will sell those smartphone on July in Asia and first time in India. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gong Li said that right now 1 billion Firefox OS smartphone sold out in the market place, and Mozilla plan targets that until 10 billion units sold out in the end year 2014. Unfortunately Gong Li doesn’t clarified about … [Read more...]

Numbers For iPad | Spreadsheets Directly on The iPad

Numbers For iPad

Given the identical naming of Numbers for iPad and Numbers (in iWork’09), you may be expecting the iPad version of Numbers to be a clone of its desktop counterpart. While it replicates many of the features of the desktop version, Numbers on the iPad is a ground-up rewrite of the application that is focused on creating and working with spreadsheets directly on the iPad. Numbers For iPad - Start a Spreadsheet Numbers for iPad automatically … [Read more...]

Now You Can Keep Up With Your Playboy Via iPad | Playboy For iPad

iPlayboy | Playboy for iPad

Although Apple has kept pornography from the iPad, iPlayboy has found a workaround for accessing to its 60 year old magazine at $8 a month or $60 per year. Earlier this year Playboy announced it's finally come up with an app, Playboy for iPad to view its magazine. In a conversation with Steve Jobs last year, Gawker writer Ryan Tate well known email communications with Jobs praises iPad's ability to be "free from porn". Jobs and Apple are not … [Read more...]

So You Like RSS Feeds…But Want A More Personalized Experience?

Newspapers and magazines aren't dying; they're just changing venues. As news shifts online and goes mobile, we still love those gorgeous magazine spreads. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free iPhone and iPad apps, all of which give you primary control over what you have to read at any given point. You like news about Apple, videogames, and politics? With a few clicks you can add those items to your readers. But what about if you want even … [Read more...]

Carmudi Launch Mobile Application and Make Transaction Easier


    At this time sites based on classfied which provided buying and selling information are getting increase for internet users. For example like Carmudi, its buying and selling vehicles by online. To make users getting easier and closer, Carmudi launch mobile application based on Android, in Jakarta Indonesia. Based on Android, Carmudi facilitate the customers. Moreover, this application can be downloaded freely in Google … [Read more...]

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