Rhythm Racer For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Rhythm Racer Images

If you're both a fan of keeping rhythm and the PlayStation classic WipEout, then you may want to drop the very reasonable sum of zero pounds on Rhythm Racer. Borrowing its look more than just a tad from Sony's classic hit, the gimmick here is to hit specific blocks in order to keep the music in the background running. Miss one and the tune cuts out taking away the thrill of racing around a space-styled track to an adrenaline-fuelled theme. The … [Read more...]

Zombie Infection For iPad | Adventure Games

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Gameloft has a reputation for translating full-blown console games to the iPhone, and although it lacks the licence, Zombie Infection is as close as you're go­ing to get to Resident Evil 5 in your hands. The opening stage, in a favela where the natives are less than friendly, could easily be mistaken for the Capcom game's first stage. Lack of origi­nality aside, though, Gameloft has managed to create an excellent adventure, with great … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone 5

SIRI | How To Use iPhone 5

Regardless if you are a long-time user or a new user, the facts remain that Apple's new iPhone 5 version sold more than 5 million phones in just three days and sales continue to be strong. The iPhone 5 is packed with so many features that it takes awhile to learn How To Use iPhone 5. However, taking the time to understand the various features will make your overall experience with the latest version that much better. New users will be excited to … [Read more...]

Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror : Remastered For iPad | Adventure Games

BrokenSword Images

While Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror has never been as good a game as the original, what Revolution Software has shown is that it's now the developer to beat when it comes to porting classic point-and-click adventures to OS. It's an understandably popular option for studios with such renowned games in their back catalogues, and while the quality of many of the games is undeniable, the standard of the Apple adaptations has fluctuated. Here … [Read more...]

How To Force Restart Your iPad | iPad Troubleshooting


It shouldn't happen very often (if at all), but there are times when your iPad seems to freeze up or get stuck performing an action. If this happens you can force the iPad to restart without worrying about losing any other data than that which you were working on. STEP 1 Performing a Force Restart is actually very simple to do, all you need are two fingers and a couple of seconds. When your iPad freezes, hold the Sleep/Wake button located on … [Read more...]

iStomp For iPhone

iStomp For iPhone

Jam away with iStomp - and not a dustbin lid in sight iStomp For iPhone : While the iStomp looks ‘ like a standard guitar effects pedal, it has the ability to change the effect it produces entirely, by hooking it up to your iOS device and downloading a new pedal. So instead of buying a whole raft of dedicated effects pedals, you only need to buy one, which can perform a multitude of functions. Unlike other iOS guitar add-ons we've looked at … [Read more...]

Living Earth HD For iPad | World Clock and Weather


This App Keeps You On Time, No Matter What The Weather May Bring! There are a wealth of applications on the shelves of the App Store offering to turn your iPad into a dock and those promising to give you accurate weather forecasts via your Apple tablet. And yes there are those that do both, yet there are few that do it as well as Living Earth HD-World Clock and Weather. This app gives you a frankly stunning live HD 3D simulation of our planet at … [Read more...]

Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPad


With This App Loaded On Your iDevice Can You Improve Your Golfing Game With Ease? Enhancing your golf game is invaluable no matter if you are budding professional or simply a Sunday hobbyist and this application from the aptly titled Shotzoom Software seems to offer you a lot of gaming honing options. The first thing that will strike you about this application is the high price tag, but before you throw your clubs into the bunker and head back … [Read more...]

Paper Desk


Create Your Own Digital Notebook Via Your iPad PaperDesk is a fantastic app for the iPad that allows users to create digital notebooks from scratch on their iPad. Yet this isn't all that you can do with the application, there are many features and interesting options for you to play around with and we feel that this app is a little more special than a lot of the other notebook apps in the Pad app store. When you open up the PaperDesk app for … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone 4S | Activate The iPhone

How To Use iPhone 4S | Activate The iPhone

In past years, to activate the iPhone (or any other iOS device), you’d have to tether it to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes; not so with the iPhone 4S. Instead, you can set things up directly on the device itself—no computer need ever be involved. Once you’ve unboxed your iPhone, turn it on by pressing the On/Off switch. You’re greeted with a welcome screen displaying a slider with the phrase “Slide to set up” on it; this … [Read more...]

TETRIS for iPad

Tetris iCon

Do You Really Need Another Version Of Tetris? Of Course You Do! When Alexey Pajitnov came up with the idea of game that involved interlocking geometric shapes falling down a screen and disappearing when a complete line was formed he can't possibly have realised that he'd just devised what would become the single most universal, omnipresent video game in the history of, well, video games. The name of Tetris is as well known as Mario, Lara Croft … [Read more...]

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends : Chances are, any given iPhone has Words With Friends downloaded on it. Zynga's run¬away hit found the sweet spot among word game enthusiasts when it came over to iOS in 2009, making the iump from the web browser and Facebook to the iPhone and iPad. The asynchronous, turn-taking mode with push notifications set the standard for these types of multiplayer games. Players match up with friends from Facebook or their contacts … [Read more...]

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