Eufloria HD For iPhone

Eufloria HD For iPhone

Flower into a budding strategic space commander Eufloria HD For iPhone : It's a strange kind of strategy game that insists that you kick back, relax and try not to feel too much pressure, but then there's a lot about Eufloria that's unusual. It's a game where you control plants that grow on asteroids in space and have to defeat opposing plant armies. Your forces are made up of Seedlings, which grow on Dyson Trees, but are also the resource used … [Read more...]

The New Apple TV | 1080p HD Resolution and More

The New Apple TV Review is Small and Compact

In addition to the new iPad, in March Apple introduced a new version of their New Apple TV set-top device that can now play high-definition movies and TV shows in 1080p. And to go along with that, Apple has now made 1080p content available in the iTunes Store. If you've already purchased a movie at 720p movie in the iTunes Store in the past, Apple will allow re-downloading of a 1080p version. Not all the 15,000 movies and 90,000 TV shows are … [Read more...]

Wondering How To Use iCloud?

How To Use iCloud

Apple’s new iCloud service has the potential to be really cool. If you’ve been wondering how to use iCloud and what type of cool things it may be useful for you’re in for a treat. With Apple’s new iCloud service you can store music, photos, documents, and all kinds of data wirelessly, in ‘the cloud’, or more accurately, in the iCloud. Seamlessly push your data to all your devices automatically and effortlessly. With iCloud, you can … [Read more...]

QuickOffice Connect For iPad | Office Suite For iPad

QuickOffice Connect | Office Suite For iPad

As you read earlier, I’m a big fan of Apple’s iWork apps for iPad, but there are other productivity suites available, too, like Quickoffice Connect for iPad (which I just call Quickoffice from here on out!). I picked Quickoffice because it not only includes integrated Dropbox support for moving files back and forth on your iPad, it also support Google Docs,, and MobileMe (both your MobileMe account and anyone else’s iDisk Public … [Read more...]

How To Create, Edit And Organize Notes in Evernote

evernote ipad

Should your desk frequently resemble a war zone,covered in jottings and other cryptic notes, then you're one of those people who will appreciate what Evernote can bring to your life. Evernote is a free, cross-platform service that allows you to store virtual notes, either individually or stored in notebooks. These notes can include text, documents and even audio recordings, and can be accessed from your computer. Mobile device or a web … [Read more...]

Using Maps On The iPad | Get Direction

Using Maps On The iPad

Even though Maps doesn’t feature spoken turn-by-turn navigation, you can still use it to get from point A to point B. To enter Directions mode, tap the Directions button in the upper left corner of the toolbar. The search bar will expand into two different fields—Start and End—with an s-shaped arrow in the middle. Tapping the arrow at any point will swap whatever you have in those two fields—useful if you’ve navigated somewhere … [Read more...]

Here’s How To Claim A Free Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset


You just have to preorder this other Samsung device. Did you pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge smartphone? Well, you qualify for a free Gear VR headset and a bundle of six games. Samsung estimates the value of the bundle and Gear VR at $149.99. Samsung’s promotion comes at a time when the likes of Facebook’s Oculus FB 0.36% and HTC HTC 0.00% are offering their initial VR platforms, Rift and Vive respectively. Early adopters of … [Read more...]

Inside the iCloud

iCloud iOS 5

iCloud represents the future of data and transfer and will revolutionise the way we use our devices, enabling all information and data to be accessed from any device, any time. The iCloud brings a whole new way of storing, sharing and processing data with your iPad and is, quite frankly, amazing! And here's how it works and how you can use it! There are so many exciting apps available for the iPad it’s virtually impossible to cover them all, … [Read more...]

A Diving Sim App That Doesn’t Go Deep Enough | Ocean Blue for iPad

Ocean Blue For iPad

Remember when the Koi Pond app first hit the iPhone? It was, and is quite a neat little app that let you watch Koi swim around gracefully and tap the water to create ripples in the pond. Since then, many similar apps have been added to the App Store. Ocean Blue for iPad takes this sort of app to a whole new level. It's bigger in every way-designed for the iPad's big screen, full of a wide variety of sea creatures and environments to view them … [Read more...]

Blade Warrior For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

Blade Warrior Images

There are plenty of apps that boast incredible presentation values, but not much underneath. Blade Warrior straddles this idea almost perfectly. From the off, you can tell that a lot of care has gone into it, as every aspect looks mesmerising, while an appropriately epic score provides the energy necessary to promote that big game feel. When you actually get into it, however, it doesn't match the build up. As minions attack one of your many … [Read more...]

Spesification and Review Sony Xperia C3, The Best Selfie Smartphone

sony C3 dual selfie

  Sony Xperia C3, as the best selfie smartphone in the world. Created by 5 mega pixel camera and 25 mm and 80 degree performance angle. Moreover Xperia C3 has another spesification, like IPS screen 5.5 inchi , 720p resolution and supported by Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. By those additional features, not only the image quality is increadible but  also by feature “PRO can “ it makes the result of selfie more outstanding ! Sony Xperia … [Read more...]

Are iPhone 5 Rumors Driving You Crazy? Let’s See What These Rumors Say

iPhone 5 Rumors

The iPhone 5 is going to be released in some months. People are eagerly waiting for the exclusive gadget to come into the market so that they can touch the new form of advance technology. The features and the qualities served up by the manufacturer of iPhone 5 are making people crazy about it. With the huge success of iPhone 4, people are now thoroughly confused whether they should pick the already loved iPhone 4 or wait a few months to invest … [Read more...]

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