Best iPad 2 Games — Flight Control HD | iPad Game Review

iPad Game Flight Control HD

You won't find a better suited, must have game for iPad than Flight Control HD. This fantastic game is the best we've tested yet. It has new maps and 3D level and if fits the iPad touch screen perfectly. Of course, it's not as good as the original but then what app is? However, it is one of the most must have games for iPad that has been expected to level the playing field. It that a pun? Anyway, Flight Control, the original, was the pet app … [Read more...]

Review, Spesification Goophone i6, an Artificial iPhone 6 Chinesee Smartphone Android 159,99 USD


            A Chinesee phone company, Goophone often sell smartphone taking from iPhone design. In addition, they launch their products first before the arrival of the latest version of the iPhone to market. They be ready to launch artificial iPhone, i6 in 1 August 2014. Smartphone i6 created by observing pictures and videos about iPhone 6 in the internet. The i6 is priced at $159.99 for the 16 GB model. For comparison, the 16 GB … [Read more...]

Now iPad 2 For School Too!

iPad 2 For School

The iPad 2 was never designed as a standalone notebook device, which was meant to be a lesser capable version of a laptop device. The iPad 2 has been designed to perform the basic functions of a laptop, like reading emails without having to be converted into text forms first, editing and creation of documents, web browsing and gaming. While these uses of an iPad 2 deem it useful for business usage, the iPad 2 now have a bigger role to play in the … [Read more...]

Angry Bird HD for iPad | Must Have iPad Game

Angry Bird HD for iPad

Angry Birds HD is the new version of the Angry Birds game for the iPad. Chillingo has created this game with all the benefits of the first game along with graphics of higher quality and a bigger canvas. If you have never seen this game in action, here is a review of what it is. This game is a mix of Physics and a puzzle. The background to the game is that some green pigs have taken bird eggs. Now the player must get them back by attacking the … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | About Texting, SMS & iMessage

iPhone iMessage

How To Use iPhone : "Texting", also known as text messaging or SMS, is familiar to anyone who has ever used a mobile phone. However, on the iPhone, it works a little differently. For a start, you get a full QWERTY keyboard (no more multi-tapping number keys) and your texts are shown as threaded conversations. The second difference is that you're not limited to old-fashioned SMS text or picture messages. When sending a message to an iPhone or iPad … [Read more...]

IMDb For iPad | Movie, TV Show And Celebrity in Your iPad

IMDb for iPad

If you have searched for details on a movie, TV show or celebrity information online, hen we are positive you have used the IMDb in its web based from in the past but if you want to personalize the experience on your iPad than you will be delighted to hear that the latest update to the already recommended IMDb for iPad application offers everything you would expect from the stunning web incarnation with a little extra interaction for fans to … [Read more...]

Pages For iPad | Working in Pages on iPad

Pages For iPad

Working in Pages on an iPad isn’t all that different from working in a desktop word processor: You start with a blank sheet, type in some text, and then embellish it with typography and graphics. The difference is that your tools for doing all that on the iPad are somewhat curtailed. Pages For iPad - Start a Document You begin with the app’s My Documents browser. You can either create a new document based on one of Apple’s 16 … [Read more...]

Wondering How To Use iCloud?

How To Use iCloud

Apple’s new iCloud service has the potential to be really cool. If you’ve been wondering how to use iCloud and what type of cool things it may be useful for you’re in for a treat. With Apple’s new iCloud service you can store music, photos, documents, and all kinds of data wirelessly, in ‘the cloud’, or more accurately, in the iCloud. Seamlessly push your data to all your devices automatically and effortlessly. With iCloud, you can … [Read more...]

Mensa Brain Test


Just How Intelligent Are You Brain training apps have been all the rage for years now. In fact we seem to have been training our brains so hard for so long that we should all be super geniuses by now. Has it worked. Who better to give you the answer than Mensa? Try to answer a wide variety of Mensa questions and really put your grey matter through its paces. To be a member of Mensa you must have an ID in the top 2 per cent of the population so … [Read more...]

Review Grace Digital Ecostone


Grace Digital Ecostone  is one of bluetooth speaker device which has waterproof and sold out in the market. Its design not only has waterproof, but also dust and impact, these speakers can float if you put into the water or in the pool. Ecostone has 2 speakerphone which has features for additional speaker on the smartphone devices. Beside that, this device claimed can be used for 12 hours in 1 time charging. Supported by IPX7, Ecostone … [Read more...]

Use Notifications on Your iPad


Keep on top of anything without having to stop what you're doing on your Pad Before iOS 5, anything requiring your attention on the iPad would pop up in a box in the middle of the screen, interrupting whatever you happened to be doing. Fortunately, the iOS on the latest iPad's addresses all that with an easy access Notification Center. You can now decide far yourself how notifications appear, either as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, as a … [Read more...]

Theodolite HD For iPad | App For Real-Time Navigation Stats

Theodolite HD For iPad

For most people, Augmented Reality offers the opportunity to create a cool game or help users find local service, Hunter Research has found an incredible way to combine several navigation instruments is one app. Features include a camera overlay in real-time showing information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and inclination. The instruments respond to touch, and although to most they better represent what Iron Man might be seeing in … [Read more...]

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