The best iPhone 6 deals in June 2015


Your contract is up and you're ready to upgrade, so you're looking for the best iPhone 6 deal that you can afford. Look no further because we've done all the research and found all of the UK's best contracts for Apple's best-ever iPhone. They're all 24 month deals - no way around that unfortunately - but with prices from £32 a month, there's never been a better time to pick up this phone! See more deals: use TechRadar's iPhone 6 comparison … [Read more...]

Utilise Setting To Record a Track | GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand for iPad

Recording in GarageBand for iPad is even easier when you understand the tools and settings available to help capture a perfect take. GarageBand for iPad lets you record both MIDI and audio, and each serves a different purpose. MIDI is form of musical information that’s widely used in music technology, and involves telling software which notes to play back, in what order, how hard and so on. MIDI in GarageBand is recorded by creating a … [Read more...]

Finally, A Hacker Gets Hacked for Hacking iPad | iPad Security

iPad Hacking

Even though you do it to show a company they have security issues, it's still illegal to hack the iPad! In the case of Daniel Spitler, who helped Goatse hackers hack iPad and AT&T in June last year, he faces a maximum sentence of 10 years. It's still illegal to hack! Spitler's agreement with the U. S. Department of Justice which gives him a 12 – 18 month sentence, at least he has to pay for his crime. He pleaded guilty to two counts … [Read more...]

Weather 4D For iPad | Adding A Whole New Dimension To Meteorology

Weather 4D for iPad

Weather 4D for iPad equips you with a decent amount of global weather knowledge at whatever time you care to check it. The Weather 4D for iPad itself is easy to use – simply choose your region, and it’ll download the relevant information. Once this has been selected, you can go into the orbit mode to spin the globe, although unfortunately it’ll only display the weather and temperatures in the region that you’ve picked, which, as a result, … [Read more...]

Piggie for iPad

Piggie 1

Another App That Promises To Help You Keep Your Finances In Order, But It’s A Good…. This little Piggie might look cute but he could be a very useful ally in the constant battle to keep your finances under control. This is a very powerful and comprehensive finance app that will enable you to keep track of all your incomings and outgoings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Information is very easy to input. You simply enter the amount, … [Read more...]

Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition/Board/Family/Kids


Bankrupt from the start Monopoly has received numerous computer conversions over the years, and here's yet another one to add to the list. Thankfully, being EA, the presentation of Monopoly Here & Now is extremely polished and nearly makes us forgive the exclusion of popular UK landmarks like Old Kent Road and Oxford Street. Navigating the board is extremely easy for the most part, there's a wealth of different options to choose from and … [Read more...]

Review The Best Selling Smartphone

iphone 5s

iphone 5S Vs Galaxy S5, Which One as The Best Selling Smartphone ? iPhone again and again show their succes as the great smartphone in the market place all the world. iPhone 5S is the most popular and sold out in the world. Beside that, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S in the 5th and 6th rank in popular  list of top 10 smartphone.   However their rival, Samsung dominate the list in top 10  smartphone. Galaxy S5 as the competitor of iPhone 5S … [Read more...]

Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdom


Dora explores the iPhone That pesky Greedy King has stolen all the colour crystals from The Crystal Kingdom! Jeez. Now, powered by the iPhone, you must ride a magic shield as Dora and collect them again. it's basically the special stage from Sonic 2, where the hedgehog runs through a half pipe collecting rings - except it’s not quite as fun as that. Dora is easy to play, as a simple tilt of the iPhone is all that's required to line her up … [Read more...]

If the Rumors For iPad 3 Are True | Just In Time for The Holidays

iPad 3

Are the rumors for iPad 3 true? You just got used to using your iPad 2 and now they're talking about an iPad 3. Apple is sure on the ball these days. It will be one electronic toy that will be in demand if the rumors are true. Reports show Apple might be using Quanta Computer or Pegatron Technology in the making of their new iPad line. Working in conjunctions with Foxconn, the Taiwan manufacture claims they will handle the manufacturing of the … [Read more...]

Games On iPad For Beginners

Games On iPad

Games On iPad : When it comes to games, you'll be spoilt for choice. There are so many available to download, both free or paid-for, so you can spend hours getting immersed in an adventure story (thank goodness for the iPad's excellent battery life), or just use it to while away a few minutes of your time. The obvious choices are there, like arcade-type games such as The Incident and Fruit Ninja HD, to adventure games like Hero of Sparta 2 and … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | The big picture

How To Use iPhone

What's an iPhone? How To Use iPhone : An iPhone is a smartphone - in other words, a mobile phone that doubles as a handheld computer, complete with web browsing, email, music playback and the ability to run applications, or "apps". The device is produced by Apple, manufacturers of the iPod, iPad and Mac computers. After years of speculation, and to great media fanfare, the iPhone was launched in the US and UK in 2007, with an updated version … [Read more...]

Griffin StudioConnect


Does it live up to its promise of making digital-music creation easy? StudioConnect unites your iPad with other pieces of hardware in your studio. The unit has seven ports in total: headphone out (on the front), 3,5mm stereo in, 1/4-inch audio-in jack, five-pin DIN MIDI in and out, and left/right RCA line-outs (for connecting your sound system). Those five-pin MIDI ports require your gear to be mains-powered, meaning that USB-over-­MIDI gear … [Read more...]

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