The best iPhone 6 deals in June 2015


Your contract is up and you're ready to upgrade, so you're looking for the best iPhone 6 deal that you can afford. Look no further because we've done all the research and found all of the UK's best contracts for Apple's best-ever iPhone. They're all 24 month deals - no way around that unfortunately - but with prices from £32 a month, there's never been a better time to pick up this phone! See more deals: use TechRadar's iPhone 6 comparison … [Read more...]

LogMeln Ignition | iPad To PC

LogMeln 1

iPad 2 To PC With Only A Few Taps Of Your Touch Screen. Many apps explore how an iPad could be used as a portal into and onto other computer platforms. LogMeln Ignition remote access software gives iPad that ability. I found LogMeln's tag line "One touch access to all of your information," to be almost spot on. After proper setup I was/am able to remotely access my computers with just two touches. Sending a tweet was my first test of the LogMeln … [Read more...]

iPhone 5S Rumors and Apple will made a Low Cost iPhone

Will iPhone 5S launch at June 13?

Samsung is at present top the smartphone competition, so something big without doubt be supposed to come from Apple if they have strategy to reach the top over again. Apple is expected to show up their next iPhone at their international developer conference in June. Further indication that this is happen comes from reports claiming that suppliers are already creation the display for the so-called iPhone 5S. While other companies have already … [Read more...]

The Incredible Machine for iPad


Can the original physics game live up to its name? This Disney game finds itself in an interesting predicament. Despite starting off the physics-based puzzle genre back in 1993, The incredible Machine has taken a fair old bit of time to receive an iOS port. and as a result now feels like old hat compared to the rest of the app store. On each level, you're given a specific task, ranging from capturing a cat to having to score with a basketball. … [Read more...]

Stanza For iPad | Another Free eBook Reader

Stanza For iPad

Stanza for iPad is another free eBook reader with more and better features than the Kindle app but a significantly smaller selection of titles. Unlike the Kindle, Stanza for iPad doesn’t offer a $189 handheld device, but I suspect you won’t care. Stanza for iPad has all the features that are missing from the Kindle app and more. Some of Stanza’s niceties include almost infinite control over page layout, so you can specify not only font … [Read more...]

How to Use iPad: Protect From Fraudulent Websites

iPad Fraud Warning

There are many sites online trying to trick you into submitting your personal information. Most of the time they re-create the look and feel of a reputable site such as a bank, company, PayPal, Facebook, eBay, and other well-known sites. The practice is known as Phishing, and the web addresses are usually official sounding variations of the site they are imitating (for example, There are two ways how to use … [Read more...]

Most Valuable Brand: Google Is More Creadible Than Apple


As for as people know that Apple is the most valuable and the richest device, well actually is not totaly right. Because the most valuable brand is Google, not Apple as people know. Research which is done by Millward Brown said that brand value from Google is USD $ 158.84 billion, beside that from Apple is only USD $ 147.88 billion. There are 3 main reasons why Google more valuable than Apple, here they are : First, google is more … [Read more...]

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone

You're dead. Cruelly murdered. Now that is a mystery! Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone : Wouldn't the ability to possess inanimate objects and would be awesome? Well, there's a catch - you have to be dead first! That's the unfortunate position that the hero of Ghost Trick finds himself in at the start of this quirky puzzler. Having been assassinated, it's up to our hero to travel from object to object, using a sort of soul transference … [Read more...]

SpongeBob Tickler for iPad

Spongebob Images

If you or your kids love SpongeBob SquarePants, you will likely love this. For two minutes. Before you realise you have better things to do. This app presents you with SpongeBob in an underwater scene, and you can do pretty much whatever you like to him; touch his mouth to make him speak a limited number of phrases, touch his eyes to make him wink, and touch the background to create bubbles that he stares at. If you tilt the iPhone, he slides … [Read more...]

Browse the internet privately on your iPad

images (1)

The iPad's web browser knows where you've been. But what if you don't want people to know which sites you've visited? Normally, when you use a web browser on your iPad or desktop computer, your movements are tracked. By default, every site you visit is recorded in the browser's history, and 'cookies' - little snippets of information -remember when and where you visited, and what you did. There's a valid reason for this - it makes revisiting … [Read more...]

The Difference, Spesification of Sony Xperia M2 VS LG G2

sony vs LG

  Sony Xperia M2 OS 4,3 Jelly Bean version is more left behind than LG G2 Mini, moreover it uses OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat, but later on Sony will give 4.4.2 KitKat for their smartphone. Sony Xperia M2 is a sequel smartphone as succesor of its previous, its product offer 2 varian, single SIM card and double SIM card. However, LG G2 Mini is little version from flagship LG G2. Its also has 2 choices for SIM card, single and double. … [Read more...]

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch

It's got touch, but does it have the power we need? Adobe Photoshop Touch : In order to maintain its reputation as one of the world's premier photo editing apps, Adobe has gone back to basics with Photoshop Touch. Providing iOS users with a paired down version of its flagship image editor, Touch is more akin to Photoshop Elements than Creative Suite. Rather than focus on including all the bells and whistles of the parent app, Adobe have focused … [Read more...]

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