How to Use Wi-Fi Sync For iPhone 4S

How To Use Wi-Fi Sync For iPhone 4S

Unlike days gone by, you no longer have to connect your device to your Mac or PC when you want to sync your information or download a subsequent software update. There are two features at work here: iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and Software Update. Wi-Fi Sync (as its name suggests) allows your iPhone 4S to sync with your computer over a Wi-Fi network rather than through a USB connection. It’s slightly slower, but you can do it any time your phone is on … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone 4S | Navigation Basics

How To Use iPhone 4S - Navigation

Now that you’ve taken your first step into the iOS world of Multi-Touch gestures, it’s time to learn how to navigate your device. We’ll go over where your apps are stored, as well as how to organize them, search for them, and delete them. The Home Screen When you first turn on your device, you’re brought to the home screen. Here, you see an assortment of icons grouped into rows, and several more icons grouped in the silver … [Read more...]

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 For iPhone

Monster Truck Images

It isn't often that you can liken a Japanese TV programme to a sideways-scrolling monster truck game, but while racing the green shadow car over chaotic scenery, the obstacle course with the wrecking ball from Takeshi's Castle comes to mind. Monster Trucks Nitro 2 takes the well worn and quite tedious premise of sideways-scrolling scenery with automatic acceleration and some obstacles to get over and turns it into a carnage-strewn, … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone 4S | Gestures and Techniques

How To Use iPhone 4S

Now that you have your iPhone 4S set up, it’s time to turn it on and explore. Your device is running Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, which uses a variety of finger-based Multi-Touch gestures to help you navigate. In addition, it comes with some great apps—programs that you can run on your mobile device—to make your life easier and more productive. But before you start playing around, you’ll want to know the basics of working … [Read more...]

Greed Corp HD For iPad

Greed Corp HD For iPad

Greed Corp is a multiplayer game that made its name on the console gaming scene. It puts players in the role of one of four corporations fighting to control the largest number of ever-crumbling landmasses and limited resources. This is strategy gaming at its finest, and the iOS version manages to bring the same level of fun and polish to the table. While Greed Corp ($1.99, is available as a separate iPhone version, I prefer the iPad … [Read more...]

The New Apple TV | 1080p HD Resolution and More

The New Apple TV Review is Small and Compact

In addition to the new iPad, in March Apple introduced a new version of their New Apple TV set-top device that can now play high-definition movies and TV shows in 1080p. And to go along with that, Apple has now made 1080p content available in the iTunes Store. If you've already purchased a movie at 720p movie in the iTunes Store in the past, Apple will allow re-downloading of a 1080p version. Not all the 15,000 movies and 90,000 TV shows are … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S Tips and Tricks | To Force-Quit or Not to Force-Quit


You’re surfing the Web, when all of a sudden Safari stops scrolling. You try tapping any of the on-screen buttons, but you can’t get a reaction. The app has become utterly unresponsive. This kind of situation is called an app freeze or crash. For whatever reason, the app has encountered an error it can’t recover from, and it’s stopped doing everything while it tries to figure out what the problem is and solve it (if it even can). … [Read more...]

The New iPad Review

The New iPad Review

All the new iPad reviews are so wordy you can't tell what's good or bad about the new iPad. Here's a cut down version, so you know what Apple is offering with their new iPad. Even though they didn't fix the screen so you can view it in the sunlight, you can see the difference with the new pixel count. The screen has some very remarkable improvements. However, it's pretty much the same size as the old iPad 1 but weights more than the iPad 2. If … [Read more...]

New iPad Features | More Pixels Than HDTV


Now in its third generation, it simply carries the name of "iPad". No extra numbers, a better display, and a faster delivery system. But, has Apple really improved the new iPad features? You still get all the great features of graphics, photos, text, and video through the Internet. We took a look at the New iPad to see what the improvement was. Take a look… It still holds same price as the last iPad, running at $499, but the internal … [Read more...]

Storm In A Teacup For iPad | Adventure Games

Storm-In-A-Teacup-2 images

You couldn't get a cuter concept than Storm In A Teacup. A young boy takes a ride on a magic floating teacup as he hops between platforms tied by strings, passes houses made to look like pop-up books, and defeats disgruntled rainclouds with a candy-firing cannon. We even feel a bit sick just writing that. But its charm is enough to give it a unique feel, with the bright visuals and pleasant tunes making it a treat to play. Unfortunately, the … [Read more...]

Tetris For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Tetris Icon

Tetris, quite simply, is timeless. Regardless of how many years pass and what other ideas are stumbled upon, Alexey Pajitnov's puzzler will be just as good in 30 years as it has been for over two decades. As you would expect, Tetris on the iPad ensures this remains true, despite not being the best adaptation. Controlling the blocks as they fall to their doom can be a little fiddly but the new modes—which all couldn't work on any other … [Read more...]

Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor For iPad | Adventure Games

Spider images

Sometimes a game comes along that's so imaginative, so beautifully designed and so much fun to play that you'll play it until your iPhone runs out of juice: Spider is one such game. Taking control of one of nature's most misunderstood creepy crawlies, you're initially required to do nothing more than reach the any portals that are hidden around the beautiful, but mysterious Bryce Manor. This is achieved with simple swipes and touches, of the … [Read more...]

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