Sky+ For iPad


Browse The Current Sky T Listing And Then Program Your Sky+ Box When On The Move… During testing of this iPad application it was hard to shake the feeling that I was mere moments away from uncovering the catch! Was this really a free app that not only let's you browse seven days worth of listings for the vast majority of not only Sky N channels but also free-to-air channels but also enable you to link directly to your home Sky+ box - the under … [Read more...]

Talking Rex the Dinosaur


Had Your Fill Of Virtual Pet Cats And Dogs? Why Not Put A T-Rex In Your iPad The virtual pet is a strange sub-genre, and one which has been almost wrung dry of any entertainment value thanks to a string of uninspired and frankly cheap cash-ins that litter the App Store_ Largely thanks to the great animation and visuals for the titular beast, Talking Rex almost restores one's faith in the genre. The expected array of options are present and … [Read more...]

Stupidness 2 PRO


Edutainment Doesn’t Come Any-More Educational And Entertaining Than This! Although we not entirely sure that the title of ORANGENOSE STUDIOS' new application is entirely fitting! There is certainly some doubt as to the true value of this as an educational tool when held in comparison with more traditional apps, particularly as a method of gauging IQ. That said there is very little doubt that this application will improve lateral thinking and … [Read more...]

Adobe Ideas


The Perfect Tool For The Creative On The Move Whether you're a professional graphic designer or simply someone who enjoys drawing and playing about with pictures, Adobe Ideas could be right up your alley. In essence it’s a simple art package that enables the user to sketch out ideas on the move or whenever inspiration strikes. It also enables you to play about with photos and even draw over the top of them using the original image as a guide … [Read more...]



Get A Free, Steady And Reliable Connection With Your Home Computer Via Your iPhone iRdesktop is a free Remote Desktop Client for Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services), capable of natively using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) so you can not only view but also fully control your Windows Desktop using your 'Phone. This app supports all Windows Versions that have support for Terminal Services respectively Remote Desktop Services out … [Read more...]

Using Facebook On iPad

Facebook icon

To To connect with the rest of the social networking world, there is one application that you are going to need, the original and still the best, the official Facebook app. Facebook was one of the very first apps that we ever installed on our iPad and we were eager to see how well it worked on Apples revolutionary platform. It was also during a time when there really weren't very many good social networking apps around. A lot has changed since … [Read more...]

Emailing Tutorials

Mail, Contacts and Calendar Accounts The iPad works with Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, MobileMe, AOL, Gmail and other popular email service providers and this is how you set them up. Setting Up Accounts MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange not only provide email, but also contact and calendar information, plus you can sync to the iPad automatically wirelessly. With MobileMe, you can also sync your bookmarks on the iPad with Safari on a Mac. … [Read more...]

All My Shares


Stay Up To Date Your Stocks And Shares At All Times This is a great little app for anyone who plays the stock market, It covers markets in the USA, Australia, the UK, most of Europe, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. To make things easier data is displayed in graphical form as graphs and charts so you can see at a glance exactly where you stock lies at any given time. It also makes it … [Read more...]

Mortgage Calculator – a powerOne Pack


When Entering The House Buying Market, Any Extra Knowledge Regarding Your Mortgage Ia A Must! Sourcing and ultimately signing your first mortgage rarely isn't a complete nightmare, from the masses of paper work and snake oil sales men — sorry - mortgage advisors and their opinions to battle through getting a roof over your head is hard. Therefore building a solid foundation of knowledge when it comes to shopping for a mortgage is essential. A … [Read more...]


Fifa 12 Game

The Greatest Football Game In The World Is Translated To iPad With Remarkable Success. When FIFA Soccer first made its appearance on the SEGA Mega Drive Way back in 1993 we marvelled at its large sprites and impressive, never-before-seen isometric pseudo 3D viewpoint. It looked the business but in the gameplay stakes it couldn't hold a candle to the football greats of the day, namely Sensible Soccer and, to a lesser extent, The Kick Off … [Read more...]

BMI Body Fat Calculator


Do You Know Your BMI? Or More Important How Far You Are From A Healthy Level? BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight for adult men and women. The BMI+Body Fat Calculator does exactly that. On first launching the app, I clicked on the person button at the bottom toolbar, I was able to enter in personal data such as gender, current weight in pounds or kilograms, age and height in inches or meters. BMI and Body Fat percentage … [Read more...]

Sky News for iPad

Sky News Icon

Our Main Story Tonight, Sky News Is Now Available On Your iPad The most striking elements of this application from the UK s leading news channel if you are familiar with the iPhone specific version is the enhanced and overhauled presentation shell and user interface. Opting out of the traditional view point, offering three different options to get up to date. The "Live" feed is exactly what you would expect allowing you access to the live Sky … [Read more...]

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