Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor For iPad | Adventure Games

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Sometimes a game comes along that's so imaginative, so beautifully designed and so much fun to play that you'll play it until your iPhone runs out of juice: Spider is one such game. Taking control of one of nature's most misunderstood creepy crawlies, you're initially required to do nothing more than reach the any portals that are hidden around the beautiful, but mysterious Bryce Manor. This is achieved with simple swipes and touches, of the … [Read more...]

Blade Warrior For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

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There are plenty of apps that boast incredible presentation values, but not much underneath. Blade Warrior straddles this idea almost perfectly. From the off, you can tell that a lot of care has gone into it, as every aspect looks mesmerising, while an appropriately epic score provides the energy necessary to promote that big game feel. When you actually get into it, however, it doesn't match the build up. As minions attack one of your many … [Read more...]

F.A.S.T For iPad | Action Games

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Fighter pilots may run the risk of being vaporised by heat-seeking missiles or blacking out during high­speed turns, but as a profession it's undeniably cool, and is right up there with being an Astronaut or F1 driver. F.A.S.T. - which stands for Fleet Air Superiority Tactics, in case you were wondering - manages to replicate the thrills and spills of jet fighter combat with considerable aplomb. Controlled using a savvy combination of the … [Read more...]

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene For iPad | Arcade Games

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After being bowled over with Taito's Space Invaders Extreme, we didn't think the 31-year-old franchise had anything more to offer. How wrong we were... Infinity Gene is an astonishing achievement,  primarily because Taito has created the game with Apple's device in mind from the very beginning. As a result Infinity Gene features superb controls, spectacular old-school visuals and funky music that's perfectly suited to listening through a pair … [Read more...]

Sneezies For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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With so many games now costing just 69 pence, a title has to be really special in order to make it stand apart from its competitors. So here's our own little  shout out to the wonderful Sneezies, one of the cutest and cleverest apps we've discovered for some time. Life for a Sneezy is pretty sweet, as they just spend all their time floating around in little bubbles, safely cocooned from the world. Of course, that wouldn't really make for that … [Read more...]

Super Monkey Ball For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

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Man, imagine how happy the iPhone world was when Sega announced that its popular platformer Super Monkey Ball was coming to the device. With its built-in accelerometer, guiding the sphere down a slippery slope should've been an absolute dream. Instead, it's an aggravating mess. Monkey Ball's biggest problem is how inconsistent it is when it comes to response time. On occasion only the slightest movement will send the ball flying off in the … [Read more...]

Feed Me Oil For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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Similar looking to the hugely popular World Of Goo, this oil shepherding puzzle game is less intuitive in execution. The idea is to get a certain amount of oil from the pipe to the mouth of the strange hill creatures that occupy each stage, which is done by dragging and placing tools to influence which way the oil flows. These start off basic - iron girders and rotating mills - but soon become more complicated, with tools like fans and magnets … [Read more...]

Trucks And Skulls NITRO For iPad | Racing Games

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Fans of Angry Birds are going to adore Trucks And Skulls, primarily because it's effectively the same game. The various birdies and pigs have been replaced by different vehicles and skulls and its charming gameplay and cheap price point makes it worth playing. Each level features a cleverly stacked structure with strategically placed skulls, and you have a limited number of different vehicles that you must fling at the increasingly outlandish … [Read more...]

Backbreaker 2 : Vengeance HD For iPad | Sport Games

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As a game originally created to showcase NaturalMotion's impressive animation tech, its lack of features and official NFL licence led to it being largely ignored upon release. Matching Madden if you're out to make an American football game is a fool's errand, it seems. On the iPad, though, boiled down to a couple of gridiron­themed mini-games and with little more than that great animation and chasing high scores to keep you coming back, it kind … [Read more...]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

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Although the iPhone Red Alert is a completely different game to its similarly titled 1996 PC forebear, the fact that it's up there with its big brothers shows just how far mobile gaming has come. It's one of the best-looking games on the iPhone, and in its largest battles it's a mind-blowing technical achievement. It's not without issues, though. Real-time strategy is infamously difficult to adapt to anything without a keyboard and mouse, and … [Read more...]

Amoebas For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games


Borrowing heavily from the Tetris style of puzzle games, Amoebas offers up a fairly original take on what has become a pretty tired format. Rather than falling blocks, however, you have to fire amoebas into place by using a finger to take aim and then pressing a trigger. Instead of having one field of blocks or amoebas, you can play with two, three or four. As you fire the single-celled critters at one another, you need to group them by colour. … [Read more...]

Kami Retro HD For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

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Somewhere between Lemmings and Super Mario Bros sits this offering from Gamevil. It resembles the former in how you must guide a group of brainless automatons, only capable of walking in a straight line to certain death without your prompting, from their trap door to the exit. It’s certainly not a traditional platform game, though it does hearken back to the good old days in the way that everything seems built from blocks designed to look … [Read more...]

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