Airfix for iPad

AirFix Images

Your favourite childhood models come to life on your iDevice There will be plenty of people who will see the name Airfix, and instantly be taken back to childhood days spent trying to put together a Spitfire. You'll be thrilled to know that you can now bring those models to life. There's no need for running around your living room making aeroplane noises anymore; just a quick download, and you're ready to get flying. If you would care to make … [Read more...]

Fast Five for iPad

Fast Five Images

Fast, furious and packed full of high octane mayhem Drawing heavily from the mechanics of its Asphalt racing titles, Gameloft's tie-in for Fast Five is a hefty title that delivers more content than its small asking price would initially suggest. Fast Five is purely a racing game, so all of the on foot action and shooting from the movies is nowhere to be seen. On-foot shooting sections would have certainly mixed up each chapter, as they are … [Read more...]

Awesome Ball for iPad

Awesome Ball for iPad

Cheaper than a rubber ball and a printer, we guess You select from different balls, choose pictures from your library to decorate the walls and floor, and then flick and shake the phone around to bounce the ball around the virtual room. And that's it... There's an ad-free ‘Plus’ version with custom sounds, but really, at that price, why not just chuck a rubber ball around? Rating 2 Star … [Read more...]

Moto X Mayhem for iPad


As much mayhem as you can actually have scrolling sideways Two different approaches to making exactly the same game, with Moto X Mayhem here and Motocross Pro Rider. The differences are that the animation is a dass above with Mayhem, there's more sound effects and the gameplay is a touch more sophisticated. The basics are the same — sideways scrolling terrain, complete to unlock the net one — but there are crucial differences. For one thing, … [Read more...]

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad

Need For Speed Images

The law: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em... Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad : Like its home console counterpart this iPad offering gives the player control over poke missions in a series that has spent over a decade concentrating on how different a Ford Focus looks with and without neon lights. The result is a relatively truncated yet perfectly enjoyable racer, though one altogether more divorced from reality than even its rollercoaster of a … [Read more...]

Tune Runner HD For iPad

Tun Runner Images

Tune Runner HD For iPad  : The basics are as follows: a character called Groov-EE dances to the left of the screen, letters and shapes slide in from the right, and the player has to draw these shapes and numbers before they reach Groov-­EE. Accuracy and timing are key to reaching a high score. Mess up and poor Groov-EE falters mid-dance. The game detects the music library on your device and generates tracks on-the-fly. This means you can play … [Read more...]

Army of Darkness for iPad

Army of Darkness images

It’s The Evil Dead mixed with castle defence gameplay! Army of Darkness for iPad : Fan of the Evil Dead films? If so, you'll get a real kick out of this game. It's loosely based on the Evil Dead universe, and sees Ash Williams battle hordes of the undead with a variety of weapons. This is a castle defence game with a side-on view. That means the majority of the gameplay sees you dash forward as far as possible before retreating tug-of-war … [Read more...]

Poker Pals for iPad

Poker Pals icon for ipad

Poker Pals for iPad : Coming in two flavors for either iPhone or iPad, Poker Pals is an interesting spin-off of poker, that popular card game that's been played around saloon halls and on ships since the 1800s. An­other asynchronous, turn-based game, Poker Pals has players drawing from a finite deck of cards and placing them down on a seven-by-seven grid to create poker hands. The game has unique characteristics; not all poker rules from the … [Read more...]

The Sims 3 for iPad


Create a perfectly reasonable human being and then mess their life up The Sims 3 for iPad  : Activision has a lot to answer for. It was the company's seminal title, Little Computer People, released in 1985 that provided a template for EA to heartily exploit with The Sims franchise. In case you've slept through the chart-hogging releases, it's all about creating a character with certain traits, then organising their life so that they are fed, … [Read more...]

Tom Clancy’s HAWX for iPad | Racing

Tom Clancy Icon

Ride into the danger zone... Tom Clancy's HAWX for iPad : Ubisoft's arcade dog-fighter received a relatively lukewarm reception when it was released for home platforms a while back; impressively, the game's outing on the iPhone retains most of the functions of the original, making it something of a technical marvel, and a fun diversion to boot. As crack pilot David Crenshaw, you'll tackle a campaign across 13 missions that take in aerial battles … [Read more...]

Peg Genius HD | Music | Puzzle

Peg Genius HD | Labyrinth HD

The simple game that has puzzled for years Peg Genius cuts straight to the chase. Launching the game takes you straight to the peg board where you're asked to remove a peg to start. Your next move is to jump one peg over another and into the empty hole. The peg you've jumped gets removed and you keep jumping until there's only one peg left. It sounds simple, and is, but it soon gets fiendishly hard. That's all there is to the game, and that's … [Read more...]

A Preview of The New iOS 6 Features

IOS 6 Features Facebook

Developers already have access to Apple iOS 6. Consumers won't be able to see what this new operating system can do until the fall though. When the new system is released, what iOS 6 Features can you expect to see? Accessibility If you have vision or hearing problems, you'll love the new Apple iOS 6. The same is true of those with mobility or learning disabilities as this operating system is loaded with features designed to make iOS devices … [Read more...]

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