Star Trigon For iPad | Arcade Games

star trigon images

Namco's Star Trigon is part of the Mr. Driller franchise and is an obscure coin-op from 2002. It also makes for a surprisingly fun, if limited iPhone game. Unlike other games in the Mr Driller universe, the aim of Star Trigon is to rescue weird little creatures called Uchujin.This is achieved by trapping them within trigons (basically triangles). Numerous plan­ets are dotted around each screen and your character, one of three, will continually … [Read more...]

Guitar Rock Tour 2 For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games


With Guitar Hero clones appearing to come out every other week on the App Store, you really need to know which ones are worth your hard earned cash. This effort from Gameloft is one of the better clones available, mainly because of its tight, responsive controls, wonderful presentation and 18 cover tracks. It’s an eclectic selection of rock ranging from Woman to 9 In the Afternoon and the quality of the covers is actually very good. Gameplay … [Read more...]

Ridge Racer Accelerated HD For iPad | Racing Games

Ridge Racer Images

Nothing in life is free. We've not spent our collective years on Earth without learning that one hard and fast rule, and yet even still, no-one likes feeling tricked. Disheartening it was to boot up Ridge Racer Accelerated HD for the first time, only to learn that to get any amount of content, you first need the unlock fee. Do so, and the game's 50 vehicles and 12 tracks will become available across the varying new modes. Initially this will … [Read more...]

Trivial Pursuit For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Trivial Pursuit Images

After being rather disappointed with EA's take on Monopoly, we're delighted to report that its take on Trivial Pursuit is far more suited to the iOS. Wi-Fi play is included for up to four players and there's a wealth of questions to work through, but what really impresses us is the entertaining single-player mode EA has included. Presentation is lacklustre, but this is a far better translation than we were ever expecting and as such still worth a … [Read more...]

Bouncy Mouse For iPad | Arcade Games

Bouncy Mouse images

While Angry Birds has spawned its fair share of clones, it interesting to see Munkadoo Games take the basic idea and really run away with it, using slingshot physics not simply to knock ob­jects over, but to progress through a platform-style world. The aim of each stage is to hurl the titular rodent around the level, touch-sliding to pull him back to the extent of his elas­ticated tail, and then throwing him between a series of pegs, which if … [Read more...]

Trism For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Trism images

Trism is well known to many iPhone owners, due to it being an early success story for the lone coders that have made the iPhone their digital home. When Steve Demeter's game first went up on the App Store back in July 2008 it netted him an astonishing profit of $250,000 in just two short weeks. There was no massive sales campaign, no press, Trism just turned out to be an extremely good puzzle game. Some­thing it remains a good year after its … [Read more...]

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing For iPad | Racing Games

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

As a faithful representation of the full home console version, this app is further proof that game developers are creating bigger and better games on the iOS format all the time. In terms of content, aesthetics and quality, this is a highly polished effort, with neat handling and a slew of excellent unlockable content that will always keep you coming back for more. Sega fans will be in their element here, as all of the racers are derived from … [Read more...]

Armado For iPad | Action Games

Armado images

Armado is an armadillo who is both tough and quick, and it's your job to guide him through various perilous levels in this enjoyable game from Tricky Software. Platform games are a difficult market on the iPhone because of the lack of physical buttons, but Armado manages to get around this by using the accelerometer for controlling Armado's direction and a single screen tap to make him jump.This is an incredibly enjoyable app and a lot of fun to … [Read more...]

Pictureka! For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Pictureka images

Based on the popular board game of the same name, Pictureka! presents the player with a screen crammed with images of all different kinds of objects, and then challenges them to identify, locate and tap on a given number of a certain object to complete the task. Instructions can sometimes be very specific or it can be more open with its challenges. Other stages place no upper limit on the number of specific objects to pick out, instead asking you … [Read more...]

Bubble Tap For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Bubble images

Enjoy the game brought about by bursting bub­ble-wrap? If so you'll love this game because that's all you do! Burst bubbles by the hundred to a count­down of 25 seconds, and you'll quickly discover that the most efficient way to reach a high score is to simply mash your fingers across the screen. Bonuses are given for bursting a bubble in under a second, so you'll find the random bashing of fingers an unbeatable method of … [Read more...]

Polar Bear Racing For iPad | Racing Games

Polar Bear Images

As you'll guess from the title, this racer doesn't involved pouty babes and petrol-sucking machines. Instead, it's an ecological message wrapped up in an arcade game. Control the polar bear as it escapes. One finger touches the screen to accelerate, the other traces the position of the bear. Sausage fingers will find this hard, but it works for kids — and that's where the graphics are aimed as well. … [Read more...]

Ghosts’n Goblins Gold Knights For iPad | Action games


Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins series is a certified retro classic, with a well-deserved reputation for being as tough as old boots despite the doggy life you get each time your hero gets hit and loses his armour. Given its proclivity for intense difficulty and the need for lightning-fast reactions, bringing this esteemed series to the iPhone — a platform which lacks traditional physical controls ­doesn't seem like the greatest idea ever. … [Read more...]

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