Adonit Jot Pro For iPad

Adonit Jot Pro For iPad

You have fat fingers. Well, compared to a Biro, you do. Not any more! There are lots of times when a stylus is really handy, especially when using an iPad. Great apps such as Noteshelf or Brushes turn the iPad into brilliant notebooks and painting canvases, but if you just use your finger, it can be tricky to make precise movements. The problem with styluses for touchscreens such as the iPad's is that the screens are designed to recognise … [Read more...]

Buying an iPhone | Which model? Where from?


Buying an iPhone : For most people, buying an iPhone will simply involve walking into a store and picking whichever capacity model they can afford. But, for more cautious buyers, a few questions may need to be answered first. How much storage space do you really need, for example? And would it be better to wait for a next-generation iPhone? How much space do you need? At the time of writing, the latest iPhone - the 4S - is available with … [Read more...]

Waking Mars

Waking Mars For iPhone

The best gardening adventure set on a fictional, soil-rich Mars you'll ever play. Probably Waking Mars is a game we found very easy to put down. Don't get us wrong: we loved its every extraterrestrial second, but simply leaving the game's insanely detailed Martian ecosystem to its own devices yielded countless moments of heartbreak and hilarity. See, Waking Mars seals you in the high-tech hazard suit of a researcher, looking to put Mars under … [Read more...]



Tetris meets Boggle meets insanely difficult brain teaser. Whereas SpellTower subtly merges aspects of Tetris and Boggle into an addictive, stylish whole, Puzzlejuice is a more literal take, bludgeoning the two games together with a hammer. At least this is a knowing kind of mental. You need to unlock powerups which involves sorting falling blocks, Tetris-style, to make solid lines; but instead of disappearing, they become letters from which … [Read more...]

The No-Compromise Mobile Office

The No-Compromise Mobile Office

Clutching his trusty iPad under his arm, Nik Rawlinson breaks free from his desk in the quest to discover the best apps, hardware and tools for working on the move. Why, in this age of broadband and Wi-Fi, do so many of us spend our days anchored to desks and swivel chairs? With a broadband connection, iPad or iPhone and a handful of well-chosen apps we could just as easily work al fresko as al desko. Summer is fast approaching, so now is the … [Read more...]

How To Use Reminders in iOS 5

How To Use Reminders in iOS 5

Get to grips with the Reminders app and never miss an appointment again How To Use Reminders in iOS 5 : The Reminders app made its debut in iOS 5, and seems to replicate what is already available in many third-part apps that you can get for your iOS device. Naturally, the fact that Reminders is free and built-in as a default app gives Apple a slight advantage over the others, but it's still a very competent app that can really change the way you … [Read more...]

How To Share Your iPhone’s Mobile Net Connection

Alternative Connections For iPhone

Discover how to share your iPhone's mobile net connection For some time now, the iPhone has had the ability to share its 3G mobile broadband connection with other devices, meaning anywhere your phone has signal, you can get a laptop or Wi-Fi-only iPad online, even if there's no Wi-Fi network nearby. The 'new iPad' Wi-Fi 4G now also features this functionality, so it's able to share its blazing internet connection if you live somewhere with LTE … [Read more...]


iPieces For iPhone

These packs give traditional board games a new lease of life on the iPad iPieces : As the popular Scrabble and Monopoly apps have shown, the iPad can give traditional board games a new lease of life, but moving a virtual counter around a board is never as much fun as the real thing - which is the problem that iPieces seeks to solve. Each pack comes with little playing pieces that register when pressed on the iPad's screen, and a free app you can … [Read more...]

Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit For iPhone

Save the world from a mass clock theft in this enchanting and deviously unique platformer Beat Sneak Bandit : All the clocks are gone. People don't know when it's lunchtime! No one knows when the soaps are on! Children are brushing their teeth for hours, because they don't know when to stop! Such a dastardly scheme could only have been hatched by evil villain Duke Clockface. "Are you implying that I need clocks to build a time freeze device? … [Read more...]

Best Apps For Boosting Your iOS Photos | Make Photos Awesome

Camera Awesome For iPhone

Camera+ Camera+ is a terrific all-round photo app. It's so good we had to feature it twice here! It has some great feature for shooting pictures, as you'll see in the Arsenal section. But the Lightbox is the heart of the app. Tap on an image you've recently taken to edit it, or grab one form your Cameral Roll by pressing the '+' button to drop it onto your Lightbox. Editing features are arranged in two rows along the bottom and allow you to add … [Read more...]

iPhone User Guide | How To Share Your Photos

Flickr Picasa For iPhone

It's only natural to want to share everything from snaps of friends larking around, to shots that deserve to be framed and hung on a gallery wall. And because your iPhone is always connected to the internet, it's a cinch to beam your creations to a pal on the other side of the globe, or post it online for the whole world to see - and almost instantly! Here, we'll describe some of the services that you can use to share your photos. Lots of apps - … [Read more...]

iPhone Photo Kit | Make Your iPhone Shots Even Better

Joby Gorilla Mobille For iPhone

The built-in camera on the iPhone 4 and 4S and the new iPad can take superb photos, but it doesn't matter if you have one of these or an older device, loading your shooting arsenal up with some great accessories for taking your photos will mean that you will be able to take photos and make them look amazing. Joby Gorilla Mobille Joby's Gorilla tripods allow you to fix cameras in all sorts of positions that would otherwise be impossible. This … [Read more...]

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