Infinity Blade | Best iPad Games

Infinity Blade for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Put simple there are countless reasons that you must download this! First of said reasons and most instantly striking being the stunning visuals, using the Unreal Engine – which has powered some lavish visual feasts of the current generation of games consoles, the developers have produced a genuinely breath taking visual experience which smashes any preconceptions of graphical power of the iPad. This is one of the best iPad games. And thank … [Read more...]

Using The iPad And Make Your Daily Task Much Easier

Using The iPad

With its 9.7-inch Multi-Touch display and groundbreaking interface, using the iPad makes being productive far easier than using a desktop computer. Take checking your email. By tapping the Mail icon, your inbox will instantly spring to life. When used in landscape mode, your messages can be found on the left side of the screen, with selected messages viewed in full on the right. On-screen controls make sending emails, forwarding messages, saving … [Read more...]

Emoji For iPad

Emoji For iPad

Unlock a hidden hoard of colourful emoticons and transform your online communications forever! In the modern world with all its instant messaging, texting, Facebooking and so forth, emoticons have become almost as important a part of communication as words themselves. Little pictures of funny cartoon faces pulling a variety of exaggerated expressions can add a whole new layer of meaning, depth or sympathy to a few words transmitted … [Read more...]

Using The iPad as Entertainment Media Device

iBook Store | Using The iPad

One of the attractions of using the iPad is the ability to enjoy movies, books, music, TV shows and games anywhere and at any time. The large screen combined with a slim profile and light weight makes the iPad the perfect companion for long trips, laying on the sofa or sitting in a coffee shop. No longer will you need to carry a hefty laptop or squint at a tiny mobile phone screen. Launched alongside a brand new iBookstore in April 2010, using … [Read more...]

Your Guide To GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand for iPad is the must have app for anyone who enjoys dabbling in music creation. It’s also the perfect tool for people without any musical experience to get a feel for making their own music. About GarageBand For iPad Whether your harbor dreams of music stardom, want to express yourself artistically or simply fancy dabbling with a few musical sounds and doing a bit of recording then GarageBand is for you. You’re probably aware of … [Read more...]

What is iCloud? | Simple To Use And Simple To Setup


What is iCloud is very simple, iCloud represents the future of data and transfer and will revolutionize the way we use our devices, enabling all information and data to be accessed from any device, any time. iCloud brings a whole new way of storing, sharing and processing data with your iPad and is, quite frankly, amazing! And here’s how it works and how you can use it! There are so many exciting apps available for the iPad it’s … [Read more...]

Cocktails HD | Tom Cruise Will Have Nothing After You Buy This App

Cocktails HD for iPad

Don’t know your Bloody Bulls from your Bloody Marys? Thought a Manhattan was somewhere in New York? Then this is the app for you, as it will turn you into a cocktails expert quicker than you can say Tom Cruise. Cocktails HD for iPad at its most basic is a guide to making cocktails. And yet, thanks to fantastic presentations, easy to learn steps and stunning images, it becomes a completely unmissable app that any cocktail connoisseur will not … [Read more...]

How To Use SIRI | iPhone 4S User Guide

How To Use SIRI

Here’s the easy way on how to use SIRI to understand what you want it/she/he to do for you. It’s highly customize able but it does take a little bit of time to use it. I found a few tricks and tips that might help you figure out how to use SIRI. SIRI is the new built in personal assistant voice command software in all Apple’s iPhone 4S. It’s not exactly software or an application like you can download and install. It doesn’t even … [Read more...]

Eurosport Player HD | Essential iPad Apps

Eurosport Player HD | Essential iPad Apps

First up we need to point out that although you can download the app for free, you need to subscribe in order to actually use it. Alas it doesn’t matter if you already pay for Eurosport through your subscription TV provider you’ll still need to pay a reasonable amount per month or a slightly discounted monthly rate in one payment for the entire year to watch through the app. As long as you’re in possession of those all important a facts and … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs American Innovator | Thanks For the Future

Steve Jobs

How a college dropout trusted his gut, defied corporate America and carried us into tomorrow. New York City, March 20, 1983. Steve Jobs is gazing at ancient Greek sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as he spends the day with John Sculley, the head of Pepsi and the man he has been trying for months to lure from the East Coast to become his partner in running Apple. They leave the museum, walk through Central Park, and head to the San … [Read more...]

Best iPad Games For Family Fun Time

Monopoly Here & Now for iPad

Playing games on the iPad can bring the entire family together and what better way to play than revisiting the classic board games! These amazing best iPad games have lost none of their charm and will be enjoyed by children of all ages! So let’s play together…   Monopoly - The World Edition for iPad   About Monopoly - The World Edition for iPad Our first impressions of this game were all very positive removing the skepticism … [Read more...]

Facebook App For iPad Now Available…

Facebook App For iPad | iPad Tutorial

To connect with the rest of the social networking worlds, there is one application that you are going to need, the original and still the best, the official Facebook app for iPad. Facebook was one of the very first apps that we ever installed on our iPad and we were eager to see how well it worked on Apple’s revolutionary platform. It was also during a time when there really weren’t very many good social networking apps around. A lot has … [Read more...]

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