Be A Smart Buyer While Collecting Genuine Fine Art Prints


A collection or even a single piece of limited edition print of fine art is very precious for its owner and what makes it precious is its rarity and originality. But how do you make sure that the print you are buying is genuine and truly belongs to a limited edition? What if the publisher sells you the print at the cost of limited edition and also publishes it in an open edition run. Then your rare collection won’t be actually rare and hold … [Read more...]

Facebook, Microsoft Attack Apple and Threaten Business VOIP Providers at the Same Time


Facebook and Skype backed by Microsoft and the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft in the very near future is about to turn the world of VOIP upside down as they take on iTunes and Apple’s iOS. Business phone systems based on VOIP will be under serious threat. This means we can all expect a lot of competition and much better services and features with VOIP in the very near future. Business phone systems built on VOIP (Voice Over Internet … [Read more...]

Things to Ask Before Opting for Retail Point of Sale Systems


If you are planning to make the leap from a more traditional and manual system to a retail point of sale system, you are probably filled with questions. Here are some things to ask about retail software, point of sale hardware, and retail inventory management systems. It is necessary to choose a retail software package that is specifically designed for my industry? Not really. There are many industry-specific software available, but … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Extending Your iPhone 4S Battery Life


The iPhone 4S was released in October 2011, selling over 4 million units in its first three days. With a responsive talking voice assistant, upgraded camera features, and a range of other tools, the iPhone 4S is the most versatile iPhone ever released, especially when used in conjunction with an Iphone car kit. While this high-powered device comes with 8 hours of talk time (on a 3G connection), running lots of apps and games can drain the battery … [Read more...]

4 Things To Watch For When Sending A Microsoft CRM Email Blast


To mark the launch of Dynamics 2013, we look into 4 things to watch for when sending an email blast using the software. When companies receive an email where the first lines reads something like this, "I would like to have an opportunity to sit down with you and the sales team at {[0]!""}at your earliest convenience," you know this is not a typo. This means the sender intended to send this email using database … [Read more...]

Windows 8 Released: The Re-Creation of Windows for Tablets

While the full operating system is not fully released, we have seen that Windows 8 is already available in the market. It was released as ‘the re-creation of Windows’ and not as Windows 8.The operating system was launched as an operating system for tablets that can also work on desktops and laptops. This is certainly not would most of us would have expected. The operating system was officially launched at the BUILD conference in California, … [Read more...]

Reverse Cellphone Lookup – Various Ways to Find the Information You Need

Landline phones? Well, they seem to be extinct these days! People are switching to cellphones while abandoning the landline phones. As the phonebooks don’t list cell phones, it’s trickier to find out the identity behind a cellphone number. How can National Cellular Directory Help? Its functioning is similar to a landline phone company as it keeps a database of all the cellphone numbers. That being said, this directory has an opt-in service, … [Read more...]

Trading signals: all you need to know


Trading is a game of fortune or chance. It largely depends on your timing which could be good or bad at any situations. If we are a beginner in trading industry, there is chance of us making a lot of mistakes. Also we will encounter times which shower us with good fortunes. But getting a great profit once doesn’t mean that the path which follows is a bed of roses. We should expect thorns too. It is all part of the game. Trading signals could be … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Great For Your Kids

Android tablets are growing in popularity and have surpassed Apple in tablet market share this year. With hundreds of tablet models working on the Android operating system, it gives the consumer many choices to pick from. For young kids, an inexpensive tablet is best. One that is smaller and easy to handle will work best for little hands. Since kids will most likely be using it for things like drawing, tracing, coloring, watching videos and … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Insurance and Knowing Its Importance


The demand and popularity of mobile phone insurance is increasing day by day. With number of users increasing every day, there is no doubt that the use of mobile phone has increased tremendously in the recent few years. This has also led in the increase in mobile phone loss cases. It can be due to theft or left carelessly. Mobile phone insurance covers you from mobile loss in any such condition and makes your life easy and tension free. Mobile … [Read more...]

Play Free Sweet Music and Exhilarating Songs with Free Downloads

You are bored over the work you have to do before your computer? Or do you wish some kind of diversion when the task you are doing is more or less of the repetitive nature? Then you can solve the problem with a little bit of music in the air. There is nothing that sooths the mind better than great music and if this is especially sung by your favorite singer. You ought to see whether you have the Win Amp program or Nero and then all will be fine … [Read more...]

Online Games – Love of Today’s Youngsters

ragnarok 2 online

In this present era, youngsters love to spend their time with their mobile phones or their laptops and PCs. They love to stay indoors and play several online games as per their mood and interest. Since the options are many, so they like to play different types of online games throughout the day. There are lots of arguments and discussions on this topic. Some people think that online gaming or video games are very harmful for the kids; especially … [Read more...]

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