Best Applications for Mac in 2013

During 2013,there are a lot of Mac applications that have been launched by the developer , whether new applications or updates apps which provide new features that make it feel as new applications . Here are 10 best applications for Mac according our opinion among 2013 :

1. 1Password 4

If you remember the 1 password 4 ,  one Password that would remember and also at the same time remembering all the passwords created on a Mac . 1Password 4 is the latest update which presents a new interface and new features that did not make it more useful .

2. Archy
Archy is a small application to manage Google Docs . With Archy , we don’t need to open Safari to edit Google Docs , everything can be accessed through Archy . For those who have multiple accounts , Archy also supports multiple accounts .
3. Flavours
Bored with the gray look of OS X ? With Flavours , OS X interface will become more diverse and colorful . Basically , Flavours  is able to change the OS X skin properly and safely .

best apps for mac
4. Instashare
AirDrop OS X and iOS can not communicate , for some reason Apple has not  implemented it yet . in this situation Instashare can fill the vacancy. With Instashare , iOS or Android device can send files to Mac and vice versa .
5. knock
Open the Mac with passwords have already out of dated . Now open the Mac with the knock , just like knocking on the door , but that is a knock on the iPhone screen . With Knock , Mac which is locked can be opened only with two simple tap to the iPhone that is connected via Bluetooth Low Energy .
6. OpenEmu
Applications that release at the end of 2013 , an application that is amazingly cool for those who like the classic game . OpenEmu is an application that collects classic console emulator into a single application that is very easy to use .

7. X – Mirage
Do not have an AppleTV ? Do not be sad , with X – Mirage you can mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Mac . it can be for watching movies , listening to music or even play games . Remarkably X – Mirage , can mirror more than one device , can’t it?
8. Wunderlist
Wunderlist may be an old application , but the newest update makes it feasible to be included . As one productivity application that brings the concept of collaboration with the best system we’ve ever used. In the latest update , collaborators are able to converse and pinning files .
9. Bioshock Infinite
BioShock games are always cool and interesting to be played . Play as Booker DeWitt who were stranded in the hovered city , Columbia . DeWitt was assigned to find Elizabeth and then they both have an adventure together through the dimensions and time .
10. The Bureau – XCOM Declassified
The new game which already available for Mac is one of the games that have the best picture quality . But it will be costly with specs above the average . This Tactical game is consider to be played in 2014.


So,have you ever try thoose best application for mac???

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