The Best Google Calendar iPad Apps

If you use Google Calendar and you have an iPad then why not use them together?  The iPad does comes with a default calendar app but we all know by now that it’s not the best or easiest to use especially when you want to update it and you don’t happen to have your iPad or a mac handy.  Here’s the top Google Calendar iPad apps for your peace of mind.

The Best Google Calendar iPad Apps

Before I started relying on a calendar for so many things (tasks, meetings, reminders), I never really paid much attention to the apps that could help me out.  I choose to use Google Calendar as my calendar of choice because I can get access to it from just about anywhere there is an Internet connection.  And this means that it is far more valuable to me so I tend to actually use it more.

If you are a small business or a single business owner then you definitely want to check out the Google Calendar.  It’s free. It’s very flexible, and  even though you can access your Google Calendar right on the web, it’s still more convenient to use  an iPad app.  So here are the best ones and the features which set them apart.

SaiSuke For iPad

SaiSuke iPad Google Calendar App

SaiSuke has been around for awhile.  This Google calendar iPad app has some very nice features that make it even better to use than the Google calendar itself!  SaiSuke has various viewing modes allowing you to see your calendars in the classic daily, weekly, or monthly views.  One nice feature you get is that SaiSuke will remember what you have previously typed in and allow you to select from a list which saves you a lot of time not having to re-type the same things over and over.

When you use this Google calendar app, all of your changes and edits are saved in the SaiSuke database.  They are then automatically synced with your Google calendar so you can essentially use ONE calendar.  Now, when you make changes to your calendar online, those changes will sync up with your SaiSuke app the next time you load it so everything is always up-to-date.

They also have a feature where you can set up syncing between iCal/Outlook and Google Calendar.  This is all detailed in their FAQ page on their site.

The last thing I really love about SaiSuke is that you can back up your data with their own “Backup” feature.  This allows you to recover from an unexpected data loss.

This best Google Calendar iPad app is $9.99.

SaiSuke for iPad (Google Calendar™ Sync) - Mobile Saysoft,Inc.


CalenGoo for ipad

Here is another one of the best Google calendar iPad apps.  CalenGoo as a strange name but it gives you a fast and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar.  This one can also allow you to make changes even when you have no Internet connection.  Once you do have a connection, all your changes are automatically synced up.

CalenGoo did a great job making the app look nearly identical to the online version of the Google calendar.  Some users love this feature because of the more “consistent” interface.  Events are displayed in the same colors you use on your Google Calendar and it also recognizes which calendars are visible and which ones are hidden.

Another great feature with CalenGoo is that you can use the invite feature.  This lets you invite people to events and to see their status.  They will get an invitation email with links to accept or decline your invite.

Do you also use your Google calendar for tasks?  One of the reasons this is a best Google Calendar iPad App is that it also integrates right in with your tasks in Google calendar.  Tasks with a due date are displayed on the corresponding days of the calendar. CalenGoo can do the same, it can sync this list, display your tasks in the calendar views and in a list view and it even makes your tasks available offline. You can edit and add tasks and the changes will be synced with Google Tasks.

Those great folks over at CalenGoo also have some nice tutorials to help you get the most out of is Google Calendar iPad app.  Click here to access them.

CalenGoo is definitely a best iPad Google Calendar app simply because of the thought that went into the design and function. It is $6.99.

CalenGoo (sync with Google Calendar™) - Dominique Andr Gunia

CCal – Sync With Google Calendar

CCal For iPad

Well the name is certainly descriptive of what the app does.  This is a top Google calendar iPad app that is a little newer on the scene.  If offers one of the most compelling features I’ve seen yet which is drag and drop for your calendar items.  I love this feature because it allows you to quickly and efficiently arrange your meetings and appointments.

It is fairly well designed and comes with all of the standard calendar and task features but it’s strength is the drag-and-drop feature.

This is certainly a top app since users also love it very much.  The drag-and-drop feature probably wins out amongst them all to differentiate this Google calendar app from the other two.  It is $5.99.

CCal - Sync with Google Calendar™ - Catalystwo Limited

There are 3 of the best Google calendar iPad apps.  These are all top-rated by users who have tested them out since they have been released and updated.  Each one has it’s own feature which makes it unique but they all connect to your Google calendar and sync.  This is very important if you like the idea of having one centralized calendar that can be updated and used from anywhere and on any device.


  1. This is good info. I’m on the lookout for a calendar app. Thanks for sharing the details of your research. Of course, I’d like something free, but I may give one of the three a try.

    1. Shane says:

      Thank you Kim!!! I think you would really like calengoo. It’s not the most expensive plus it’s the easiest to sync with google!!

  2. Darryl Jones says:

    So Shane, which would you say is your favorite?

  3. Shane says:

    Hey Darryl, thanks for the comment – I would have to say that CalenGoo is my personal favorite (I should have mentioned that in the article). The reason is that it does the best job with tasks and looking nearly identical to the Google version which I use a lot when not on the iPad.

  4. Darryl Jones says:

    I greatly appreciate your input, Shane. Navigating through the overwhelming sea of apps for the iPad is fun, but can get time consuming and confusing for an OCD person like myself. I am all about apps that integrate seamlessly with apps that I use on my PC and my Mac or web interface apps. Even navigating through the sea of websites and blogs about apps baffles me…know what is the best ones to look at and which ones to trust.

    Unrelated to calendars, do you happen to have any experience with GeeTasks and GooTasks, integrating with the Google Tasks module? I’d love to hear your thoughts or follow a link if you’ve already rated them or know of someone else that has.

    Thanks for contributing and making your expertise available.

  5. Shane says:

    Hi Darryl!

    Yes, it can be overwhelming and with over 300,000 of them I can assure you that it’s often a huge task just keeping up with all of the changes, etc.

    I like to write about the apps in a way that you can integrate them somehow to something you are doing.

    That being said, I have not looked at GeeTasks or GooTasks specifically, but I’ll tell ya what – I will and then I’ll write it up! I have not seen a good review of these either…

    Would you want a separate tasks module for Google or would you want it to be integrated into the Calendar app?

  6. Darryl Jones says:

    I think that the integration with the calendar would be a nice “plus”, but not necessary. Right now, I do not integrate my tasks into my calendar, but on my Android phone phone app, I do set up reminders and due dates on them.

    1. Shane says:

      I agree. I want to look at those others but I know that CalenGoo does a pretty good job of integrating Google Tasks right into the app, which the other apps are just not so good at doing.

  7. I ended up syncing my Google calendar to my iPad w/out an app and it’s working fine (though I don’t know about the tasks component; I haven’t tried that). I used the instructions from this site:
    Set Your Apple Device for Google Sync

    1. Shane says:

      Thank you immensely for that information and reply. I will do an article for people to show them how they can do this as well!

  8. Alexandre Rivaben says:

    Hi Shane,

    What about this one?

    It seems that you mentioned it in another article but when you did it didn’t has the sync feature with google. But they implemented it in the last release.

    I liked the calendar visual display, different from all other apps that you mentioned.

    What do you think, is it good enough?

    By the way, very nice post and site!

    Bookmarked! :)



    1. Shane says:

      Hi Alexandre,
      Thanks for the comment…I do like this one, yes. It seems more of a planner for the entire year than a calendar that you would use on a daily basis with tasks, etc….but perhaps I need to give it a second look with the new updates

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  10. Kiole says:

    Great business app to add to this list is Beesy. I’m using it in my everyday life. I hate forget a thing ! the application generates for me a ToDo list from my tasks previously notes. It helps you to oraganize your work through days. I can also send by mail easily my minutes after a meeting .

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