Best iPad Apps and iPad Settings For Seniors

Here are some of the best iPad apps for seniors.  The amazing thing about the iPad is that it can be used by so many people of all ages. A toddler can be using it to learn how to put letters together while adults can use it for business.  Another demographic that can really benefit are senior citizens.  Here are some ways they can use the iPad.

Best iPad Apps For Seniors

If you haven’t noticed lately, the iPad can be used by just about anyone.  It spans ages from tiny toddlers all the way to seniors that are finding it the perfect way to consume content and do so in a very easy way.  One thing about the iPad is the fact that it’s highly flexible, easy to use, and it does not get hot or have any loud fans or noises. For seniors, it’s the perfect computer.

But before we dive into the apps, I thought it might be a good idea to explore some of the settings the iPad offers that may help seniors out a little bit if they are hard of hearing or have eyesight issues.  This will help with a much better experience using the iPad and the apps.

If you tap on Settings > General > Accessibility you will see some great features you may not even know existed before.  Here is what they do so you can choose the best ones to use:

  • VoiceOver – this setting turns on features which allow items that are tapped or touched to be spoken.  Also it includes typing feedback settings, phonetics, and pitch change.  These are great settings for seniors who are hard of hearing or have poor eyesight.
  • Zoom – This setting zooms in pages and for those with eyesight issues this is a great thing to explore
  • Large Text- this is an excellent setting for seniors. You can set the size of text all the up to 56pt
  • White on Black – use this setting to change the contrast of the screen
  • Speak Auto-text – turn this on to have the iPad verbally tell you when you make a mistake typing or with capitalization

There are some great iPad settings for seniors.  You may have known about these already but if not they are worth exploring.  Now lets get to the apps.

Pandora (Free)

Pandora for Seniors

One great thing about this iPad app is that you can set custom playlists.  For seniors, this is great.  They can just sit and enjoy the sounds of an era of music they happen to be fond of. It’s a free app and listening to music is also free.  Get Pandora by clicking here.

Netflix ($7.99/month)

Netflix for Seniors

This iPad app for seniors is perfect.  They can enjoy a movie or a TV episode anytime they want and not have to figure out complicated remote controls or buttons to push.  For $7.99/month you get access to all of the Netflix streaming titles and there are no additional costs for those on a tight budget. Click here to get the Netflix app.

Zinio (Free)

Zinio for iPad

A lot of seniors love magazines and Zinio is filled with them.  The app is free but you pay for each magazine or you can get a subscription to ones you like.  These are great because it’s all right there on the iPad and you can switch over to read them anytime you want.

Also, you just swipe the screen to read one and then you won’t get papercuts on sensitive skin or have piles of them laying around.  And with the large text/font settings a senior could easily enjoy reading them without using a magnifying glass.  Click here to get the Zino app.

Crosswords ($9.99)


For those seniors that love crosswords, this is the ultimate in crossword apps.  There are thousands of crossword puzzles available from some of the largest newspaper sources out there.  Each puzzle gives hints, clues, and website lookups.  It’s the perfect iPad app for seniors who enjoy a good crossword puzzle to keep them alert and sharp.

Crosswords - Stand Alone, Inc.

iBooks (Free)


This is the Apple E-book app and there are literally thousands of titles to choose from. There are even free books you can get and the best part is that they all have the ability to have the brightness adjusted and the font changed for easier reading.  Get the free iBook app here.

The Weather Channel (Free)

Weather Channel

What senior does not enjoy watching the weather?  This iPad app for seniors is perfect for weather watching, browsing and seeing the forecast.  There are special weather statements, videos, and maps.  For a free app this is a must have iPad app that is easy to use and informative. Click here to get a copy.

iCookbook ($4.99)


Here is one of the best cooking iPad apps for seniors.  It includes over 2000 recipes that are easy to browse through and make.  One nice thing is that it includes a great voice feature to navigate around and find recipes.  Definitely a must have for seniors that love to cook or just look at recipes in full color.

iCookbook – thousands of name-brand recipes with easy Voice Control prep - Publications International, Ltd.

There are some great iPad apps and iPad settings for Seniors.  There are probably dozens more apps than this but it’s a great place to start and especially for those new to the iPad or those that want to give it as a gift to a grandparent.  If you have others that are great for seniors, leave them in the comments.


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  2. Hi Shane,

    I’m the founder of a little tech startup that makes an app called Postcards, aimed at seniors. It let’s them receive photos, videos, YouTubes and messages from their family and requires no previous computer experience (no typing required either). Maybe it would be a good addition to this list? The website is if anyone is interested.

    Sorry to comment on an old post, I just thought it might still be relevant to others!


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