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You know what I like to do with my iPad? I like to doodle. I like to sit there in my long, boring and (even though I work in an air conditioned office) hot meetings and mess about whilst drawing dinosaurs eating the USS Enterprise or Valentino Rossi on his new Ducati.  So here are my favorite iPad drawing apps.


The Best iPad Drawing Apps

For people who have proper jobs, that require some creative input, the iPad, and come to think of it, any tablet is a god send. You don’t have to rely on pieces of paper to scribble down your ideas or creative genius, all you need to do is flash your hand over this magic, piece of paper and you have your masterpiece there, helpfully (in some cases) enhanced for the surrounding people to look at in awe with oohs and aahs.

So, whether you’re just a doodler like me, or a professional drawing person, we have compiled a list of the greatest drawing Apps ever to grace the store, to really give you a heads up in the artistic world, (or get through a boring work meeting).

SketchBook Pro

Sketchbook Pro

Gareth Didn't Draw This

One of the best iPad drawing apps.  Ok, let’s start it off with my absolute favourite doodling app. Although, to call it that would be a disservice. Created by Autodesk (yep, those graphicy type people) this app is created for amateurs and professionals alike to spin their finger over the Pad’s screen to create whatever they feel fit.

With a mind boggling array of functions that will allow you to select any colour you want, and whatever thickness of brush, pencil or perhaps even tissue (don’t know about that last one) you can really create works of art, check out the screen shots – they’re incredible.

And, on a personal note, it got me out of hot water when I created some flowers on it to send them to my wife when I was late for an anniversary (true story!)

SketchBook Pro - Autodesk Inc.


Draw Free for iPad

Draw Free

Gareth Might Have Drawn This

Not as serious as Sketch Book casino spiele Pro? Perhaps. Just as powerful and awesome? Oh yes…

One of the most popular and successful iPad drawing apps for drawing on ‘Tunes… this beast has one advantage over the Sketch Book Pro, it was specifically designed for the iPad, which means that it sits happily on the wide screen. Its best point is that it allows you to use a load of space for actually doodling and sketching on the page, and for added fun it lets you import pictures. Take a pic of your boss, upload it, doctor it and have great fun all in that boring meeting casino online on a Monday morning…

Oh, and you can share images on Twitter and Facebook, but don’t share the above.

Draw Free for iPad - David Porter Apps




Gareth During A Meeting

I have a confession to make. I’m Banksy. No, not really. I’m just an English guy who likes writing about Apps. But had you going there, didn’t I?  Even though I’m struggling casino online with the three exclamation marks after the name, I am totally in love with this App. Not strictly something to help you doodle, but an inspiration tool as this App slides seamlessly through some of the great wall art of the age. Oh, casino and you can then try and mimic it on our next recommended App.

Graffiti!!! - Italic Labs LC


Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Gareth Solves World Peace

I used to love MS Paint in the old days, I used to mess about for perhaps up to five minutes at a time using the old spray paint tool, making works of art. I then got frustrated with the whole lack of sophistication and forgot about it.

But now, with this amazing App, you can spray paint away with no chance of being arrested or labeled a misguided menace. With the chance to import pictures straight from Facebook (you may have to explain why you’re taking pictures of walls), you can go to work tagging and creating out there art for the masses.

A great and simple way of displaying the various paint tools makes creating this art oh so easy. Tap away, put your hooded sweater up high and mix/deface at will (and it’s in HD).

Spray Paint - painting/drawing/graffiti/virtual spray can - Daniel Cota


Whiteboard Pro

Whiteboard Pro

Now this is fun. Drawing and doodling is fun on your own but if you’re a hotshot drawing type you might need some help and if you’re doodling you might want some added fun – well – you can with this excellent App.

A drawing App with a difference, this one allows you to draw and doodle in a collaborative way. Connect via Bluetooth or Wii-Fii with an equally cool member of society (you know, someone who has a ‘Pad or a ‘Phone or a ‘Pod) and get together sharing your creative juices.

With an intuitive design, allow you imagination to run wild and you can even make up your own real time comic (trust me – that is a fun thing to do).

Whiteboard Pro - Raizlabs Corporation


So there you have it – a selection of awesome iPad drawing apps for you to download and try that will really get you scribbling and a doodling. What is your favourite App? Did we miss it off the list? Why not comment and let us know.

Originally posted 2011-03-15 15:19:08.


  1. Janis says:

    Check out OmniSketch. Every iPad owner who has played with it on my iPad has immediately purchased a copy for themselves (only $1.99). One of my brothers-in-law (a design-build guy) was playing with my iPad, trying to decide whether or not he was ready for a tablet, when I urged him to try OmniSketch. His first reaction was “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to buy an iPad right now!”

    1. Shane says:

      Haha I love omnisketch!!!! But I have to say penultimate wins me over everytime I use it!!!

  2. Rab says:

    I tried (free) versions of these apps only to find that they seemed to be less functional than MSPaint when it came to on the fly editing of screenshots – and MSPaint was free!

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