Best iPad Note Taking Apps For Meetings And School

When it comes to taking notes during important business meetings and classroom lectures, your iPad is a real gem. Of course choosing the right iPad note taking app(s) for you can be a bit tedious since there are so many to choose from. This is why we’ve taken the time to help simplify things a bit and hopefully make the selection process easier for you.  So, sit back, relax and be sure to take note of the following iPad apps.

Featured iPad Note Taking Apps

Evernote – Free

Evernote is a very popular note taking app for the iPad and for good reason. It’s a great tool to use for doing research and of course for taking notes in the classroom. That’s not all though, Evernote is perfect for handling snapshots and recordings as well and you can easily sync your notes to your Mac or Windows desktop computer.

You’ll never lose track of your brilliant ideas with Evernote.

HelvetiNote™ – $2.99

HelvetiNote might be small in file size but it’s big on useful features. It’s a great app for organizing your thoughts and taking important notes that you need to keep track of.  Both a drawing and erasing tool has been integrated and it has the ability to store both written and hand drawn notes.

All notes taken with this app are optimized for email and you’ll enjoy it’s elegant user interface.


Notably – $2.99

Whether you’re in a classroom or at a local coffee shop taking notes, Notably is a wonderful app to have. Designed exclusively for the iPad with some amazing features you can explore and definitely worth the price.


Daily Notes – $4.99

Turn your iPad into a note taking machine with Daily Notes. Great for keeping track of key points during class or business meetings and also the perfect app to use for a daily journal or diary.

You’ll be amazed at how many great features are bundled in this app. You can even include photo attachments with your notes and export in PDF format.

Want to make sure your notes and/or diary are kept private? No problem! Daily Notes even has the option to password protect all of your recorded data!


MobileNoter for iPad – Free

If you use Microsoft OneNote and were looking for a way to sync your notes on your iPad then look no further because MobileNoter is the perfect app for you. The app itself is free and can be used as a stand alone iPad notetaking app, and for only $1.25/month you can enjoy the benefits of syncing your MS OneNote files.

abc Notes – Sticky Note App for iPad – $4.99

Looking for a realistic sticky note app for your iPad? Introducing abc Notes, a colorful and useful app which is very rich in features. Not only can you keep track of important notes and information but you can also dazzle up your notes with 24 different skins to choose from.

You can sort and organize your notes and even mark your notes with badges. That’s right, badges, and there are over 2,000 to choose from!

abc Notes also comes bundled with 60 professional backgrounds. Of course you can select any photo from your own personal album to use as a background if you choose to do so.


Looking for another way to take notes other than using the built-in keyboard?  Check out one of these Styli in our TCGeeks store and see if one is the right fit for you.  Not everyone can get used to using Stylus for writing on the iPad but it is an option.

We hope this helps you on your quest to find the perfect note taking iPad app for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. If you feel that perhaps we left out any apps that you believe should be on this list then please do share!

Originally posted 2010-08-10 14:58:54.


  1. Robert L. says:

    Evernote is my brain! I love it. I had an account for a year before i finally got it then converted overnight. As far as note taking iPad apps I really like simplicity. For typed notes I use MyTexts and for handwritten I use Penultimate. When I complete my notes, etc both apps allow me to email from the app. So I email to my Evernote email address so it just pops into Evernote. My general note taking process.

  2. Shane says:

    Robert. I have heard more than once from people that swear by Evernote! I guess I need to dig in a little more into it and really take advantage of it. I want to look at this egretlist though.

  3. Shane says:

    Just saw egretlist! is a to do app that syncs with Evernote, interesting…ok there has to be something similar to that for the iPad….nozbe does it but it’s a lot more expensive

  4. Fnj says:

    Good write-up, but you might want to mention Note Take HD, from the inventer of Visicalc, which focuses on hand written notes. I’m still playing with it, but I like it so far.

  5. Shane says:

    Thanks – and thanks for reading! Yeah, its so hard because there are SO MANY awesome ones to cover and I’d probably publish a book trying to cover them all. LOL. Will you let me know how you feel about Note Take HD when you get a better feel for it? Do you use it with a stylus?

  6. Dennis Russo says:

    +1 for Note Taker HD with a pogo stylus. I need the flexibility to handwrite my notes and this combo allows me to do just that through an efficient interface.

  7. Shane says:

    Thanks!!! So you find it easy to use the stylus to take notes?

  8. Dennis Russo says:

    Slight learning curve, but now that I’ve used enough I have no issue. Actually the worst part was waiting for the stylus to come in the mail. While using Note Taker HD with your index finger is possible, the results aren’t the best and it doesn’t look professional in a business meeting.

  9. Shane says:

    I agree. I’ve got mine on order so I can test it even further as new apps are released..

  10. Justin says:

    Try Notability for a full comprehensive note taking application. It allows you to sync and amplify audio recording with text in addition to customizable fonts, colors, size, and highlighting. Also, you can insert images, pictures, web images, and hand written notes or drawings such as graphs. Notes can be stored by subject and category and easily exported as a pdf+recording or just a pdf though drop box. Soon it will support iDISK and webDAV. Hope this helps.

  11. Ken says:

    What I’m really looking for is a tool that would let me take meeting minutes with the iPad. Something with pre-set template fields etc. There are tons of apps that let you start off with a blank page but I’d like to have something that has a bit more structure.

    I’ve not found much doing basic searches in the app store or on-line. Any ideas?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Ken….so you mean an app that has a form all set up for various types of meeting notes and you just fill it all in, correct?

      1. Ken says:

        Yes, or one where I could create my own fields and save as a template. I’m sure people will think, “just bring your laptop and use MS Word”, but, I’d love to find an iPad solution.

    2. Scott Bryan says:

      Ken, I’m the developer for CaptureNotes and I’d love to hear your direct thoughts on taking meeting minutes. CaptureNotes is similar to what you describe, a blank page, and we have initially geared our tool for students. However, part of my background was a COO for a telecom company, and daily meeting were a way of life for me. We had plans on introducing a second tool, CaptureMeetings, but now are focusing on providing all resources into CaptureNotes to keep from managing two codesets.

      If you would be interested in sharing your ideas with us, please contact me at

      I appreciate your time and attention. Scott Bryan

      1. Shane says:

        Scott – Thank you much. I appreciate it. Does CaptureNotes have templates?

        1. Scott Bryan says:

          Shane – We do not have templates as yet and that’s why I’d like to get some feedback from Ken. We implemented a series of Flags that are timesynced to Audio recording, for precise playback during Review. Our Flags are named, icon & color coded for quick sorting and analysis. I’m a big proponent in the 80/20 rule, and the use of Flags can help a student move through a lecture to replay the most critical items covered. 80% of the value in 20% of the time…

          We are building multiple Flag sets, and one set could certainly be directly focused on meeting minutes. We’re a few days away from our 1.1 product release, and our 1.2 release will support multiple Flag sets.

          I’d be happy to provide you with a copy of CaptureNotes via a promo code for your review, please contact me via email if you would like to try it out.

          Best regards, Scott

          1. Shane says:

            I wold love that….then I could write up a review :-)

          2. Andy Morton says:


            Please read my post below. I’m looking for an app that will first import a file (pdf usually) and allow the user to make notes to the right of the text as the user listens to a lecture. Even more powerful would be the ability to record the audio, as you describe, and have it tagged to the text being written or typed to the right of the imported pdf. Akin to the Livescribe system.


  12. Kaz says:

    Is there a note taking tool that accepts input like the old Palm Pilots did. One character at a time? That seems to me like the best way of being able to input text quickly. I bought one of PhatPad, but it’s a little cumbersome to write lots of words because after you finish writing a line of text, you have to touch the “enter” key, which is on the right side of the screen. That means if you write with your right hand, you can’t use your left thumb to do it, you need to pick up your stylus and click it. I looked at WritePad, but it looks like it has the same interface… Not so good for quickly taking meeting notes…

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Kaz,
      Thanks for the message!

      So do you mean one that you don’t have to hit enter and you can just type and keep tying and it will format it?

  13. Andy Morton says:

    I’m looking for an app that will import a PDF or Word Doc and allow me to make notes in a margin.

    The scenario is for going to continuing education conferences where the speakers give out their notes in pdf or word BEFORE the lecture. As we listen to the speaker and read along in their notes, it would be desirable to be able to either type or write notes out to the side of the imported document.



    1. Shane says:

      Hi Andy – - would you want an app that let’s you take notes directly on the PDF…or just in the margin?

      1. Andy Morton says:

        Actually, both would be best.

        For example, I could highlight, circle, make small notations or notes on the body of txt or slides AND writes notes off to the side of the text.

        Even better would be an app that had a corresponding Mac app. Imagine using my MacBook Air and a Logitech HD Webcam recording the audio and video of the lecture while I have the slides and/or notes on my screen with the ability to type notes…..all in sync like the livescribe smartpen.

        1. Scott Bryan says:

          Hi Andy,

          Our goal is to allow the PDF to be the backdrop that you would take notes on top of, allowing typed, written and Flag… When you would be recording the audio, the Flags would continue to sync with the Audio. This would behave in a “non-destructive” way, the PDF would remain as original, but you would be able to optionally print the PDF with the Notes & Flags.

          This is on our list of enhancements… There are a lot of incredible things that can be done, and we plan to bring them to our users.

          Best regards, Scott

          1. Andy Morton says:

            Essentially, it would be analogous to the Cornell Method of note taking coupled with the digital enhancement of audio recording tagged. Andy, yes, I would leave the PDF untouched. This is why I suggested having the note area off to the side, as in the cornell methodology.

  14. Sam says:

    You forgot about the inclass app which is also for iphone. It is great and applicable to meetings as well as taking notes for school. Check it out.

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