How To Collaborate With Others Online Using Your iPad

If you use your iPad or iPad 2 for business then one of the things you will want to do at one point is collaborate with others online.  That’s one of the best things about the iPad and the fact that it’s usually always online.  So here are some great ways you can collaborate with others.

Collaborate With Others Online Using Your iPad

If you have a business and an iPad, there may be times when you have wanted to work with others and thought about how you could collaborate across the miles without spending a fortune on some of the larger collaboration tools.  Here’s a few ways you spend less but benefit from online collaboration with your colleagues.

So what does it mean to collaborate online? Usually this means you are working with others on documents, brainstorming ideas, or working within an app but the difference is that you can actually see the work each other is doing either to a document or on a whiteboard.  It’s perfect for having a virtual meeting as a student or even a business user.

DoodleToo ($0.99)


DoodleToo is an iPad collaboration app that lets you draw and chat. You can also post pictures to share with others. Other users will see your pen moving, write comments, collaborate on your creation, and maybe even challenge you to a draw-off. The whole world can now see your drawings as they are created! You can doodle with all online users from the website in addition to all iPad users.

As a logged-in user you can Friend, Follow, or Favorite other users and create private or public rooms with your own settings and background images. You will also have 2x more color options than unregistered guests! More benefits come with next updates.

DoodleToo is the simplest, yet most addictive chat ever! While you’re drawing, click on “Say it” to write a text message—the message will appear at the top of your pen. When you are satisfied with your collaborative masterpiece, just click “Snap it” to take a screenshot. Save it, send it, or post it to Facebook for all your friends to see.

Here are some features you get with this really great iPad collaboration app:

  • Tools: pen / spray / stamps / colors / stroke size
  • Snap it
  • Say it
  • Browse rooms
  • Browse users
  • Public / private rooms
  • Fast OpenGL drawing
  • Draw over photos
  • Internal messaging
  • Friend / Follow / Favorite
  • Room creator
  • Multiplatform real-time drawing
  • 3G drawing enabled

DoodleToo is a great way to collaborate.  It’s easy to create an account and then add each other and start your meeting.  This is the perfect app for those that want a quick meeting or that want to share ideas quickly and easily.

DoodleToo - DoodleToo a.s.

Whiteboard HD ($4.99)

Whiteboard HD

Here is one of the original iPad collaboration apps.  Whiteboard makes it easy to visualize ideas by providing the ideal environment for writing notes, sketching charts and recording brainstorming sessions. You can make freeform drawings with the drag of a finger, and easily add pre-made shapes and lines with familiar tap, pinch, and drag multi-touch gesture controls.

There are grid or lined backgrounds, and you can import any image or diagram from the iPad photo library. Labels and text boxes can even be dynamically placed, sized and oriented to complement any image.

Collaboration on preliminary sketches, group brainstorming and student projects are all perfect uses for Whiteboard. You can even share ideas through external monitors or projectors in multiple aspect ratios when used with the iPad VGA adapter. At the end of class or a meeting, it’s easy to save and bookmark notes, images and diagrams in the apps project manager, then send out a copy of the groups work via emai.

The app fully supports DropBox and  and the ability to share whiteboards with others.  The newest version also supports VGA out with a laser pointer mode for those giving presentations or talks what also want to collaborate online during the talk.

This is a great iPad collaboration app which even more potential coming. It shows off the best ways to work together whether you are using Wi-Fi or 3G.

Whiteboard HD - Avici Software

Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing ($2.99)

Whiteboard Pro

Used by over 3 million people, Whiteboard offers real-time collaborative picture creation. Connect two iPad devices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer-to-peer.  This is perfect if you are going into a meeting where you want to share ideas or brainstorm right away.

The app features some great drawing tools such as the ability to open any image or photo and mark it up, choose the marker opacity, and save your work.

Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing - GreenGar Studios

SyncPad (Remote Whiteboard) ($9.99)


Last but not least, we show you the ultimate in iPad collaboration apps.  This one is for the true collaborator that really wants to get the most out of their meetings and using the iPad for business.  SyncPad is the ultimate whiteboard for remote and local collaboration.

If you would you like to share your ideas with a coworker but you are out of town, just create a room with your SyncPad and share the name of the room with your co-worker, who can enter in his SyncPad or simply use any browser, visiting

Forget those whiteboard and sketchpad applications that require you to be few feet from each other in order to collaborate. With SyncPad you just need to be connected to the internet, and you will be able to enjoy a live connection experience, just like if you were working the very same whiteboard, no matter where you are.

If you want to clear your whiteboard, just tap on the screen 3 times to clear imported images and 4 to clear the entire board.

The great part about this iPad collaboration app is that you don’t need an iPad.  All you need is the Internet.  You can use it from your computer, laptop, or iPad and everyone can be making changes and collaborating.  Here are a few features:

  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple stroke sizes
  • Eraser
  • Multi-page PDF support
  • Import pictures from your library
  • Live sharing connection with another SyncPad, SyncPad reader or a browser.
  • Multi-user rooms
  • Share via e-mail or save to your library

The reason this app stands out is due to the ease and flexibility you get when using it. You can create virtual “rooms” on the fly and then invite others who may be using Macs, laptops, or an iPad.  This is a great business tool for $9.99.

SyncPad (Remote Whiteboard) - Thirtynine LLC

All of these options are great iPad collaboration apps and they are a must have if you want to work across the miles.  Each one has it’s own pros and cons but if you are looking for the most flexible solution then the DoodleToo app and the SyncPad app are the best ones to start off with.

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