The Real Reason RIM Bought Tungle


When the news was announced that RIM (Research In Motion) had purchased Tungle, it did not occur to me until later in the day the real reason they did this. Despite what most people believe, I don't think they did it purely for the social calendering features.  Here why RIM really purchased Tungle. … [Read more...]

Blackberry Playbook 2 , just rumored or really next Project ?

blackberry playbook2

In the middle of many news about BlackBerry from the company that would be sold untill the release of BBM for Android and iOS , Lately there is a news about new product that will be released by Blackberry It’s rumored that BlackBerry is preparing to develop a new device , that’s Blackberry PlayBook  2 . It's quite astonishing, because the sales of first generation tablet a few years ago is quite disapointed . Even the leader of the … [Read more...]

The BlackBerry Keeps you at Par with the World


Blackberry, a stylish, distinctive, exotic and popular brand in the smartphones industry, has always astonished the viewers with something innovative and stylish yet simple. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has blown the mind of its users through efficient and brilliant handling and functioning. The full and awesome QWERTY keyboard presentation has made the messaging and typing faster and easy. Plus, the 3G connectivity allows the person to search and … [Read more...]

How Many Apps Are Enough | Choosing A Tablet Computer


Are you trying to choose which tablet computer to get?  There are now several on the market and we wrote an article to help you make a choice but one of the things that keeps boiling up are the apps.  One of the things I want to know from people is "how many apps are enough?" … [Read more...]

Blackberry Picking in Autumn Means Only One Thing


No, it has nothing to do with fruit-picking down leafy lanes on a crisp, still Sunday morning in Autumn with the family tagging along. Rather, it’s the time to get hold of the latest Blackberry mobile handset, the latest ‘must have’ fashion accessory. But what will you do with the redundant handset? If you're in the know, you’ll sell it to an authorised dealer and get some money back, just in time to spend at Christmas. The … [Read more...]

Blackberry Playbook Information | Pricing, Specs, Features

blackberry playbook

I have a confession to make.  I have been looking more and more at the Blackberry Playbook and I am nearly thinking that it might be the one shipping tablet that could compete directly with the iPad.  Here is everything you need to know about it including pricing, where to get one, and the specs. … [Read more...]

New Applications for Blackberry 10

bb10 apps

A number of new applications are now available for BlackBerry 10 users .From thats many applications , there is an application called BlackBerry Work Drives . The Blackberry Work Drives application which now available for BlackBerry 10 users  is an application that intended for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 customers . This application can help increase their productivity , allowing to access content remotely , edit and also manage content … [Read more...]

Blackberry PlayBook Review Roundup

Blackberry PlayBook Reviews

The Blackberry PlayBook reviews have just started to come in and so far it is getting a massive thumbs up except for a few minor areas.  I recently wrote an article on why I feel the PlayBook will be a serious competitor to the iPad 2 and now I am even more convinced of that.  Here are some highlights of the reviews. … [Read more...]

Facebook App Coming For Playbook. Size Matters.


RIM announced in a press release that a Facebook app would be coming soon to the Playbook in May and it's quite an interesting twist since the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, did not feel the iPad was a viable mobile option just a few months ago; so why the Playbook? … [Read more...]

The Best Blackberry Playbook Cases And Folios

PlayBook Gel Case

Here are some great Blackberry PlayBook cases and folios you might want to check out if you will be getting or already have the new tablet computer from Blackberry.  One reason these are a great idea to check out is because you want to get the most protection you can for your new tablet in order to protect your investment. Best Blackberry Playbook Cases And Folios There is a minor difference between a case and a folio. A case is usually an … [Read more...]

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