Will Smartphone Apps Change How We Think About Investment?

When they think about investment, most people will imagine large corporations and wealthy individualsdepositing their money with banks, or buying stocks and shares. They do not think about the average person with a smartphone or tablet making money in a matter of minutes – but that could be commonplace the future, and it’s a lot nearer than you may think. What is Forex? Although the stock market is probably the best-known method of … [Read more...]

Ways To Organize Apps With Folders and Multiple Screens

ways to organize apps

The most common way of arranging apps on iPad or iPhone would be to press and hold an icon until it starts to move about and 'jiggle'. These are some extension ways to organize apps with folders and multiple screen. Move and Arrange What to arrange your apps in a different order? Tap and hold on any icon until they all 'jiggle'. You can now drag any of them around - the other will slide out of the way to make room. when you're done, press the … [Read more...]

Transfer iPhone Photos To Your iPad Via Bluetooth Or WiFi

Transferring iPhone photos to your iPad in an easy way is a question a lot of people ask about.  There are a lot of people getting iPads that realize the lack of a camera means you can’t take pictures with it, but you sure can with your iPhone!  So the next logical question is, “how do I transfer my iPhone photos over to my iPad?”  Here I will show you a newly released app that answers this question! … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs American Innovator | Thanks For the Future

Steve Jobs

How a college dropout trusted his gut, defied corporate America and carried us into tomorrow. New York City, March 20, 1983. Steve Jobs is gazing at ancient Greek sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as he spends the day with John Sculley, the head of Pepsi and the man he has been trying for months to lure from the East Coast to become his partner in running Apple. They leave the museum, walk through Central Park, and head to the San … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Features | Truth or Rumor?


All the new iPhone 5 features you wanted to know about. As soon as Apple rolls out the iPhone 5, we’ll all know for sure what it has in it, but in the meantime we have to depend on leaks and rumors. Here are the ones we can verify as truths about the new iPhone 5 features, we hope. Improve Security Apple announced the buyout of AuthenTec, Inc., which is a provider of mobile security technology. It stands to reason that they plan to include … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Space For iPhone

Angry Bird For iPhone

Pigs still can't fly, but they've gone intergalactic Angry Birds Space For iPhone : So, the birds are back. Of course they are, given the popularity of their original outing - familiar to everyone from foetuses to your gran, Angry Birds is the most downloaded and paid-for iOS app ever. Hell, there are even plans for Angry Birds theme parks! There must have been a real temptation to just crank out another follow-up along the lines of the … [Read more...]

Learning from Your Computer Mistakes


We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, with so much of our lives in a digital format we can now expose ourselves to a loss of data and even theft of our personal information. It is even more important to avoid costly computer mistakes if you are relying on your computer for income (even if it is just for keeping records). So what are the most common computer problems? • Not backing up data. • Bad security such as simple passwords or no … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Current Smart Phone Keep You from Embracing the Future


Does it s feel like you're Alice, and you just fell down the rabbit hole? It really can feel like we’re living in a surreal world, where new tablets and smart phones are dancing in midair, enticing us with all the latest features and possibilities. How surreal can it get? Just this week alone, Apple, which is the largest public company in the world by valuation, and a leader in all the latest communication hardware trends, announced not one, … [Read more...]

Personalised News Apps | iPad Apps


Trying to stay on the top of the news via the Internet could be a full-time job if you're not careful. Simply trawling through site after site in Safari looking for interesting or relevant information can be a real chore, which is why it pays to employ the services of an app or two to help drill down the real nittygritty of what interest you without losing you off from potential new sources and websites. If you're looking to bring all the news … [Read more...]

Clever is not Always Clever | Best Five Ridiculous Hacker that ever caught by the camera

ridiculous hacker

Hacking or something that was do by hacker often happened since internet has been grown . Many hackers and the victims appear each day as a result of this action .Hackers themselves have many ways to diserve or at least break into the security system of the victim. In fact , this security system  is continue to be  improved by anyone . Hackers itself has a variety of clever ways to outsmart the security system that continues to evolve this … [Read more...]

iPad Case: Brenthaven Metrolite BP [with video]

This iPad case by Brenthaven is the perfect accessory if you want to store your laptop, phone, iPad, and all of the various chargers and accessories that go along with it.  If you have been looking for something that is both high-quality and affordable then you will definitely want to check this out.   Overview I have been searching for an iPad case that could accommodate both my iPad and my Macbook Pro (13”), along … [Read more...]

iPad Web Development With Gusto

ipad web development

The iPad can do many things, as you might have already discovered, but did you know that it can also be the perfect portable web development platform?  It can.  With this amazing and very handy app you can do all of your web developing on the go.  Gusto makes it very easy to embrace the workflow of web development. … [Read more...]

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