Charadium for iPad – App Review

Charadium: An Addicting Draw-and-Guess Multiplayer Game Charadium for iPad is an addicting draw-and-guess multiplayer game for your whole family.  You play a game with other people who are also playing on an iPad, iPhone, and even an iPod Touch. Building A Community Everyone playing will need the app which is part of the Plus+ community that is also integrated with other games, like God Finger, and We Rule. With these games and the Plus+ … [Read more...]

Organize Photos On iPad And Sync To Lightroom

organize and sync photos on ipad

If you have been wanting to better organize your photos on your iPad and you also use Adobe Lightroom then you now have a brand new option called Photosmith.  Here is what it does and how it may just be one of the best iPad photo apps yet to address photo organizing. … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Starting an Online Business


Starting any business is a difficult process, especially with so many administrative duties to fulfill before you can even sit down at 9am on your first official day of business and start building the client list. It goes without saying that it’s going to be tough, especially in the early days, but in the current economic climate just finding the money to get the company off the ground is a challenge in itself - and that’s before you’ve … [Read more...]

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume's cardboard cutout world will enchant and delight you, albeit for a relatively short time Lume HD For iPhone : Lume is a frustrating game. Not because it's particularly difficult. In fact, the puzzles contained in this point-and-click adventure are mostly at the casual end of the spectrum. The reason it's frustrating is because it's very, very short - even by mobile gaming standards. The basic structure of the game is simple, but the … [Read more...]

Growth of Smartphone Market Research


The growth of smartphone use worldwide has been phenomenal and now more of us than ever are using smartphones as our primary communication method and our primary way of accessing the internet and online services. It’s unsurprising that smartphones have seen such a meteoric growth but now we are beginning to see the incredible opportunities that can be carried out in terms of market research. Mobile phone market research itself is nothing … [Read more...]

The First Look At The New iPhone 4S Features

iPhone 4S Features

October 4th event of “Lets Talk iPhone” introduced the iPhone 4S and the many features everyone has been expecting. Of course, they really were expecting an iPhone 5 but alas, were disappointed. Although it looks just like the iPhone 4 there are a few changes Apple included in this latest release of the iPhone. It may look like the same old iPhone 4, this new iPhone 4S features some of the best in newest technology for cell phones. Will it … [Read more...]

News flash : Mavericks , The Latest OS for Mac finally released

os mavericks

Apple finally released the Golden Master on their latest OS X , Mavericks . By doing so ,a few time again This Mac Operating system will be ready to be used by apple fanboy. Golden Master version is the version that made by apple ??for its application developers . Only few people who may use this version . The purpose of this version released is to prepare the OS first before its being ready to be used. Hopefully, the end users will already … [Read more...]

Newsflash : Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.5 is now available

ios6 jailbreak

For those who still persist in iOS 6 because it relies on the still tethered jailbreak tweaks. iH8sn0w launches untethered jailbreak method for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.5 for 3GS and devices that using A4 processor, This jailbreak release time may be accelerated due evasion jailbreak tool that released suddenly. To perform untethered jailbreak, follow these steps. 1.Already ditethered jailbreak, use redsn0w or sn0wbreeze. 2.Open … [Read more...]

TCGeeks Live! Returns This Sunday At 2PM

TCGeeks Live

For those that like the thrill of watching a live broadcast then you definitely want to tune into TCGeeks Live! on Sundays at 2PM (PST). TCGeeks Live! is a weekly live show where I go over the past week's news, rumors, humor, and give you the app of the week.  Also, it's for you to ask any question you want to and I'll answer it.  If you want the best and most exciting tablet/iPad news and information then please tune into TCGeeks Live! - oh … [Read more...]

iPad Accessory Review: Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve [video]

This iPad accessory review is a leather iPad sleeve by Saddleback Leather Company.  It is incredibly durable and will probably outlast several iPads.  Here's why you will want to check this out... Saddleback Leather Company, based out of Texas is a company that stands for high-quality leathers.  They have been in business since 1999 and all of their products have a 100 year warranty.  They use only the best thread, rivets and leathers that … [Read more...]

5 Ecommerce Blogs You Need to Follow

In the modern era of smartphones and tablet computers, newspapers and magazines in the physical paper-form are becoming a thing of the past as people opt to read on the go on devices that fit neatly in their hands despite the cramped trains and trams they ride during their daily commutes and between bites of their sandwiches during lunch breaks. More and more people are consuming news and information over the Internet and in electronic form, … [Read more...]

Instapaper The Perfect Apps For Offline Reading | iPad Apps

instapaper logo

We're used to having an always on internet connection these days, even wirelessly, but there are still often times you'll be without the Internet, particularly if you own a Wi-Fi only iPad model. It won't give you full interaction, but if it's just text you want to read then instapaper is the perfect solution. Instapaper is available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for £2.49/$3.99. The service is free to use on the web, … [Read more...]

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