Be A Smart Buyer While Collecting Genuine Fine Art Prints


A collection or even a single piece of limited edition print of fine art is very precious for its owner and what makes it precious is its rarity and originality. But how do you make sure that the print you are buying is genuine and truly belongs to a limited edition? What if the publisher sells you the print at the cost of limited edition and also publishes it in an open edition run. Then your rare collection won’t be actually rare and hold … [Read more...]

VOIP and Skype: The Latest Battle Between Apple and Microsoft


Business phone systems using are already very big business. VOIP-based communications are fast becoming the norm for everyone in business. Even without substantial investment, many companies are using software applications to make the most of VOIP (Voice/Video Over Internet Protocol). Skype has penetrated the consumer market very quietly over the last few years. Do you know anyone who is not using Skype? Skype has excellent call quality, … [Read more...]

iPad Bluetooth Speakers For Wireless Freedom


There are all kinds of iPad speakers.  You can get external iPad speakers. You can get portable iPad speakers that are small and light. You can also get iPad speaker docks and plug your iPad right into the speaker unit.  But there is another type of speaker that you might want to check out and it's completely wireless. iPad Bluetooth Speakers Since your iPad is Bluetooth enabled it works really well with a set of wireless Bluetooth … [Read more...]

IK Multimedia iRig MIX

IK Multimedia iRig MIX For iPhone

It's small, weighs next to nothing and claims that even beginners will be able to become a mix master Budding DJ lurking in there somewhere? Then this tiny mixer enables you to create a traditional DJ configuration with an i0S-based twist. Instead of plugging two turntables into the mixer, the iRig MIX provides two mini-jack inputs for two iOS devices (or one iOS device and another audio source such as an MP3 or CD player, or one iOS device … [Read more...]

Family Gadget Insurance and Its Growing Need

Every kind of gadget; be it a mobile phone, laptop, iPod or any other technical stuff has its own importance and value. Gadgets these days are the only means through which we are able to be in touch with our near and dear ones. There are a number of gadgets available, each one for a specific need. We surf the internet, chat online with people on the social networking sites; keep a track of things happening around us, all these require the … [Read more...]

Essential Worker’s

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Make your working life easier and more comfortable with our choice of the best hardware add-ons. Apple Wireless Keyboard One of the most comfortable, smartest-looking keyboards on offer is a standard item bundled with the iMac. However, it's also perfectly suited to use with the iPad. It's small, light and runs on just two AA batteries, which will keep it going for weeks on end, even with daily use. It isn't cheap, but the fact you can use it … [Read more...]

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