Close Running Apps On Your iPad

After only a short time using your iPad, it is possible that you will have several apps running at once. Some of these you might be using, whilst others will be running in the background, draining both your battery and processor power needlessly. This guide will show you how to close those unneeded apps.


You can quickly and easily bring up a list of currently running apps by double-clicking the Home button at the bottom of the iPad.


On double-click, the app bar will slide up from the bottom of the screen and show icons for every app that is running. Touch and hold on any app you want to close and the icon will start to shake.


Any app that you have selected by touching and holding the icon will show a small red Minus sign In the top corner. Tap the minus sign to close that app.


Closing apps from the app bar just closes them. You don’t have to worry that you are deleting apps. You can see how to delete apps elsewhere in these pages.


You can repeat this process to close any of the apps shown in the app bar.

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