Differences Between iPad and Galaxy Tab

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is off to a great start. It sold over 600, 000 units since its official release and that means there is definite demand for an iPad alternative.  It could also mean that it’s just the “new kid on the block” and thus there are a lot of folks wanting to try it out.  We dug around and wanted to present you with some of the main differences between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad (with current iOS 4.2 software).

Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad

There are definitely a few differences between the new Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad.  This is good for you to know if you are going to be making a decision any time soon.  One thing to keep in mind is that all of the newcomers to the tablet computer world will each have their own advantages and disadvantages.  So beware of the hype.

Tablets = iPad

One thing the iPad has going for it is brand recognition.  But it goes further than that.  Do you use a Kleenex or a tissue? You probably say, “I need a Kleenex”.  Kleenex is actually a brand name but we use the name as if it were the actual product.  Same thing goes with tablet computers.  No one is saying “tablet”, they are saying “iPad” and this remains true even though others are arriving.  This is important because eventually everything is just an “iPad” in consumer’s minds.

We did a comparison of the Galaxy Tab and the iPad back in September so if you want to see the tech specs it’s all in the article.


One major difference you will want to know about the two is the price.  In the end, the Galaxy Tab will cost you more (for a smaller device).  And speaking of size, while the Galaxy Tab is smaller, it is still not quite feasible to fit in your pocket.   Another point about price?  If you have been using iTunes and other Apple-related technologies for any length of time then you have invested a lot.  You won’t be using all that Apple technology with the Tab – so be prepared.  And if this is the case then it should be much cheaper.


The other major difference is the look and feel.  The Galaxy tab is in that odd position of looking like an outdated PDA.  It just does not have that quality and sophistication that the iPad has.  It is really kind of a hybrid phone/tablet.  That might be fine for a lot of consumers but it is definitely where the iPad has the upper hand.


Finally, one other difference that the iPad has with the Galaxy Tab is the ability to rent TV shows and movies directly on the device.  With the iPad and iOS 4.2 you can easily rent and watch TV/Movies right through the iTunes app which makes is very convenient.  Plus, there is a 30-day viewing window.

More similarities and differences will emerge in the weeks to come but these are a few that stand out.

Do these differences mean much to you? Are you sticking with the iPad or venturing out to check out the Galaxy Tab?

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