Easy Books for iPad

Easy Books Offers Professional Business Bookkeeping And Invoicing In Your Pocket.

Easy Books is not only a great example of both a free trail app but also of book keeping on your ‘Phone, the app comes with a demo business and a total of 120 transactions which can be easily upgraded should you find, like us, that this application is perfect for home and small business accounting. When using this free version you can test the following features – at least these are the ones our limited accounting knowledge would allow – Profit and Loss estimates, Balance Sheet, Audit, VAT return and Cash Flow Statement. One thing any potential down-loaders should be made aware of and a factor that might limit usability being the need for a solid knowledge base in book keeping is essential. Presentation wise the app is serviceable but unlike to win any votes in design areas, yet this bland style works some much better as it doesn’t provide any distractions for the complex mathematics required for its use.

Easy Books for iPad

if you have your own small business this application is certainly worth downloading as it could help you on a daily basis.

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Originally posted 2012-11-19 09:00:52.

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