Emailing Tutorials

Mail, Contacts and Calendar Accounts

The iPad works with Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, MobileMe, AOL, Gmail and other popular email service providers and this is how you set them up.

Setting Up Accounts

MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange not only provide email, but also contact and calendar information, plus you can sync to the iPad automatically wirelessly. With MobileMe, you can also sync your bookmarks on the iPad with Safari on a Mac. All of these accounts are setup directly on your iPad and you can use more than one at a time. For most of the popular email services, the iPad will automatically enter most of the settings needed for you. To set up an account on the iPad follow these steps:


On the iPad Home screen, tap Settings.


Select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars,’ then choose Add Account.


Now pick an account type:

In some regions, but not all, MobileMe has a “Find My ‘Pad” feature, that helps locate your iPad if its been lost or stolen and lets you remotely lock, or even erase the information on your iPad if necessary.

If you decide to enable “Find My ‘Pad’ for your MobileMe account, you will need to make sure Push is turned on for ‘Fetch New Data’. Do this by going to Settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ > Fetch New Data. If Push is off, tap to turn it on.

If you setup an Exchange account you will be able to set how many days of email you want to sync to the iPad. If you already have some contact or calendar information on your 1Pad when you create an account, the iPad will ask you what you want to do with this information. You can either merge the existing data into your MobileMe or Exchange account, keep all the information completely separate on the iPad or delete it. This process will also take place for all of your saved bookmarks. Whenever you disable or delete any account, contact or calendar information for your MobileMe or Exchange accounts, your iPad will ask you if you wish to keep this information or delete it.


Enter your account information and hit Save.


If youre setting up a MobileMe or Microsoft Exchange account, tap the items you want to use on your iPad device — mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks if its a MobileMe account.

Using The iPad iOS 5 Split Keyboard Feature

When using the your iPad in the portrait (upright) mode your ability to use the standard keyboard is extremely limited due to the need to type one handed – your other hand having to hold the iPad in he upright position. With the launch of iOS 5 this is no longer an issue as you can literally split the keyboard in two following a simple series of onscreen gestures. What follows is a short guide to doing this, making every use of the upright position keyboard, from sending emails to web browsing far easier.


Open any application that requires use of the portrait positioned keyboard, the Notes apps as seen here, then using your thumbs – placed closely together – press down on the keyboard.


Now quickly move your thumbs apart without removing them from the keyboard and it will split into two, allowing you to thumb type whilst holding the iPad.

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