From The Local Beautifull Girl Site , Cheated Acts , Untill The King of Social Networking World | Here are Some Facts about Facebook And it’s Founder , Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is a social network that currently get a lot of users in many countries in the world . However , before it was established , the Creator , Mark Zuckerberg , had to cheated first.

Previously , Zuck a familiar call of Mark Zuckerberg has created a similar social networking site which oriented to beautiful women called Facemash . A site that features photos of pretty girls on his campus . This site provides an access to the user for choosing which girl is beautifull according them.The first time you access , the user will be given two options of girl photo . After the vote, the two images will appear again , and so on .

The idea itself was appeared because attempt of Zuckerberg with his classmates, Andrew McCollum , Chris Hughes , and Dustin Moskovitz . This was done when they were on the second years at Harvard .

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With a variety of efforts , Zuckerberg and his friends managed to ‘ steal ‘ the image girls data from nine boarding place. In fact , at that time Harvard didn’t have a picture data about students as completed as Facemash .

The site itself then became very popular at Harvard . Many students then finally searched who is the most popular woman on campus .

The site is known have been sold by Zuckerberg to a banker named Rahul Jain at USD 30.201.because the popularity of this site Zuckerberg and his friends then was offered to make a special friendship sites for Harvard citizen by Cameron Winklevoss , Tyler Winklevoss , and Divya Narendra . Inspired from here , Zuck and his friends were making the great ever Social Site “Facebook”

when initial set up Facebook ( it was still called there were other social networking sites that was established named ConnectU .

Because of Connect U had a strong developer and network, it made just a little person who knew and visited it. From an article that was published in Business Insider ( 05/0/2010 ) , it was told that Zuck ever hacked ConnectU and remodel many profile of it’s members .

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Even in his next action , Zuck also made ​​many members of ConnectU to be invisible. With this way the other person will not find the victim’s ID .

Did not stop there , Zuck continue to aggressively take his naughty action with reduce the number of facilities or functions of ConnectU . Zuck madness was culminated by removing 20 account from that site .

With a little loosening of the ConnectU Popularity , success skyrocketed with obtaining many users in a short time .

However , finally Zuck action have to be paid expensively. He was demanded by the 3 founders of ConnectU for his actions , especially the theft of ideas that eventually be used as an initial concept of The establishment .

Although the trial of that Zuck Serial action continue to be held , but finally Hazzard decided to Rulled out the Facebook founder ‘s from that famous campus .

Now , Facebook has become a well-known company and successfully in this several years occupy the king’s throne of the social networking world.Facebook is almost used by every human being in the entire of hemisphere .

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Of course with the famous this social networking which is made by ​​Mark Zuckerberg’s, many interesting facts and events related to both the user and social network itself .

The following are interesting facts about Facebook that we summarize for you :

1 . Number of Facebook users

Facebook currently has over 350 million users worldwide  which approximately 55 million users  update their Facebook status every day .

2 . Facebook Photos

Facebook is also a social networking service that provides users to upload photos .

Recorded if there are more than 2.5 million photos uploaded by Facebook users every day .

3 . year of launch

Although almost everyone has a Facebook social networking but it is not many  users who know when was Facebook founded .

Facebook was first created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 , with the intention to create a site that contains a graduation photo of friends on campus , Harvard University .

4 . First Group Sex  on Facebook

Facebook is a great social networking also offers group feature in it . And recorded that the first group sex on Facebook was created in 2008 by Lauren Michaels with name ‘ I Need Sex ‘ . This group directly had 35 members only at 10 minutes after  established .

5 . Countries that prohibit the presence of Facebook

It’s Noted that there are some countries that prohibit the Facebook social networking presence. These countries are China , North Korea , Pakistan , Tajikistan , Congo , Syria , and Vietnam .

6 . Origin Place of Facebook users

Although Facebook is based in the United States , but in fact most of the Facebook users are from outside of the United States .

Reported if 70 percent of Facebook users are from outside of the Uncle Sam Land .

7 . Facebook Gayradar

A software with interesting functions have been created by an MIT graduate which is named Gayradar According to it’s name , this special software for Facebook is able to recognize homosexual men based on the original photo which is uploaded to this social networking .

8 . Other uses of Facebook

Besides as a social network ,There is a rumored if Facebook is also used by the police in some countries to track down and find out the identity of the fugitive.

9 . The most popular Fanpage

After his death , Michael Jackson Fanpage became the most popular Fanpage on Facebook . He managed to overtake Barack Obama with 6 million fans .

10 . Fantastic number of Facebook developers

In Order to continue running and making innovations or new features on the Facebook ,there are more than 800 thousand developers who work for Facebook today.

Well reader,Those are Some Facts about Facebook and it’s  Founder.Starting from Beautifull Girl Site,now Facebook Become The King of Social Networking Site.Hope it will be the inspiration for all of us.

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