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Getting started with FaceTime couldn’t be easier. When you launch the app, all you need to do is sign in with your Apple ID. You can then start making video calls to anyone who appears in the app’s Contacts list. Select a contact, tap on their name and tap again on the FaceTime icon. The other person’s device will ring, informing them that you’re calling. When they answer, away you go!

FaceTime gets all the contact information from the Contacts app on your iPad. If you already have a mail account set up on your iPad. If you already have a mail account set up on your iPad then the Contacts app will have imported the contact details from your email account as well as any people you add manually. If you want to add someone else to your list in FaceTime, simply tap the + button next to All Contacts.

Quick Contacts

To create a list of those people you stay in touch with frequently, tap on Favourites at the bottom of your contact list, then tap the + button. Tap on Recents to see your FaceTime call history and details of the FaceTime conversation you’ve had.

You can switch FaceTime on and off by tapping Setting ➡ FaceTime. If you don’t switch it off, you’ll always be available for FaceTime chat. In Setying you can also change the email address that people use to contact you over FaceTime, or add another email address that acts like a phone number you can give out (or several different ones for different groups of people).


There are a couple of important things to note. First, even if you have a 3G-capable iPad, FaceTime works only over Wi-Fi. Second, the person you want to contact over FaceTime must also have an iOS device or a computer that works with FaceTime – that is, an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac. If you want to chat with people who have Android or Windows, you’ll have to use alternatives such as the Skype app (free from the App Store).

Get To Know The FaceTime Screen On The iPad

  1. Thumbnail live view > You’ll see mini preview of yourself showing what the other person can see. Tap and drag image to reposition it so that you don’t obscure anything important on the screen.
  2. Suspend camera > If you press your iPads Home button while you’re chatting, you’ll be able to carry on using FaceTime but also access other apps. The camera will be switched off but it will still be possible to chat.
  3. Microphone > The microphone level isn’t adjustable, although you can alter the speaker volume using your iPad’s volume controls. Tap the left-hand icon at the foot of the screen to mute the mic.
  4. Designated contact > When trying to call a contact, you need to make sure that you have the email address in your Contact list that they’ve designated as their FaceTime email address. Tap the middle icon to end a call.
  5. Camera switching > Tap on the camera icon to switch between the FaceTime camera (front-facing) or the iSight (back) while you chat. You can do this at any point in the FaceTime call, no just from the start.

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