General Techniques for iPad 2 Troubleshooting

If your iPad is behaving oddly or erratically, it’s possible that a specific component inside the device is the cause, and in that case you don’t have much choice but to ship your iPad back to Apple for repairs. Fortunately, however, most glitches are temporary and can often be fixed by using one or more of the following techniques for iPad 2 Troubleshooting:

iPad 2 Troubleshooting: Restart your iPad

iPad 2 TroubleshootingBy far the most common solution to an iPad 2 problem is to shut down and restart the device. By rebooting the iPad, you reload the entire system, which is often enough to solve many problems. You restart your iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, until you see the Slide to Power Off screen (at which point you can release the button). Drag the Slide Power Off slider to the right to start the shutdown. When the screen goes completely black, your iPad is off. To restart, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo, and then release the button.

iPad 2 Troubleshooting – Reboot Your iPad’s Hardware.

When you restart your iPad by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake for a while, what you’re really doing is rebooting the system software. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to reboot the iPad’s hardware as well. To do that, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. Keep them pressed until you see the Apple logo (it takes about eight seconds or so), which indicates a successful restart.

Genius. The hardware reboot is also the way to go if your iPad is really stuck and holding down just the Sleep/Wake button doesn’t do anything.

Recharge Your iPad. It’s possible that your iPad just has a battery that’s completely discharged. Connect your iPad to your computer or to the dock. If it powers up and you see the battery logo (note that this may take 10 or 20 seconds), then it’s charging just fine and will be back on its feet in a while.

Shut Down a Stuck Application. If your iPad is frozen because an application has gone haywire, you can usually get the iPad back in the saddle by forcing the application to quit. Press and hold the Home button for about six seconds. Your iPad shuts down the application and returns you to the Home screen.

Check for iPad Software Updates. If Apple knows about the problem you’re having, it will fix it (eventually!) and make the patch available in a software update. I tell you how to update your iPad a bit latter in this chapter.

Check for Application Updates. It’s possible that a bug in an application is causing your woes. On the Home screen, tap App Store and check the Updates icon to see if any updates are available. If so, tap Updates, tap each application, and tap the Free button (or, in the unlikely event that the update cost money, tap the Buy button) to make it so.

Erase and Restore Your Content and Settings. This may seem like drastic advice, but it’s can then reset the iPad to its original, pristine state, and then restore the backup. I explain this rather lengthy process later in the chapter.

Reset Your Settings. Sometimes your iPad goes down for the count because its settings have become corrupted. In that case, you can restore the iPad by restoring its original settings. If iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPad, then the backup-and-restore option is out. However, you can still reset the settings on the iPad itself. Tap Settings in the Home screen, tap General, tap Reset, and then tap Reset All Settings. When your iPad asks you to confirm, tap Reset All Settings.

If resetting the settings doesn’t get the job done, it could be some recalcitrant bit of content that’s causing the problem. In that case, tap Settings in the Home screen, tap General, tap Reset, and then tap Erase All Content and Settings. When your iPad asks you to confirm, tap Erase iPad.

iPad 2 Troubleshooting – Connected Devices

You can connect devices to your iPad in only a few ways: using the headset jack, using the Dock connector, and using Bluetooth. So although the number of devices you can connect is relatively limited, that doesn’t mean you might never have problems with those devices.

If you’re having trouble with a device attached to your iPad, the good news is that a fair chunk of those problems have a relatively limited set of causes, so you may be able to get the device back on its feet by attempting a few tried-and-true remedies that work quite often for many devices. If it’s not immediately obvious what the problem is, then your iPad 2 troubleshooting routine should always start with these very basic techniques:

Check Connections, Power Switches, and so on. Some of the most common (and some of the most embarrassing) causes of hardware problems are the simple physical things: making sure that a device is turned on and checking that cable connections are secure. For example, if you can’t access the Internet through your iPad’s Wi-Fi connection, make sure your network’s router is turned on, and make sure that the cable between your router and the ISP’s modem is properly connected.

Replace the Batteries. Wireless devices such as headsets really chew through batteries, so if such a device is working intermittently or not al all, always try replacing the batteries to see if that solves the problem.

Turn the Device off and then on Again. You power cycle a device by turning it off, waiting a few seconds for its innards to stop spinning, and then turning it back on again. You’d be amazed how often this simple procedure can get a device back up and running. For a device that doesn’t have an on/off switch, try either unplugging the device from the power outlet or removing and replacing the batteries.

Reset the Device’s Default Settings. If you can configure a device, then perhaps some new setting is causing the problem. If you recently made a change, try returning the setting to its original value. If that doesn’t do the trick, most configurable devices have some kind of Restore Default Settings option that enables you to quickly return the device to its factory settings.

Upgrade the Device’s Firmware. Many a device comes with firmware, a small program that runs inside the device and controls its internal functions. For example, all routers have firmware. Check with the manufacturer to see if a new version exists. If it does, download the new version and then see the device’s manual to learn how to upgrade the firmware.


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  2. Patricia Florenco says:

    Thanks for the advice George. I learned a few things.

  3. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the information. I learned some things. I’m having a problem with my email- connection to server failed. It’s yahoo. If I delete the account and then put it back in again, will all of my calendar events be gone? Can you think of another way to solve the problem? All other wifi connection applications work just fine.

  4. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for your useful imformation.

    Using your ” Restart your ipad” advise, I have immediately resolved my part of screen frozen problem on the way of Safari Internet browse. I also learned how to real turn off my ipad, before it seemed I only put the ipad on sleeping.

  5. Emma says:

    My iPad 2 is frozen whilst trying to restart it?!! What do I do???

  6. Anali says:

    Hi, The applications on my iPad 2 suddenly disappears after opening…I really don’t know what to do? None of them works anymore!

  7. Michelle says:

    Hiya, i have only had mine for 4 days, and its not even turning back on, so i cannot even restore or do anything, can you help with any suggestions?

  8. Andrew says:


    My Ipad 2 with wifi has been stuck showing the spinning symbol for 24 hours now.
    before leaving for work i held the shutdown button until the slide to lock message appeared, then i slide to lock, closed it and rushed off to work
    When i came home and opened it the spinning symbol was showing and it is still showing many hours later.
    I have tried pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and the shut down button to no avail

  9. Bob says:

    I’ve had my iPad for a week and all of a sudden the home button will not work. I’ve tried resetting etc. but nothing will activate it. Any suggestions?

  10. Alfon says:

    my ipad2 suddenly died while playging games,then i turn it on it didnt on.then i plug into the charching there’s apple sign as usual but not long after that there’s picture of itunes n ask me to plug the cable.what should i do?thx so much

  11. Sharon says:

    Has anyone had trouble with their screen? Mine looked dirty but upon further inspection it appears to be burned in. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

  12. Thankful dodger says:

    Thanks for the tips here – after replacing my digitiser which required the LCD to be detached everything was black when I put it together again. My heart sank as it didn’t go black the first time I replaced the digitizer (pesky kids) but this fixed it and it’s fine. Kids are back on it again.

  13. ulo says:

    My Ipad 2 just just went blank and shows the apple symbol at the middle, the screen blinks sometimes and has also shown me a blue screen which started from the botton till the blue colour got to the top and covered the screen, then it still goes back to the apple symbol. it also shows a drained battery sign at the middle of the screen without any battery movement that indicates its charging while plugged. Please what do I do?

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  15. Linda says:

    I have had the iPad for a short time and the key board has moved to the center of the screen. How do I get it to go to the bottom so I can type and see what I am
    Poking at.

  16. Beth says:

    I tried downloading a podcast which was removed from the iTunes store before I finished downloading it. It is now stuck in que and I can’t remove it. I also now have a problem updating and adding apps. I tried resetting and that did not solve the problem. Any apps that I try to update or add just say “waiting”. What can I try next?

  17. Liz says:

    My Ipad 2 will not connect to the internet. Setting shows its connected, however when I try to bring a website up, it shows that its not connected to the Internet. Ive done everything, reset everything, etc. and still will not connect. It worked before without problems. If anyone has any idea, please let me know.


  18. guest says:

    how do i fix a iPad if my iPad is frozen while i was respiring it? plz help me

    1. guest says:

      i try to charge it is still frozen

  19. StuckOniPad says:

    When trying to open Notes, a blank note page appears then immediately closes. I’ve tried the shutdown techniques you suggested several times to no avail. When pushing both buttons to shut down, the screen goes black but the red arrow slide bar does not appear. Then the apple logo appears and notes still does not open. Thanks.

  20. Dya says:

    Hey!…I have a problem with my Ipad 2. I have it for like 4 months now and it never gave me trouble but now it happend. I have the MovieBox app from Cydia and at some point I couldn’t see movies or tv series anymore.So I restarted the Ipad.But when it started again someting was wrong. All the apps were rearanged in a stange way and some disapeard. And now when i open the configuration app the screen goes black, same at mail, youtube, maps, moviebox and much more apps that I have. Only a few work but not fine.
    Please, if you can help me, what can I do?? I have tried to restart the software and also the hardware as you said, but nothing happends. Please help!!!?

  21. KANNAN says:

    When I opened my IPAD there was a message in window ” IPAD not backed up This IPAD hasn’t been backed up. Backups happen when this Ipad is plugged in.locked and connected to WIFI. “This was followed by a OK button . Thinking it is a notification I pressed OK . but the window does not close down. My attempt to close down and reboot the IPAD is also not possible due to the above window which makes other actions including sliding the red arrow not possible. Now I don’t know how to restart. I have in the past not backed up the IPAD.

  22. AMOS UCHI says:

    My ipad 2 does not come up anymore, after following some instruction online to help me resolve the problem. the device have gone to recovery mode. tried to restore through itune after downloading ios6, it extracts the software then automatically restart and displace error 21. this problem started after i updated from ios5.0 to 5.1.
    it can only go to recovery mode ones connected to pc itunes or connected to power for charging

  23. IZRAM says:

    hai want to ask why my ipad 3 always reboot,

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