Get Your Life Organized With These Top 5 iPad Calendar Apps

Does your life ever seem a little hectic?  Are you ever looking for a calendar app that offers you a little more than the built-in Calendar?  If so then we have a roundup here of the top 5 iPad calendar apps.  These are the best of the best!  They all do basic calendar functions as well as offer you some additional features you will be glad to have.

The Top 5 iPad Calendar Apps

The iPad’s default calendar app, iCal, is a great basic calendar but when you want some more advanced features then it’s time to turn to an iPad calendar app.  Fortunately, there are some really amazing developers out there making these apps do more and more which is a good thing for you and I since the more we use the iPad, the more we find it can do.

Calendar apps are perfect for students, business users, professionals, bloggers, and just about anyone else that wants to keep their busy life organized and on track.  We look at 5 iPad calendar apps so you can get an idea of what they can and can’t do.

By the way, a lot of these apps connect up with Google calendar.  If you do not yet have a free Google calendar account you can check it out at

CalenGoo CalenGoo ($6.99)

The first iPad calendar app we look at is CalenGoo.  This is a calendar app that syncs directly with your Google calendar.  It gives you a fast and easy way to access and modify your Google calendar – and it works whether you are online or not.  Any changes you make while offline are automatically uploaded the next time you are connected.

All of your events are the same colors as your online calendar and it also recognizes which calendars are visible and which are hidden. The goal of this app is to have it match the view of your Google calendar as much as possible.  One other really nice feature of CalenGoo is that you can invite people to events and see their status.


The newest version of this great calendar app includes an integrated task list, called Google Tasks.  All tasks with a due date are displayed on the calendar for convenience.

There have been some complaints of slowness with this app but the developer seems to recognize that and is offering updates fairly regularly.  This is a great app for those that want to use their iPad with Google calendars.  It is very simple to use and it has just enough similarities to Google Calendar that you will be immediately able to start using it.


Pocket Informant Pocket Informant HD ($6.99)

This iPad calendar app is much more than just a calendar. It is also a task manager.  So you get two things in one!  The main purpose of this app is to fuse together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks and make it one great solution.

Pocket Informant HD has been featured as a top app in the app store for several weeks and they continue to improve upon it.  It takes all of the features you like about the iPad calendar and makes it even better.  Graphically, it looks just like a pocket planner with tabs, colors, a great layout and the ability to turn pages by swiping.

Pocket Informant HD

You get a lot for $6.99.  There are task templates, repeating tasks, location alarm handling, special daily views and some amazing calendar features.

So who is this app for? Well, it’s for anyone that wants to have both a task manager and a calendar in one app.  If you are just looking for a calendar app then this one may not be the best for you as it provides so much more.  But if you think you might want to integrate tasks into your routine then it’s perfect as it accomplishes two things very well.


SaiSuke SaiSuke for iPad ($9.99)

Here is a much different iPad calendar app in that it is actually schedule management software.  SaiSuke has various view modes allowing you to see your calendars in a daily, weekly, or yearly view.  There is also a great perspective monthly view which shows you all your appointments and events.  All of the calendars are fully customizable as well.

But what makes this app different from the others?  Synchronization.  SaiSuke for iPad can sync with both Google Calendaring and Outlook. There are options to setup synchronization between iCal/Outlook and Google Calendar.  Once you setup synchronization, all your calendar tasks and events will be shared with all your calendar types.


SaiSuke for iPad also has a great backup feature which helps save you from unexpected data loss.  This is a feature not found in many other calendar apps.

While light on the calendar features compared to the other two, it does have some really nice sync features and if you are looking for a way to sync between multiple clients then this is the perfect app for you.


Calendar Calendars – Google Calendar Client ($6.99)

As you might guess, this is another iPad calendar app that syncs up with Google Calendar.  It might seem like there are a lot of these but that’s because there are a lot of people using Google’s calendar app.  It’s convenient and very easy to use. Plus it is online and accessible from anywhere.

Calendars is an application that connects up to your Google Calendar and lets you easily mange your calendars online or offline.  This app has a unique interface that allows you to move events with simple drag and drop.  Also, you can navigate between days, weeks, and months just as you do in iCal.




Holiday Year Holiday Year Calendar ($3.99)

Here is a completely different iPad calendar app.  Holiday Year is a simple-to-use, yet powerful yearly planner, complete with holidays, birthdays and other dates from your Contacts.  You also get custom markup and formatting and notes.  This is the perfect calendar app for keeping track of important dates, planning vacations, recording shift work, traveling overseas and more.

Holiday Year Calendar supports holidays from around the world and it also has great calendar navigation using all of the swipe and gestures you are used to with the iPad.

Holiday Year Calendar

This iPad calendar app is packed with great features that allow you to fully customize your calendar. It does not sync with Google calendar or iCal but it is very user friendly and includes the ability to change almost every look and feel of the app.

This is not an iPad calendar app like the ones above which lean more toward task managers. This is a robust calendar that was made for those who want to keep track of simple to do’s and who dont’ need to sync with iCal or Google Calendar.


Out of all these, we like CalenGoo.  It does exactly what it says and it has the nicest look to it.  It is a true iPad calendar app without the need to put a lot of features in that do not belong or that won’t get used.  The developers have done a great job and it shows.  Our second pick would have to be Pocket Informant HD.  It’s only second because it is really a task manager with a calendar.

What iPad calendar apps do you use? Or do you just use the iCal app?


  1. Riki says:

    Just to let you know, I debated and debated which one to get for my new ipad, decided on Pocket Informant HD, THEN I found out the price on this wasn’t accurate anymore, which sucks, but it happens when reading blogs that aren’t absolutely recent. It is $14.99 now, which puts it into a totally different category than a $6-7 dollar app.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Riki,
      I totally understand and with over 300,000 apps it’s so hard to keep up on their pricing…usually i try to avoid adding the pricing in my articles because it’s sort of misleading. But you make a great point about seeing a price then getting shocked when it’s nearly double!!!

      1. Riki says:

        Just to balance out the one small complaint, the article was fantastic and really summarized what I was reading on 20 different websites!

        1. Shane says:

          ha! thank you so much Riki! I appreciate that….and I do wish the developers would keep the prices at least stable!

  2. Jim Davy says:

    Choosing a calendar is tough!
    IPad’s is JUNK. What I want is:
    Touch day, time,type entry and tap done.
    Also able to show week,month and year withdraw and drop.
    Is there such a simple one available?

    Thanks, Jim

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Jim,

      It’s really hard to find a good calendar app! Do you use Google Calendar by any chance? I’m going to do an article showing some of the Google Calendar apps for ipad which do a lot of what you are asking.

  3. Todd sluder says:

    Does anyone know of a calendar that allows for a 6 week rotation? Most only do daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. My schedule is on a 6 week rotating basis. My old palm pilot would allow this!! Thanks. Todd

    1. Shane says:

      Todd. I’m sure one exists. Let me try to find one and I’ll comment back!!

  4. Robert says:

    I just want a great iPad calendar/task app that syncs with Google calendar AND Google task. Money is not the object.

    1. Shane says:

      Robert. I think I have at least two I can recommend!

  5. Jefre says:

    Is there a calendar app that also has location memory? This way, instead of typing the name and address of my favorite watering holes over and over and over again, all i would have to do is either just a type of letters or pick from a drop down box.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Jefre,

      Thanks for the comment! I have not yet seen an app that does location memory and I assume that you mean it will fill it in as you start typing, correct?

  6. dee says:

    Hey yall, thanks for the great info! I’m looking for a calendar app that will sync my exchange account as well as google account with both calendar and task features…….Help!

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Dee!

      So if I understand correctly, are you looking for an app that will sync exchange AND Google but put it all one calendar, right?

  7. j. posner says:

    Hey There!
    Are there any ipad calendars that work similarly to the old Palm Pilot calendar??? I LOVED that calendar!
    Specifically you could write on the actual day on the calendar using a stylus (okay, you had to use graffiti but that was okay) and you could designate a specific color for a specific category! Right now I do use the Google calendar – which is pretty good, but I end up having to use a different calendar in order to set up a category. I have my calendar set up so that I can see all calendars at once but it’d be so great if I could just put down an event and mark it with the a little category drop down. I know it’s practically the same thing as the Google calendars – but still – I guess I just miss my Palm Pilot!!

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there – I’m going to be revisiting the calendars because a lot more have arrived but I have yet to see one that you can write on, unfortunately. I had one of the original Palm Pilots and I loved that calendar – you really could do just about anything you wanted to with it. I will look, however, to see if there are any that you can write on – I seem to remember seeing one, although I am not sure about the categories!

  8. Calendars helps businesses in scheduling meetings and other planning. Aside to it Calendars are also used as a direct marketing tool and it is customized as per the business needs, as a monthly business card.

  9. Mike says:

    It seems that all these calendar apps sync with google calendar. Is there a reason they dont sync with iCal? Id rather keep things simple if possible, by syncing with iCal so that i get sync across iphonw and ipod too. What are some apps that sync with iCal?

  10. Papparaz says:

    Pocket Informant was originally built for the Palm Pilot.

  11. Kiole says:

    I think that business field is getting more and more in new tech. we all want the best productivity tools; with the best efficiency. Running my business I use Beesy for now 2 months . It’s a producitivity app very useful for me and my team to lead a project. great to*do list and time saver.

  12. Danielle says:

    You know what would be amazing and make me totally fall in love with this iPad that I feel I paid too much for? If someone would make an app that allows me to actually write in the calendar! I’m still getting used to electronic calendars by using my Google calendar, but I still love the option of my planner, where I can jot in side notes and other miscellany. Sigh…it takes too long to type all of my info in.

  13. M says:

    check out Calprint app for organizing iphone and ipad calendars, an avid user myself!

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