Glee Karaoke for iPad

Don’t Stop… Believing! My iPad’s Got Some Glee In… Sorry I’m A Terrible Singer…

If you are a fan of the hit series “Glee” then there is another reason to be excited, and this doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the series shows no sign of loosing any momentum anywhere! All fans can now get even more “Glee’ using Smule musical/singing app which they have designed specifically for the iPad.

We suspect this is the case for many fans… The casting call for the hit series has alas closed, but if you have found that your audition tape isn’t generating the outcome that you were expecting then there is no need to fret, as you can now star in your very own version of the show on your iPad. So far, the new Glee app from Smule has been very well received and has received some good ratings, and it’s not hard to see why. Currently, the app already has a 4 + rating in the iTunes App Store which means that fans of all ages from all around the world are singing their hearts out right now. If you think you aren’t really cut out for karaoke, or that you aren’t a good enough singer to warrant buying this app, then think again. So long as you can belt out the words to the songs, the excellent technology of the iPad will correct your pitch and enhance your voice, making you sound like Finn, Rachel, Artie, Kurt, Puck, Mercedes, Tina or Quinn! Much like some UK TV talent shows, the developers allow you to mix and re-edit your vocal tracks, using a variety of professional tools employed by singers in need of a little extra help with their performance. Souse auto-tuning, pitch correction, harmonies and even a little reverb and you will sound like a pop-star in minutes!

Glee Karaoke for iPadAs with all but the most rare of apps in the early stages, there are of course some drawbacks. However, the main drawback with this app isn’t necessary that bad a thing! As soon as I had downloaded this app and started playing around with it, that I instantly become glued to my iPad as I became obsessed with the amount of Gold Stars and Starbursts that I was being rewarded in the game (you are rewarded with more and more of both of these depending on how well you sing).

Apart from this, very minor, drawback, I very much doubt that any hardcore fan of the Glee show will be disappointed by this app. The game manages to hit what all Glee lovers have been craving right over the head (the chance to sing along with their favourite characters of the program to the Glee tracks) and the app itself looks incredible on the iPads spacious and vivid colour screen.

Singing really is the name of the game and the help you progress as a singer, the game offers you real-time feedback regarding your performance, but rewarding your highs and marking your lows. You can even listen to and offering a critique on performances from other users that have been uploaded via the radio tower menu on the app. Yet take care as they can return the favour! When you think you are ready for some competition you can embark on two online sing offs, as you attempt to climb the global leader-boards. Alternatively you can simply share your tracks with friends and family via Facebook, email or Twitter, if you are very brave!

Perhaps the only real drawback of the app is that once you have gotten bored with the songs that come with the app such as “Rehab,” “Somebody to Love” and You Keep Me Hanging On”, then you will have to pay a small fee in order to download for songs to use in the app. If you are lucky enough to give the winning performance for a single day you will automatically win five new songs, yet with my voice that isn’t an option! We feel that this is overpriced at the current price point per song, especially considering that the app itself comes at a price.

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Originally posted 2012-10-28 00:00:08.


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