Tip: Roll Back To An Older Version Of An iPad App

There are times when you might want to go back to an older version of an iPad app.  It may not happen all of the time but when an app update goes bad or if the new app causes issues with other apps then you might want to go back to the older version of the app.  Here’s how to do that.

Go Back To An Older Version Of An iPad App

It happens from time to time where you might get a great update to an app you have been waiting for and low and behold it does not work as expected or it causes issues with other apps.  What  you would like to be able to do then is go back to the version of the app that *did* work.

As it turns out there are no Apple-supported ways to roll back an app to a previous version.  However, thanks to [TUAW] pointing this out there is a workaround.  Now you will able to to back to an older version of an iPad app and take care of any issues the newer app was causing.

One quick caveat here is that this will only work as long as you have not yet emptied your Trash in the Finder.  Make sure you haven’t done so and if you haven’t, then you will notice that it has a ton of .ipa files in it.  Don’t dump your trash yet!  These .ipa files are all of the recently-updated iOS apps, and the older versions have been placed in the Trash for deletion.

Here is how to go back to an older version of an iPad app:

  1. Open your Trash
  2. Find the name of the app in the Trash with the .ipa extension
  3. Drag that app to the desktop
  4. Open up iTunes and click on “Apps” in the left pane
  5. Make sure you are viewing this in “list” view as it’s easier to see
  6. Now find the App giving you problems and select it
  7. Hit Delete
  8. Sync your iPad so the newer version gets removed
  9. Now drag the older version of the app you placed on your Desktop into the the Library section of iTunes
  10. Sync your iPad and the older app is back!

You cannot have both versions running on the iPad at the same time but this is how you can go back to an older version of an App and avoid massive frustration with a crashing iPad or ill behaving App.

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