5 Habits Of Highly Productive iPad Users

You want to get the most out of your iPad right?  Since you invested the money in it, you certainly don’t want to let it sit there and just become a glorified email client. That would be a waste of a very productive device.  There are literally thousands of people out there using their iPad and some of them have found ways to become very productive while others really just enjoy the iPad as a great way to read or play games.  This article is going to presume that you want to get the most out of your iDevice and become highly productive from using it. Here are some habits of highly productive iPad users and it may answer the question of how to use the iPad.

How To Use The iPad And Be Productive

Seems like a rather odd question huh? It’s actually not because as it turns out there are a lot of people who ask this question everyday.  There are some pretty evident habits of highly productive iPad users that you can learn.  And this will help you as well when you want to dig in and make the best use of the iPad.

1.  Productive iPad Dig Into Apps

In order to get the most out of your iPad it’s a good idea to try various apps.  This means making a list of things that you feel would make you more productive and then listing what you use now to get those things done.  After that, experiment with various apps to find just the right one for you.  There are no perfect apps and each person has their own needs as well so it’s hard to say that just one single app is better than another one for you.  It also goes without saying that once you get a few of them, really spend some time with it and put it to the test.  You won’t break your iPad.  Productive iPad users try out apps that replace something they currently do.

A perfect example are productivity and task management apps.  If you currently use a sheet of paper or a notebook, try using a good productivity or task management app and integrate it into your day.  Another example is something everyone uses which are calendars.  Try some apps out that are different than the default one which came with the iPad and use them to sync up with your Google calendar or sync all your iCal calendars.

Your Productive Task #1:  Write down one thing you do each day and then think about an app that could help you with that task or replace it.  If you can’t find it here on tcgeeks, let me know what apps you need to be productive and I’ll find some.

2.  Productive iPad Users Have The Right Accessories

Oh I know you probably already have a few accessories right?  But do you have the right ones?  Productive iPad users have a few accessories that help them get stuff done in certain ways.  A perfect example is an accessory to carry around your iPad.  I used a neoprene sleeve for about 2 months.  It was not until I got an actual folio that I really started using my iPad more. Why? because it was more easily accessible to me and the folio was more functional.  Here are a few of those accessories:

Now all of these are not 100% necessary and some would argue that they are not needed but when asking those that are hardcore users of their iPad these came up over and over again.  The Bluetooth headset may surprise you but we will get to that next.  The think to keep in mind here is that highly productive iPad users have been able to largely replace their netbook/laptop and these iPad accessories certainly help.

Your Productive Task #2:  Take a look at your current iPad accessories and ask yourself if they are providing you with the ability to easily use your iPad in various places that you might be.

3.  Productive iPad Users Accept Change

In case you didn’t know, the iPad is definitely not a laptop.   There are things you have to accept when you get a tablet computer and one of the biggest things to accept is change.  If you are not an iPhone user then you will be learning a whole new way to do things. You will be learning all about the Apple ecosystem, apps, new words, and concepts.

Some people get an iPad and are frustrated because it’s not “acting” like their laptop.  Productive iPad users work around those limitations and make it work even better.

It is possible to do this and it is also possible to integrate it into your busy life – you just have to get into the right mindset that it’s not a netbook nor a laptop.

Your Productive Task #3:  Try to write down a few things of your iPad frustrations and then write down what would make it better. Post that here and we can see if there are ways you might not be aware of.

4.  Productive iPad Users Consume Less And Make More

We all know that the iPad is perfect for sitting there and surfing the web.  That’s one thing it does really well (almost too well).  It’s also great for reading magazines or catching up on the news.  But these are all ways to consume and they aren’t necessarily ways to make things.  When you get the iPad to do more than just provide information then you really put it to work and feel productive with it.

This goes back to digging into apps and having the right mindset for change.  But productive iPad users also know that you can’t try to have it do everything at once.  It’s a really good idea to take it one step at a time. Start with having it help you with your budget or your bills.  Then take on a new task.  This allows you to find ways it can provide true indispensable value.

Your Productive Task #4:  After your surfing and reading, think of one thing you do each day or each week such as pay bills, take notes, or manage a budget. Take just one of those and find a way the iPad can replace that task and make it easier or better.

5.  Productive iPad Users Use Online Technologies

How many times have you been frustrated that you cannot create something on the iPad and grab it somewhere else? Or how many time have you wished it was easier to edit something on the iPad but got confused when trying to import documents or files?  You are not alone.  The iPad is not a laptop (see above) so you need to understand that its primary intent was never focused around file management.  It is very “self contained” but there are ways around this that are not very complicated.

Productive iPad users tend to use technologies such as Dropbox or Evernote.  These are not just apps but they are technologies that enable cloud access.  What is that? It’s how you can store and access and sync documents and files on the Internet.  It’s like a big hard drive that is accessible anywhere you have Internet access.  Another great example is the most recent addition by Google to allow editing of their Google Docs without needing an app.

These online technologies help you stay productive because they make it a lot easier to work around the fact that the iPad does not have a file system like you are used to using on a desktop or laptop.  But in the end, it’s actually better because they all provide “offline” access and they provide even more value than simply having a file system you can access on the iPad.  The value-adds are what keeps people productive because they know that if they work on a file while on their iPad, it will be available to them on their desktop at work or when they get home.  It’s this single access and internet storage/sync that turns non-productive uses into highly productive ones.

In fact, take a look at some of these iPad business apps and see if any of them fit the bill for being more productive.

Your Productive Task #5:  Try out Dropbox or Evernote and see give it a week or two of use to see if

So there are 5 habits of highly productive iPad users. What ways have you found the iPad to be useful in terms of productivity?  What have I missed on this list?


  1. Niall says:

    Great post – I now produce more on the iPad thanks to apps like notetaker, dropbox, Evernote, ithoughts HD and Annotate. So I think the iPad is a great productivity tool.


    1. Shane says:

      Thank you Niall!

      Appreciate the comment and thanks also for letting me know the apps you find most productive! I am doing a post of the top productivity apps so I will include these!

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  3. Phillip says:

    Thanks for a great article. I’m curious though, why the combo keyboard/stand/cases like Kensington or Zaggmate weren’t mentioned.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Phillip. Yeah I realized after I wrote it that there were those combos I could have mentioned but when I asked around and got feedback they were not that popular of a choice yet. I would however like to review one to use it in person. There is also some great ones coming out soon that turn the iPad into a laptop!!

  4. Phillip says:

    Cool. Please keep us posted…

  5. Phillip says:


    Have you run across any of those devices that you mentioned would make the iPad basically a laptop?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi There Phillip!

      Yeah, and it’s called the Clam Case –

      You can see it at http://www.clamcase.com

      As you will see, it really does turn your iPad into a mini-laptop!

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