How To Create, Edit And Organize Notes in Evernote

Should your desk frequently resemble a war zone,covered in jottings and other cryptic notes, then you’re one of those people who will appreciate what Evernote can bring to your life.

Evernote is a free, cross-platform service that allows you to store virtual notes, either individually or stored in notebooks. These notes can include text, documents and even audio recordings, and can be accessed from your computer. Mobile device or a web browser. Trouble remembering where you put something? You can tag notes, or simply search by keywords to find what you’re looking for. better still, your notes are automatically stored in your online account, so whichever device you happen to be accessing Evernote from , you’ll always have access to your latest notes so long as yore connected.evernote ipad

Although Evernote offers a premium service  - see here for details – most people should find the free account more than sufficient for their needs. You’ll need to be online to access your notes with a free accounts, and you’re limited in the amount of content you can upload to your Evernote account on a monthly basis (60MB), but if these restrictions don’t bother you,then there’s no need to spend anything to take advantage of this useful tool.
In this tutorial, we’ll reveal how you can access, cate and edit notes on your iPad using the free Evernote app and free account. The iPad app isn’t quite as fully featured as the app on your computer (or indeed, the online version trough your web browser), but the key functionality is there, as the step-by-step guide opposite reveals. Once you’ve got your notes and notebooks rolling, keeping things organized will seem the simplest thing in the world.

Type your note

Open Evernote and tap the new note to give it a little, then type your actual note into the “tap to edit body text” box, using ther formatting controls if required. The note is saved automatically as your type.

Add images

You can attach images one of two ways: take a photo or select an existing photo from your Camera Roll. If using your camera, you can take multiple snaps-just remember that your monthly upload allowance is 60MB. Tap the blue tick button when done.

Scan documents

If photographing a document, tap the Off button twice in the top-left hand corner to switch on the Page Camera. Use the framing tool to centre your document within its boundaries, and once it’s taken Evernote will scan the image for recognizable text.

Add audio

Tap the microphone button to embed a voice recording into the note at the current cursor point. Once the recording is complete, tap done. Listen to the recording by tapping it, or remove unwanted recordings using the backspace key – the same applies for photo.

Provide extra information

Tap the I button next to the Trash icon. From here you can move the note to a different notebook, tag it, add a source website and even locate it on a map. Just tap the map. Just tap the map, zoom into the location and drop a pin to do so.

Edit notes

Once a note has been crated, editing it involves tapping the note in question, then tapping (and waiting) inside the body of the note. After a short pause, you should see the onscreen keyboard appear, enabling you to make changes.

Share notes

Notes can be emailed, shared via Facebook or Twitter, or printed to an AirPrint printer. Just tap the button at the bottom of the current note. If you choose to email it, the body and any attachments are placed in the body of the email.

File your notes

Use notebooks to organize your notes. Tap the notebooks tab to create new notebooks and view existing ones. Note that while you can view and browse existing notebook stacks, you can’t (yet) Create them using the iPad Evernote app.


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