How To Find a Missing iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

That moment when you realize you’ve misplaced your iPad can be a nightmare. But, thanks to some clever technology called Find My iPad service, you can – in most cases – track down where it is.

Using a combination of nearby mobile phone masts, Wi-fi network and its GPS sensor, your iPad can pinpoint its location just about anywhere in the world with incredible accuracy. So as long as your device is connected to the internet in some way – either via your mobile network or over Wi-fi – you can look up its location using a web browser or the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

If your device’s location is available is available, it’s then possible to make it play a sound, to help you find where in your house it’s got to, for example; alternatively, it can show message on the screen, so hat an honest person who finds it can contact you to return it. Before we begin, we recommend you to set up a passcode lock in Settings > General > Passcode Lock as a general precaution – it’s not perfect, but it’s better than having no security at all.

How to Set Up Find My iPadfind my ipad

  • First you need to switch on the Find My iPad service. Tap Settings > iCloud and swipe the Find My iPad switch to On. This will link it to your iCloud email address and you’ll be able to look up its location from another device.
  • If you need to look up its location, open the Find My iPhone app on another iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Alternatively, go to on any computer, sign in with your iCloud email address and password, and wait for a few moments as it searchs.
  • If you’ve got more than one iOS device linked to your iCloud account, they’ll all appear in the list. Look for the entry for your missing iPad and see if it has a green dot next to it, which means that its current location is available. tap (or click) to see the location.
  • Refresh the location by tapping/ clicking the circular arrow. You’ll also get the options to play a sound or erase the device – but use the latter only as a last resort i your device has been stolen, because once you erase it, you’ll no longer be able to track its location
  • Tap on Lost mode and enter a phone number so that someone who has found your phone can ring you. Tap Next, enter a message and tap done. if your phone isn’t online, it’ll be locked next time it’s connected, and the message you entered will show.

Quick Tip : If your lost device isn’t connected to the internet when you attempt to locate it, you needn’t keep checking back manually all the time. Just tap the Notify me When Found box. You’ll receive an email when your device is next located, as well as a pop-up message on any other devices linked to your iCloud account.

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