How To Find Android Tablet Apps

Do you know how to find Android Tablet apps?  I didn’t know.  Being so used to the iTunes App store I was amazed to see so many different places to find Android Tablet apps show up.  I did a little research into the Android apps for tablets and what I found was quite interesting.

how to find optimized android tablet apps

Tablet-Optimized Android Apps

This story begins with understanding what Google refers to as “tablet-optimized android apps”.  But what are these and how would you find them for you Galaxy Tab?  At the press even for the Samsung Galaxy Tab it was mentioned that there would be new apps “optimized” for it; but what does that mean exactly?

One point of interest is that the Android Market does not necessarily lend itself well to pointing out these tablet-optimized apps (at least yet).  So in doing some research on how to find Android tablet apps, I happened on the following quote:

I think they just made the app more conducive to viewing on a large screen and probably increased the button sizes and whatnot in the assumption that someone is using the app on a device that is being handled with two hands (i.e. a tablet) rather than one.

Obviously that can’t be the real answer. There must be a better way to find Android tablet apps.

The Details

There are ways you can tell a non-tablet app from a tablet app.  But only after you have downloaded it.  Non-optimized Android Tablet apps float in the middle of the Tab’s screen and can’t be blown up as an iPhone app can on the iPad.  Now, since the Tab’s Market app doesn’t segregate optimized apps, a quick search for “Galaxy Tab” shows > 100 results.  Now even though these pop up, they are all just different versions of the same apps that didn’t really work before.

So we are still left with the question of how to find the “tablet-optimized apps”.

Finding The Optimized Android Tablet Apps

As it turns out, all Android apps have to be “optimized” to work not only for specific Android devices (largely because screen sizes and buttons differ from phone-to-phone) but for differing Android operating system versions. The Market on any Android device should list only apps “optimized” for that device, one reason why you can buy Android apps only on the devices themselves, and not from a PC.

All this being the case, the best way to find apps that will look great on your new Android tablet is currently searching for terms like “Galaxy Tab” or finding guides to the best apps for your tablet.

The Future Of Android Tablet Apps

As we see more Android Tablets come to market, I suspect that searching for these types of apps will get a lot easier and I also suspect we will see an Android Market that is segmented specifically for each device.

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