How To Get An iPad 2 iMovie Project To Your PC Or Mac

If you have an iPad 2 and you got the iMovie app in the App Store, then you might have already tried to create some great movies with it.  Once you were done creating them you probably wondered how to get them off the iPad and over to your Mac or PC.  The instructions are not that clear at explaining this so here is an easy way to do it.

Get An iPad 2 iMovie Project To Your PC Or Mac

iMovie on the iPad 2 is an excellent way to create and edit some really nice videos that you have shot with the iPad 2 cameras.  For the most part, you would use the movie that you created right on your iPad or you could even use the Apple HDMI adapter and show your movie on your TV or via a projector.

But what if you want to move your movie project over to your PC or Mac?  The file that you have on your iPad is not readable or compatible on a PC or Mac (it is actually a .iMovieMobile file) and thus won’t work.  Well, there is a way but the instructions you get with iMovie are not that clear.  Here’s what you can do.

What you actually want to do is an export.  And when you export your iMovie it will actually save it in on the iPad in your “Camera Roll” of which you can then access by just plugging in your iPad 2 to your PC or Mac and then using Explorer or Finder since it shows up like a drive (at least it is this way on the PC.

When you are finished with your project in iMovie you will see an “export” button in the lower left corner of the screen.  See the little box with an arrow?

Export iMovie from iOS

When you press that little arrow it will ask you the size that you want to use for the export.  Keep in mind that the larger the size, the bigger the file, so if space is an issue then choose the middle or lower size.

At this point, your iMovie project is exported over to your iPad’s camera roll.  Just click on the Photo app and it will be in there.  And you can follow this guide for copying it off your iPad.  Also, keep in mind that from the Camera Roll you can send the movie directly to YouTube if you choose.

Hopefully this helps you get your iMovie projects off your iPad and onto your PC or Mac.  If you still cannot do it, leave a comment below.

Originally posted 2011-05-04 13:55:55.


  1. ipad wear says:

    Wow ! Great news an ipad works an projector for pc or Mac. I wish to check out shortly. Really it is a wonderful news.Keep it up with good blogs

  2. paul says:

    i have converted all my movies to the camera roll on my ipad 2, and i m running windows xp, when i goto windows explorer and open up the folders i do not see the videos to save to my computer i do see some movie files with some different ext like .HTM and other but after o move them and try to open them windows ask me to browse to fin a program to open them. any suggestions?

  3. Cait says:

    THANK YOU!!! i have been racking my brains trying to find a converter or a meia player that would play/convert iMovieMobile files. no need now. very helpful tip. thanks again :)

  4. [...] on your computer to find the file and transfer it over. There's a more detailed explanation here: I hope this helps!! Reply With Quote + Reply to [...]

  5. Jannik says:

    I made a rather long slideshow with my holiday pictures (45min).
    The Problem: I want to export the video in 720p to Camera Roll, but after some time iMovie stops exporting, saying that there is not enough free space on the device. Actually, there are still 3GB left at this point, but the App reached the 5GB limit. There is no video in the camera roll, but the app still uses 5GB, the cancled export is obviously not deleted.
    How can I delete this non-visible file and how can I export my long vid properly?
    I hope you can help me soon.

    (I’m sorry if my English contains mistakes, I’m from Germany. )

  6. Matt says:

    I have the new Ipad and created a project using iMovie 11 and then exported it to my camera roll. I can move the project to my PC and it saves it as a .mov. But then when I open it with Quick Time it only has audio and no video. I’ve tried it over and over and it I can’t figure it out. I find getting my iPad and PC to work together like eating glass.

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