How to Lock Your iPad

Adding a PIN lock to your iPad is a good idea, particularly if you keep personal or important information on it. Setting up a PIN should be the first of a number of security features you can add to your device. Doing so won’t stop your iPad being lost or stolen, but it will prevent anyone accessing your private data.


Open the main Settings using the icon on your home screen.


Choose General Settings from the left hand column and then look for Passcode Lock in the main column. Select this option.


Much Turn Passcode On from the next screen.


You will now have the opportunity to enter a 4-digit PIN. Use something memorable, but not something too obvious like your day and month of birth_ You will then need to confirm the PIN to set the lock.


Each time your iPad is turned on, you will now need to enter the PIN to continue. You can also turn on the Erase Data option if you wish (on the Passcode Lock screen). This option will automatically erase all the data on your iPad if the passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times. By default, this added security option is turned off.

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