How To Make Better Financial Decisions With Your iPad

If there are two things that help make the iPad useful it would be helping you balance your checkbook and then setting up a plan for paying off your debt.  Ideally, these go hand in hand since getting your checkbook balanced means that you can then focus on a pay off plan for any loans you might have.  Here are two ways to do that.

Balancing Your Checkbook Using The iPad

Updated recently, PocketMoney is a very powerful but easy to use financial manager.  It’s like a checkbook on steroids.  Using PocketMoney you can keep track of all your finances and then track your net worth.

PocketMoney lets you enter in all your bank accounts, credit cards, savings accounts and bills.  Then you enter in all your income sources and begin tracking incoming and outgoing expenses.  This is a powerful financial app that appears simple but has some very useful features.

ipad finance app pocketmoney

This iPad finance app is definitely easy to configure and set up, but the amount of information you get out of it is very powerful. You can use this as a simple checkbook or a full-fledged finance solution.  Either way you choose to use it, PocketMoney is flexible enough to grow with your needs and it’s a great way to use the iPad.

Pay Off All Your Loans With Pay-Off Plan

Have you ever wanted to know how long it would take off a loan and at the best value to you?  Pay-Off Plan is an iPad financial app that helps you do just that.  This app lets you add all your loans, set the payments dates, interest rates and maturity dates.  Then you can make various adjustments such as paying in various payment amounts, adding more to principal, or paying on different days.

ipad finance app pay-off-plan

As you make adjustments, the app lets you know the overall affects to your finances.  It even offers up expert advice and helps you make the best decisions based on your own goals.

As an iPad finance app this one is right up there in the extremely helpful department.  And when you use the Pay-Off-Plan app with PocketMoney, you have the perfect solution for managing all your finances (without spending a bundle).

Do you use any finance apps to manage your checkbook or loans?  If you have a favorite let us know in the comments!

Originally posted 2010-08-31 05:00:32.


  1. ithink2ez says:

    Thanks, I’m going to check it out now

  2. Shane says:

    You are very welcome! Both of them are very good apps and they go a little beyond just the basics..which is nice to see.

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